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Every success begins with a failure. FailArmy is for people who go out and try. They laugh in the face of failure, and don’t take themselves too seriously. Want to join the FailArmy? Send us your videos and you could be featured!
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  • Wow

  • Not the crocodile setting traps for humans

  • Nice Ameging

  • 0:35 i watched a few times before realizing his shorts flew off Lol

  • Saludos desde Mexico, ¿donde se habrá caído? Si no me equivoco es un caza Focke Wulf FW190 aleman con motor Radial de la 2a guerra mundial, por que no se ve como un bombardero en picado

  • Almost cried 4:31

  • Calgary made FailArmy. Holy shit.

  • The last one; either you do it, because you know how to do it, or you do not do it, because you have no idea how it works.

  • 8:15 Just look how it's running... 😂

  • 1:26 poor chicken 😨😨

  • Wow

  • Damnnnnn!

  • 0:37 - 0:40 DAYYUM!

  • 0:50 too much showing ass deserves El's censure

  • The last clip, what did that sniff?

  • 0:51 hero comes

  • That spiderweb girl is a treat

  • Бычок

  • 1:52 his kid tried to reach for that

  • Вот это сила

  • 1:28 i thought it was the bird screeching 🤣

  • 4:20 I'm dead lol

  • 4:34 is just plain animal abuse, poor horse. Hopefully the horse scared the idiots riding it enough that they won't get on him again..

  • I am not going gym anymore. thanks failarmy.

  • "Everybody's doin' the brand new dance. Yeah, C'mon baby do the spider web twist"

  • Tasks successfully failed

  • Eu matava esse touro

  • Eva's mom! DAMN.

  • Legends says that guy is still going away 😂😂

  • #5 Maximum Headroom - I never understand why couldn't they put a sign long before the bridge? It's a joke leading me down the road only ending up telling me that I cannot pass. I always think there should be a limit header at the entrance of the road, if you hit that, you're too high and it's time to turn away.

  • 4:36 seneng bgt kudanya jatohin mereka, ga mikir apa otu beban berat bgt sampe 2 org yg naikin🙂 kadang manusia lebih "scary" dibandingkan hewan

  • If people would just learn to hold their phones sideways…

  • Why are we subtitling laughter? *HAHAHA* Do people watching silently need the cue to laugh?

  • Oh you having a good time in my river uh? CRAMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 5:05 Ava's mom has a nice behind. ❤️

  • Can't do it, had to stop watching, too many close spinal cervical injuries for me, as a nurse, made me nauseous 😕 😞

  • Thank

  • Thank

  • 9:01 😱😥😥😰😥

  • “I have a gun” 6:58 😂

  • Man dude at end 7:52 is the funniest ever talm bout”RAHHHHH😂😂😂😂

  • 3:28 damn sure that was india

  • That one guy that walked threw the concrete would have gotten buried in it! No one say anything.

  • 10:05 dinner time!

  • That hair piece! The guy is only like 30!

  • Wait. Is that a dude in a woman's restroom? 1:31

  • Desperate people especially immigrants. Dominican and south American.....nahhh never ..must realsted Jessica Dominican...yup I'm a fuk up from army a paid go with sanchez family get you a job in teacher union....

  • The last one had me rolling 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Hello

  • 1:23 Anyone else caught that? ( . y . ) hahaha

  • @2:14 *Kala ko sa Pilipinas lang may ganito* 😂

  • 2:06 but did she actually turn?.

  • *3:54**: "Now when you play with lions. It's important to never show fear"* Also him: *Yeehaaaaaaa*

  • Dogs that chew things are board. They need more exercise

  • The guy at the end reminded me of Ryan Renalds.

  • Why are some of these people this stupid

  • Rd

  • It so crazy

  • Yeah, it's how it looks. Humans are failures.

  • The one dog chasing the football. Nice clean hit!

  • 6:07 Just watching that fall hurts.

  • 5:37 When she does a Tiktok dance for your wedding

  • Girls vs everything

  • 2:13 That _was_ his first rodeo

  • 2:42 lmao that man “absolutely not” 💀💀

  • 13:39 😂

  • Idk why but 1:24 has me IN TEARS from laughing so hard haha

  • I was charged by a giant goose once, thing was coming at me at full speed. Wings spread out head low, I have fought men twice my size, now I was facing down this bird looking to take a bite out of me. At this point I had never fought a bird, but I figured there's a first time for everything. So when it got close enough, I stepped into it and grabbed it by the neck. Lifting it over my head and after spinning around a few times I launched it across the garden. I laughed as its fat ass landed on its own head and rolled over it a couple more times. Now just relax animal lovers, I didn't hurt the bird, save for its pride it walked away no worse for wear and a healthy respect for yours truly, lol.

  • Hahah

  • Had to stop watching after that long one.....could almost taste that

  • 8:21 thats so funny and scary at the same time.

  • Hero arrives at 7:03 I respect him

  • These rituals are already stupid without any fails.