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1:48Evertried - Release Date Trailer | PS4
1:00PlayStation VR - Live The Game
PlayStation VR - Live The GameOgledi 114 tis.Pred dnevom
0:45Rainbow Six Siege - Showdown Event | PS4
0:23Fortnite x Balenciaga | PS5, PS4
Fortnite x Balenciaga | PS5, PS4Ogledi 76 tis.Pred dnevom
1:19Crisis Wing - Launch Trailer | PS5, PS4
2:02ELEX II - Story Trailer | PS5, PS4
ELEX II - Story Trailer | PS5, PS4Ogledi 78 tis.Pred dnevom
1:11TOEM - Accolades Trailer | PS5
TOEM - Accolades Trailer | PS5Ogledi 21 tis.Pred dnevom
1:13Tails of Iron - Launch Trailer | PS5, PS4


  • This looks amazing! Come on PS4! Level up!

  • No PC no play

  • 0:56 is that a supra?

  • If Dennis makes a cameo or appearance that would make this game perfect lol

  • no clue what the games about but I'm sold

  • This game looks LEGENDARY

  • スポンジボブ好きだから、ぜひこの作品も日本語対応してほしいな。よろしくお願いします

  • I like how the surfers body stays ramrod straight throughout like an army man.

  • *breathing intensifies*

  • I have a gigabyte 7000s 2TB ssd installed and it works fine.

  • It's nice to see Sony acknowledging PSVR's existence every once in awhile at least. You get a cookie. 🍪

  • negative

  • Looks so realistic kinda pumped, getting really sick of cod games. Vanguard early access and beta was absolutely awful

  • “This Is What Comes With Blood For Blood, Hector..."

  • I could do it for ps4 too or else give me the ps5 hahahahaahaha

  • Gives me big persona 3 vibes

  • Petition for Winston Duke to play an evil Reverend in a series?

  • Well that’s interesting and all but what does your Tethered have to say? “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Well said.

  • Que hermoso video, muchísimas felicidades!!!

  • She certainly has a cool design. This looks as if NieR and Bayonetta had a baby.

  • Nice to see that Gran Turismo finally recognizes the glorious past of italian brands like Alfa Romeo 1:52 , I really hope they'll include more Maserati, Bugatti (EB 110 and types 35) and Lancias (Fulvia, Aurelia, Montecarlo and others) and why not also Fiat that "definitely" didn't just make the 500. I hope they will respect this time cars' history

  • Anyone else played Blade and Soul? A masterpiece of a game that NC Soft drove to the ground with their horrible and greedy management? Well, this game is developed by the same developers that made Blade and Soul. They got tired of NC Soft's management and left that company to make this game themselves. I'm looking forward to this game!

  • amognus?


  • Did anyone else notice that when the text pops up on screen, there is a glitch effects where you can see vanny in the back

  • This makes me want to be a game developer

  • Gimme that sweet sweet Japanese garage jazz.

  • Hey some one wake me up on Monday when this is out pls . Kingkiller01

  • “What Happens After Agent 47 Assassinates People,: The Game”

  • C'est honteux de nous resortir ce jeu !

  • So, retrofuturistic Among Us with major sandbox systems and interaction. Cool idea, but there's one thing missing... Friends.

  • Hope we get crossplay so that I can clap some console players cheeks 😂

  • They should more cars just like Gran Turismo 6 and add more vehicles from the retro classes.

  • They got Toni tod playing venom let’s gooo

  • They should make GTA Online a free standalone game and add a new island to the current map. Would have been more well received than this.

  • This game needs a 2 players split-screen

  • why does crane sound like brecken

  • Those Aren't Mountains Those Are Waves

  • Thanks Ember Lab !!! What a wonderful Journey !!! After few hours of gameplay, I'm in love with this game!!! 😍 The music and visuals are soooooo immersive! Can't believe it's your fist game, well done !!! I haven't finished the adventure but I already can't wait your next game !! BRAVO!

  • downgrade just in gameplay with the control, but in the cinematic is beautiful

  • I just finish the game and it was an amazing game

  • Shaq fu looks different

  • Shout out to anyone in the comments named Duke and or Winston while simultaneously playing Playstation right now

  • Nahhhhh I’ll stick to COD

  • THQ 😓

  • deleted the last video and replaced it with this which is almost the same as before but with a different guy.....why?

  • :O :O =-O :-D :-D I can't wait to play GOW RAGNAROK!!

  • Everyone that doesn’t have a PS5 yet is just lazy. Subscribe to some Twitter bots that send you a notification when it’s in stock. Open up 12+ different web browsers on multiple devices when a ps queue goes up. STOP BEING LAZY SCRUB

  • You know what's really crazy about this trailer is how he explained the game and I never really thought about it till now. I was like dang that's some dark stuff and then it clicked. Anyway see you guys in-game tomorrow haha

  • RIP Blizzard.

  • I can’t wait to play this remake when it comes out!

  • Leider ist es noch nicht im Play Store

  • I want this coming to Xbox.

  • This game is def a hidden gem of turn based JRPG im def wanna play the game!

  • Looks sick 🔥

  • Berserker + Darksouls


  • Por favor, una versión de PS4

  • I keep coming back just to see how much dislikes this trailer have

  • This idiot kinda kept the African accent too lol

  • Alright Battlefield 2042 and Insurgency Sandstorm it is😎🤙

  • What a documentary!? I teared up at 1:49 when he realized the review was a 10 masterpiece. It’s one of the best feelings seeing some of your hard work payoff

  • Yoo is this game based on that TV series with the yellow man??

  • Give us a Jurassic park horror game

  • Siege really want players back that they have to recycle old content

  • The game looks amazing

  • I’ve had a lot of fun with my PSVR but it’s about time for an upgrade c’mon.

  • This is the best mobile add so far

  • insomniac is single handedly carrying ps5

  • I grow up with this show... Please full portuguese... I need it.

  • Battlefield is my game but this trailer get me more hyped then 2044 did.

  • Bunch of garbage.

  • old trash

  • GTA V is going to be the most hated game. And it deserves it.... Rockstar Games, phakk you, honestly.

  • That's a lot of tentacles.

  • No one will have a PS5 to play it on tho 😭 all sold out

  • You can see all one million eyebrows in microdetails

  • These lot literately coulda made a sick game but made it with golem 😂

  • Don’t buy GTA5 again on PS5, next gen Xbox gta fans you got play your role stop it. Stop playing GTA Online what wrong with you and buying shark cards it 2013 game it old now.