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54:31NFL Power Rankings Week 3
NFL Power Rankings Week 3Ogledi 60 tis.Pred 2 dnevi
3:41Top 15 Plays of Week 2 | NFL 2021 Highlights
13:00Best of Peyton and Eli Manning on MNF | Week 2
0:49"The Ball Caught Him" Peyton is Amazed
"The Ball Caught Him" Peyton is AmazedOgledi 161 tis.Pred dnevom
0:32From Jordan to Pippen? The Last Dance
From Jordan to Pippen? The Last DanceOgledi 31 tis.Pred dnevom
2:51Red Zone Robbie G Doesn't Need Practice
1:07Quintez Cephus is Smooth
Quintez Cephus is SmoothOgledi 45 tis.Pred dnevom
54:26What We Learned In Week 2 | Move the Sticks
10:47Chiefs vs. Ravens INSANE Ending!
Chiefs vs. Ravens INSANE Ending!Ogledi 414 tis.Pred 2 dnevi
14:23Chiefs vs. Ravens Week 2 Highlights | NFL 2021


  • 11:15 worst slide ever. Thought he lost a knee cap on that one

  • They get up at the same time 2:05

  • 14:22 😂😂😂

  • Could you imagine if alstott was still playing they would be unstoppable

  • Once a Watt gets paid....then the injuries pile up

  • That was definitely NOT offsides by Bucs #58 when Matt Ryan fumbled. It was close but ref def blew that call.

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  • Let's go RAIDERNATION!!!

  • Why is this team struggling with Gruden after 5 years. Tampa got it done with this bum the 1st year!

  • I love Manning night Football! I do see that Eli needs to loosen up a little he looks stiff.

  • They should’ve lost

  • I was in the VA hospital not sure if this would be my last Super Bowl. They took good care of me, thank god.

  • Looks like a father and son at 4:39 having a good time watching some football 💙💜💙💜 if so he's so lucky to be able to embrace a good time like that with his dad. I sure miss my father so much 😢 lost him at 6 years old. Thats alot of missing man hours of father son talk as I'm 32 turning 33 in a couple months. Fathers are a true blessing to men especially so love and embrace them because time is precious 💜💙💜💜🙏🙏🙏....

  • They should’ve lost

  • What's that? Nobody likes uncooked gaming right?

  • Well, I'd say Nelson held up pretty well considering AD is the best defensive player in the world.

  • That celebration at 8:35 🤔

  • why do these guys look like a bunch of bambi's??

  • Sorry Brady but the two int TD was pretty awesome.

  • Hell ya f the chiefs go bolts

  • The only play of his NFL career so far… BUST.

  • 91 rating for Lamar Jackson

  • Bridgewater has be consistent so far. The real test is in week 4. The defense has been giving up some big plays but they been shutting down the run game.

  • Omar Alaniz

  • kyler is different 🗣🗣

  • The quarterback can win a game for you, and he can lose a game for you. Ryan just stayed in the pocket. He better start rolling out. Atlanta has too good a team for the quarterback to just keep throwing the ball when he should keep it, and throwing crazy interceptions.

  • I hate the Chiefs I hate the ravens.. would’ve gave my house away just to see those damn ravens LOSE! Damn cheaters!

  • Couldn't care less stay on your knees Traitors I hope you all starve to death.

  • Why would you ever kick the FG with that much time left? Minnesota should have at least taken a shot or two into the endzone or gotten just a few more yards. Bad coaching all around.

  • Every time I see pollard he in the 2nd level

  • Giants were robbed plain and simple, every call in the second half was made to help Washington stay in it.


  • Lamar isnt afraid to run the ball that what sets him apart

  • Jamal agnew 102yrd kick return???

  • shout out to baby yoda

  • Joe Burrow can trade that pick to OKC Thunder tho lmao

  • this game was so funny to watch

  • Wtf is #1 what a joke

  • This beat is sick bro.i'll listen to this all day

  • Drew brees would never be outplayed by sam darnold,I knew jamies was a fugazi!

  • Zeke lost his job

  • The Rodgers to Big Bob TD which isnt even shown, was easily the best play this week. Payton Manning's reaction said it all.

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  • Atlanta coulda won if they didn't call a screen every single play... that's just bad play calling.

  • Bengals are going to the super bowl

  • da burs

  • PFT with the win

  • This game will definitely be the first on the top 10 games of the year.

  • Trey makes that tackle cincy wins 11:04

  • puhahahahaha. how's life after Brady, belichick?

  • Love them or hate them the man can produce touchdown after touchdown #coolhandluke

  • Go Bucs!

  • Grandmas are Powerful..

  • i'm a diehard steeler fan, but dang jackson is good, that run around the 8:19 mark, "how did he do that"....ive been watching football for over 40 years and i dare to say he's more elusive then barry sanders, barry made wide sweeping motions/cuts to slither and sway....jackson, somehow does it while almost maintaining a straight line...i'd take him first if i were picking a qb, simply because he doesn't need any help, his play opens up that running game for an average o'line and a bunch of 3rd string, rookie free agent running backs to be successful...i can't believe you have people like shannon sharpe(who is a diehard raven and bronco) who believe that he can't win a super bowl...he might not by the time his career is over, but he definitely has the ability to get a team there and win it...if your a fan of football, you really should appreciate the ability this guy displays BECAUSE IT HAS NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFORE AT THIS LEVEL!!!!!!

  • Out future franchise qb was out all season last year, but let's not work on the pathetic offense line. We'll get a wr instead... Now you have a very talented qb running for his life and throwing ints because he has precisely 1.2 seconds to get the ball out his hands. It doesn't matter how good the Bengals team is, until they get management that will make good choices you'll have a .500 team if you're lucky...

  • Still has 🔥.

  • The Buccaneers had the last pump in the Superbowl

  • If I knew this was on during the MNF game, I would of been watching this

  • That's Football....

  • So Tom Brady just gone haunt Atlanta the rest of his days no matter the jersey lmao #LowcowDeathnoteShit (Tree & Adonis vc)

  • I can sure use more Yahoo Sports ad. Hmmm 🤔 may another 5 minutes.


  • That commentator is annoying.

  • 5-11

  • 4-11

  • 4-10

  • Look pretty damn elite to me.

  • 4-9

  • Hey NFL, any chance we could see two teams playing in DIFFERENT colors from each other? Are we going to see the refs in blue and white too?

  • #99

  • #10

  • 4-8

  • Chargers got robbed

  • Great win by the Bears however I think they only won because the Bengals were the team that drafted Dalton which is why he had such a great game. Dont get me wrong I wanted Chicago to win but we'll have to see as the weeks go on if they continue to progress.

  • He is good, but even the vikings with a subpar secondary managed to intercept him twice and very well would have cost him the game. fortunately enough there isn't a capable kicker on that team

  • 3-8

  • 3-7

  • 3-6