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  • The funny thing about gambling when it comes to sports or skilled bedding or whatever you wish to call it it shouldn’t be illegal. If a person has money and they are willing to bet that money to try and acquire more money and they are in adult they should be allowed to do so. In fact we have to understand there’s nothing you can do to stop this look at the cruise ship industry as an example most of those companies that are sending cruises from US ports are not located in the United States they officially have headquarters usually in the Caribbean islands somewhere they avoid a lot of taxes that way but it’s perfectly legal for a foreign company to cruise with US passengers. Guess what it is going to be perfectly legal for a foreign company to allow US consumers to bed or place skilled wagers on sporting events. If you think somethings wrong with it then why can you do it in Vegas right now you can do it in Vegas. The only thing is we’ve always wanted to keep gambling in a specific location but with the Internet there’s nothing you can do to stop it if some foreign country wants to create a slot machine app and let me play it over my Internet connection. Why should I be prohibited from doing so. Don’t get me wrong people are going to slip in to poverty and get caught up in gambling addiction because of this but claiming that they should all be illegal it’s not the solution to the problem because technically there’s nothing wrong with it. We just don’t like it.

  • Lmao Lewis Spears strikes again

  • Is that Tom Selleck narrating the AT&T ad?

  • Periods are indeed are a curse

  • Today is 9/18/2021, and damn it, I got chills once again watching this one! Gotta love what John does! I fucking love you my dude! thanks for always keeping it REAL AF!!!!

  • Please do an episode on taxes that need to be filed by American citizens who live abroad. The USA is the only country in the world that requires citizens who live abroad to still pay taxes to the USA. The result is that there are millions of people that still need to pay the IRS thousands of dollars in taxes, even though they cannot vote or have never even set foot in the US. These taxes are on top of the taxes that they need to pay in the country in which they live. Many US citizens who have never lived in the US aren't even aware that they need to file these taxes and get fined tens of thousands of dollars out of the blue. In the Netherlands, many citizens even had their Dutch bank account blocked because the IRS required more information. "So then just renounce your US citizenship, right?" Well, in order to do that, you first have to pay back all the fines that you still owe and then you have to pay an additional 2350 dollars on top of that. And all this trouble isn't even limited to the American citizens themselves... If you marry and American citizen living abroad, you will also have to hand over all your financial information to the IRS.

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  • Let me guess, this hasn't changed

  • I must have read over 200 comments and I haven't seen a single hateful comment. So I just wanted to say this. I'm on a journey of transition. I am a transgender woman. I have known all my life I was different and didn't fit in. I'm finally at a place in my life where I can address who I really am. This will be the first time I have said these words on any social network, except privately to other transgender people. This wasn't "done to me". This wasn't "brainwashing". This wasn't a "phase". I was born this way. I have known this for over 35 years. Just now finally able to do something about it. We have a long way to go in this world to overcome the hate and violence in the world. But I hope we can continue in the direction of openness and discovery. The attack at the Capital shows us what happens when the media spreads hate. Let's use this as a turning point.

  • It is ironic how laughter 7 years ago is growing so stale

  • *confused in Australian healthcare*

  • Oh gawwwwd - why in the hell didn't Bernie get in....

  • He should be thrown out after one strike when he cheated on Hillary. That did not happen to him...

  • John Oliver is so important. Someone has to be morally serious and uncompromising, there aren't enough people even trying anymore.

  • Find someone to fix the subtitles! Why is the language set to Vietnamese this time?!

  • Dejavu was fun in the sense that was a very expensive MST3K episode. Get high with your buds and watch it. Not bad at all. Not good, but not bad.

  • When he said about the website I was crossing my fingers so much that we’d see that beautiful boi on it, not disappointed at all!

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  • Why are the auto captions in Dutch?

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  • Lucille ball didn't like birds either

  • My kids have had all their shots so I would never expect anyone to do things any differently but the fact that a strange woman can state that “at least 6 died” of measles out of 15000 cases and everybody then runs to inject their offspring before four months of age is very telling of the irrational fear we have of disease in general. Vaccination is a religious faith amongst the general population.

  • Thank you so much ChiTan for introducing me this show. Love from Japan.

  • I cant believe new york former president is a cousin lover

  • Hey John, can you do a panel on Rikers Island and what we can do as citizens to change the inhumane conditions there. Pleaaaaaaaaaaaase🥺😢🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  • Naive fools)) Read the Antimonopoly law. Cospiracies are real, they are called 'CONCERTED ACTIONS'. Poor morons.

  • Both are still in business today

    • Thank you, I was wondering about that!

  • 1994.... Combover, Sir? 2021.... Combover Sir...

  • Accepting or rejecting gay rights is not a national matter, but a religious one. Russia is orthodox.

  • wait... HE'S NOT IN THE VOID

  • Compare it

  • That Michael Jackson rib was so cheap even the audience cringed at it.


  • i dont understand how dictators like that arent killed by suicidal patriots.

  • Is this guy related to trump?

  • You know aintartica is a extremely dangerous place wear people die 😉 and there bodies are never found

  • yeah i agree lance lowry, they don't deserve nice plush accomodations, but they do deserve humane treatment. IMO criminals have given up the right for nice things, but some "nice things" like AC are not really a luxury is alot of states, they deserve nutritional food, not neccesarily tasty food, stuff like that. also mental health is a big issue in the U.S. because the places to go to prevent things are not properly funded, so they commit crimes and don't get proper treatment, the prison system is just mad fucked

  • what's with these dictators and teddy Bears first Xi Jinping and now lukashenko

  • There's a colostomy bag joke in there somewhere around the point where he says that we've practically been shitting in bags and leaving them around the house hoping that they don't leak Then again colostomy bags are useful, save people's lives and at the very least they are installed by professionals who have updated their methods a bit since the days when a computer the size of a double-wide trailer had less processing power than the shittiest of Androids Oh yeah and at least when a colostomy bag does leak The fallout is more of a terrible odor, or a fantastic one to those with a fetish, rather than a carcinogen that poisons you at probably a worse rate than smoking a whole carton of cigarettes a day.

  • This guy is so annoying that I could only handle 53 seconds of his blathering.

  • you want to talk about human rights? try being gay in russia, muslim in china, or a journalist in saudi arabia.... every country in the world does terrible things. get used to it, it's only going to get worse in the future

  • How’s it fucking feel to have supported a tyrannical dictatorship like Joe Biden is running?

  • If you cover the March on Washington coming up, I’ll be cool if you ask for donations for the Anti-Defamation League.

  • These American are so different from the world...... I don't understand how they manage to Progress this so far....

  • Ever wonder which is the real government, big business or the actual government?

    • These geriatrics are clearly mouth pieces for business that corrupted politcs

  • 4:06 this is why I love Stephen Hawking

  • He is the funniest world lead around.

  • That's exactly what America would look like, if Trump, had his way.

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