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0:27Magnussen's Scorching Sochi Start #Shorts
Magnussen's Scorching Sochi Start #ShortsOgledi 111 tis.Pred 23 urami
3:255 Feel Good Moments At Sochi: Russian Grand Prix
2:30What F1 Feels Like... When It's Not Your Day
0:11Lando Norris Does A Shoey!
Lando Norris Does A Shoey!Ogledi 285 tis.Pred 7 dnevi
7:02Race Highlights | 2021 Italian Grand Prix
48:15F1 LIVE: Italian GP Post-Race Show
F1 LIVE: Italian GP Post-Race ShowOgledi 938 tis.Pred 7 dnevi


  • Barrichello que desastre 🤣

  • Gotta love felipes attitude about his hungary accident lol i got hit in the head with a spring, whos gonna pay for that? Lol glad he can look back and laugh

  • Everyone: I wanted number 7 Kimi: So I just picked one

  • Two ferrari come togethers first lap

  • 8:09 It´s called racing

  • just beautiful

  • Full send

  • Whats up with GP SOCHI race Highlights?

  • I wouldn't.

  • Just came here to say:You are geh


  • Jokes aside it was pretty dangerous


  • Dryzig-firzig

  • get him out of my face, please

  • You are outside. Take the mask off!

  • People need to give this guy another chance.... Every person screws up from time to time, some more than others and hopefully we are all learning from our mistakes and growing into a better person in the end...

  • Ne ha passati 7???

  • Ric was brillitant and passed Tsunoda, Alonso, Giovinassi, Russell, Vettel, Sainz Ocon Norris Gasly Leclerc in the pits Gasly again, Got passed by Alonso, and he passed Sainz who was struggling, Finshes P9

  • I don't get it. What's so special.

  • People who put dislikes be like: 🙇🏿‍♀️ kids and clown 🤡

  • The king of Formule1

  • 3.10 bass guitarist out of coldplay, guy Berryman

  • The screaming idiot makes this video bad, get write off this fool!!

  • The halo has been proven to have saved 3 drivers, why the hate?

    • Leclerc, Sainz, Giovinazzi, Grosjean, Hamilton, Gelael and Joran King that's 7 for me and there is maybe even more that I didn't find!

  • F1 fans are angry at Mazepin for buying a spot into f1, meanwhile they fanboy over Norris 🤣

    • samwel agwata there are only a few that were “poor” like Ocon for example

    • Alex Corral insanely rich

    • @Alex Corral No F1 driver is not a rich kid. They are all billionaires or multimillionaires.

    • Norris is a rich kid too?

  • I don't get why Ferrari replaced him. They were very competitive. In addition, he's so likeable!

  • Alonso smiling while reminiscing on his wins is so pure.

  • This bruh really just did "Ride or die"

  • Codemasters says: that lap is invalidated for exceeding track limits 🤣

  • Yeah they was definitely a couples haha

  • I will never forget the Hamilton vs Rosberg battle in Bahrein. On the edge of my seat the entire time

  • 9:38 THIS part actually made me cry 😢😭

  • I wish this would be a competition within itself for points. Best out of 2 laps with only 3 cars allowed on track at a time, no tow, drs or anything, just your car and skills. You get 6 minutes on track to do your best lap with in an hour. 3,2,1 point for top 3 teams, no grid placement, just best lap. It could be done on Fridays. Some team cars are better at full power for short term in these events.

  • @formula1 And then in 2021 McLaren win their first grand since 2012 and get a 1,2 in Monza shows that this work definitely paid off 💯👌🏆

  • Magnussen’s video is from 2020 and not 2018

  • unpopular opinion: I think he has potential to succeed.

    • I've also given him the benefit of doubt until next season.

  • Vettel pistola, dois totózinho do Kvyat, na mesma volta, ninguém merece...

  • I upvoted :)

  • Indygate is nothing compared to this.

  • Remeber watching it live but this was intense... Pjuh!

  • Heate him or love him he is the best driver in the f1 history

  • He forgot Max Verstappen 2022 :)

  • No paddle shifters, He's using a gearstick FFS!!!

  • Edit - This is probably one of the most interesting Beyond The Grids ive seen, topically it was great. Real honesty.

  • the best there is or ever was

  • Fantastic!

  • When you actually get into the nuances of what makes a great lap, it's truly amazing! Such mastery!!

  • Aww the dog thought he was a driver too but tbf he'd make a better driver than mazepin

  • He wanted to turn in early and get on the power but the rear kept snapping

  • I'M MAKING MY PART (Dislikes)

  • why would a podcast made by a billion dollar sport organization need to have ads?

  • Is this Alex Brundle?? Certainly following in his dad’s footsteps

  • Honestly that was bad from the torpedo, honestly :))

  • Vettel's one was just super close to the wall, i loved it

  • No disrespect to the driver, all laps at Sochi are terrible.

  • Oh my gosh the like to dislike difference :0

  • Radio: Kimi you are on pole Kimi: Leave me alone I know what I'm doing

  • F1 Logistics = 8th wonder of the world.

  • Give this guy a bit of a break the Haas is a useless car

  • He will forever be one of the greatest damage limitation drivers

  • Valterri McQueen: I am speed

  • Haas, Haas, Haasputin Russia's F1 racing team Gene wanted cash, he needed it bad. Haas, Haas, Haas-Putin Bank account was looking lean. So he sold out to Mazepin's dad...

  • Grande mazepin!!!!

  • MazeSPIN

  • Alonso champion

  • Jesus christ his tire hit martins head with such force his car flipped. Look at it in .25 speed

  • As much as I'd love to see Verstappen become champion this season, I view this as a race incident between two hardliners that don't give an inch... This is the stuff that F1 lacked for so long, hard battles and championship rivalry.. I love it!

  • 1000th comment

  • I don't understand why people dislike him so much. Listening to him he seems like a great guy.

  • One of the greatest driver..

  • He speaks better English than Hamilton.

  • 4:15 to 4:20 - So you're literally saying that these 2022 F1 cars are from Germany?

  • A hamilton lo dejaron ve claro que le sedieron la posición

  • Hamilton = sore loser

  • The like to dislike ratio really shows how immature the F1 audience is. Mazepin didn't say anything controversial or shocking, in fact this podcast was very interesting to listen to, since he never really got the chance to explain himself and tell more about himself in detail. He comes off as a very level-headed guy who's focused on the job and knows what needs to be done. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Nikita.

    • Agreed

    • So true. Sadly. The rapid success in F1 marketing for younger audiences has brought so many young kids to the sport who enjoy these dramas and want to "belong" by hating someone everyone else hates too. It was never like this in the years back, even though many equally questionable events occurred.

    • Big Kudos to Tom Clarkson for this podcast to happen! Nikita can speak Very Well both on Russian & English. 👍

  • The most efficient Hybrid engine? You hear that? Thats Audis R18 tdi laughing in the background. F1 has engines that can recover exhaust Energy. Audi has an engine so efficient there is no exhaust Energy left that is recoverable... and that was 2014 already...