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Vsauce was created by Michael Stevens in the summer of 2010.

Vsauce is...

Michael Stevens: Producer/Host of Vsauce1
Kevin Lieber: Producer/Host of Vsauce2
Jake Roper: Producer/Host of Vsauce3
Eric Langlay: VFX for Vsauce1/2/3
You: Thanks for watching!!!


37:54Do Chairs Exist?
Do Chairs Exist?Ogledi 3,7 mio.Pred 7 dnevi
0:59Do Triangles Have Four Sides? #shorts
Do Triangles Have Four Sides? #shortsOgledi 4,6 mio.Pred mesecem
0:47Magnetic Field Lines #shorts
Magnetic Field Lines #shortsOgledi 598 tis.Pred mesecem
0:59Vsauce Office Tour 1 #shorts
Vsauce Office Tour 1 #shortsOgledi 1,4 mio.Pred 3 meseci
0:56Farts Are Limitless #shorts
Farts Are Limitless #shortsOgledi 1,5 mio.Pred 3 meseci
0:57The Fart Limit #shorts
The Fart Limit #shortsOgledi 4,2 mio.Pred 3 meseci
0:48Magnetic Zen Garden #shorts
Magnetic Zen Garden #shortsOgledi 1,7 mio.Pred 4 meseci
0:43Solar System Scale Stickers #shorts
Solar System Scale Stickers #shortsOgledi 4,8 mio.Pred 4 meseci
0:51Stacking Tops #shorts
Stacking Tops #shortsOgledi 1,4 mio.Pred 4 meseci
30:02The Future Of Reasoning
The Future Of ReasoningOgledi 5 mio.Pred 4 meseci
THE FINNISH COINCIDENCE #shortsOgledi 4,3 mio.Pred 5 meseci
0:59Mirror Magic #shorts
Mirror Magic #shortsOgledi 13 mio.Pred 5 meseci
0:57Hybrid Illusions #shorts
Hybrid Illusions #shortsOgledi 1,9 mio.Pred 5 meseci
0:33Ball Magic #shorts
Ball Magic #shortsOgledi 1,7 mio.Pred 6 meseci
31:08Illusions of Time
Illusions of TimeOgledi 12 mio.Pred 8 meseci
22:07The Odd Number Rule
The Odd Number RuleOgledi 7 mio.Pred letom
21:27How Many Holes Does a Human Have?
How Many Holes Does a Human Have?Ogledi 10 mio.Pred letom
40:41What Is The Scariest Thing?
What Is The Scariest Thing?Ogledi 9 mio.Pred letom
22:21Laws & Causes
Laws & CausesOgledi 5 mio.Pred letom
22:22Mind Reading
Mind ReadingPred 2 leti
28:27Behavior and Belief
26:07How to Talk to Aliens
31:05Should I Die?
Should I Die?Pred 2 leti
26:32The Stilwell Brain
28:28Moral Licensing
Moral LicensingPred 2 leti
12:44The Origins of Disgust
The Origins of DisgustOgledi 838 tis.Pred 2 leti
24:22The Cognitive Tradeoff Hypothesis
The Cognitive Tradeoff HypothesisOgledi 16 mio.Pred 2 leti


  • Michael, please decipher what your president is saying, I feel you're the only one smart enough.

  • Who in the actual fuck is stupid enough to dislike a video posted by Michael Stevens

  • Who dislikes this video I just don't understand

  • poor people. i can't watch this, switching to other your video - 'Do Chairs Exist?' =) great one btw

  • Beautiful

  • Thank you v sauce we really needed this

  • Kids these days are fucking scary

  • you got it daddyyy

  • If you guys haven’t watched Elon Musk on The JRE Podcasts watch it 👌🏽

  • So in the end, we are just a hickup in entropie.

  • How the eff did he know i was thinking of ace of hearts I’m so spooked

  • We are really thirsty for philosophy.thank you Michael ❤️

  • Can someone just tell me the name of the third song plz?

  • wtf he got my first card right

  • Hahaha! Pepe Silvia

  • These videos are timeless

  • Amazing ! Thank you !

  • Brexit

  • Put one bun at each pole and you've built an 8000-mile tall sandwich.

  • Monkeys have the same properties as a human...does it make it a human...or a human an ape? Nah..its apparent properties make it of itself. Adding expressions or explanations...doesnt change its apparent structure.

  • Nobody: VSauce: I am death

  • As a teenager, my step-mother and I did not get along. She was only 10 years older than me, so we butted heads frequently. I did not make things easy on her, so I was constantly placed on "restriction" by being sent to my room. When she realized that her punishment wasn't working, mostly because I could entertain myself with drawing or reading or building models, she and my dad removed everything from my room, except for my clothes and my bed. There was absolutely nothing that I could use for entertainment or to pass the time. This went on for a little more than a year. I wasn't allowed to even have interactions with my sister. Any time that she would stop at my room door and ask me if I was okay, my step-mom would chastise her. I could leave my room only to eat or to go to school. It was a miserable existence. While going to the table to eat, I had to turn my eyes away from the living room TV. Anytime that I'd ask how much longer I'd have to be on restrictions, my step-mom would tell me that every time I asked, that she'd add more time. I just got to a point where I shut down. I was defeated and gave up on ever being able to live a normal life. I would sneak small pieces of paper or small sticks or rocks into my room to make things. I made small trinkets and objects that I'd try to hide, but they'd always find them and more time would be added to my restriction. I talked to myself a lot and got good at imagining or seeing things in a way that others could not. That still holds true today, in a good way. I'm able to see the good in things that most people cannot. Seeing Michael go through the isolation brought back the awful memories from my experience. I did a lot of thinking during that year. This took place in the late 1980s, so it has been a long time, but I still remember how it felt. I knew back then that I was being robbed or my youth and there was nothing that I could do. I left their house after a huge fight and I joined the U.S. Navy and never went back. The Navy was easy compared to the isolation, so in a way, I guess you could say she prepared me for the worst. After I left my dad's house, I felt instant relief, but still had a hard time relating to other peers. I lost out on important teenage interaction and it took me years to feel comfortable around people. Today, more than three decades later, I consider myself an introvert and feel more comfortable being by myself. I retired from the Navy in 2011 and in 2012, my dad apologized to me for what they put me through. I accepted the apology, but sometimes wonder what I might have been like today if I had never been subjected to that horrible treatment.

  • This video came out before I started school this dude has been doing this for a long time

  • I literally watch to much yt in the middle of the night i am trying to be sure that yellow is yellow. I guess no sleep for me

  • I'm quite curious about that box in the background

  • Moving Is a supertask

  • Theres no way we learned this ourselves.

  • I love watching Vsauce videos but by the end of them I'm always so confused on whats even real

  • < ● >< ● > | | _______________

  • Ok now I feel dumb...

  • fking awesome

  • Is Michel the destroyer of worlds...?

  • My brain don’t have any business learning this shit michael

  • Michael: "Watch this" *epic music plays while he unfolds the crane* Dora the Explorer: "Do you know where the crane went?"

  • Bra

  • I learnt a lot of new words today - descriptive words.

  • This is the least viewed video Vsauce has published in 10 years of you don't take mind field into account

  • I understand that this is a joke but yall are aware of the underlying logic fallacy don't you

  • Why wasn't I recommended this video? The Future Of Reasoning had more than 300K views in a week


  • Why do you just go from the odd number rule to basic physics

  • Why this hahah

  • So if I say this potato IS a carrot and I scratch lots of lines down it and add a beetroot in the middle on the outside and put this inside a massive beetroot is it still a potato?...............

  • no?

  • Freddie Mercury: "mama, I just killed a man!" Michael: "Hi, I'm Michael, this has been an experiment, no one was hurt"

  • So if light at C doesn’t register time, then nighttime should be brighter than our current daytime, as we would see the light that the entire universe has produced.

  • I think somehow the subjects already knew the experiment. None pf the reactions seem natural

  • 0:21

  • 0:1

  • Soo... vaccum cleaners don't work in Denver?

    • The air is just thinner. It still works.

  • 0:22

  • OMG So great. I will now start using the term "pile of stuff just Gregin".

  • 4:55 "or, if you want to sound cooler, *GigaKelvin* " _average "billion" fan Vs medium "giga" enjoyer_

  • they are called sets

  • ing enjoyeding the videoing

  • Cue the game theory intro

  • Life lessons : We may not survive but our farts will!!

  • we are presenting

  • So shrek really wasn't lying when he said if it was me you'd be dead, when donkey was wondering if Shrek farted. With all the swampy shit he's earing every day, that man can within canon kill fish just by farting in the water

  • Michael rumbling about chairs for a straight 37 minutes!

  • OK but where do I buy the shirt

  • wtf i cany ghear hom

  • Fun fact: every 7 years, all your cells would have died and been replaced, thus making you a new person

  • Black hole tech

  • 9:30 I finally understand what went through the head of the scientist from The human centipede...

  • It’s sad how vsauce brings these interesting topics to light but top comments are always mindless memes

  • jesus christ the ending

  • Thanks vsauce, you solved my biggest question.

  • anyone can send anything to space? *manic laughter*

  • I was thinking about the lamp.if we can convert the speed of switching the lamp on and off into traditional units and If we assume that we can build a lamp that can be turned on and off faster than the speed of light and we have something that can do it faster than the speed of light than technically the lamp will be always on after we start switching it faster than the speed of light.

  • it just a name for humans to communicate v . atoms are just some pullshit that we cant see

  • Everything is conceptual. Even something as chair. And 'chair' is just a word that's been agreed upon to use for recognition of an object. as is table, and what not. One question though: At what point does a cow stop being a cow and goes from cow to meat? Just as the origami it's two different things yet the same? Right? Is roadkill still the animal it was before it turned roadkill? Always fun with these kinds of questions.

  • I don't even know if chairs do exist or i just sit on a pile of atoms

  • Kyllä juurikin näin

  • ????????????????????

  • A point has zero size. You can't multiply zero with infinity.

  • Take care with eggs, mate

  • For the first card I was thinking Queen of hearts it was an ace of hearts The second I said Queen of diamonds it was a queen of hearts The third I said screw it Ace of spades I was right in some form on each of those and admittedly the third one I just kind of figured it was going to be ace of spades