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Doing this SLflow thing. Don't have a real job.


18:23Hit the Bitcoin and You Win It
Hit the Bitcoin and You Win ItOgledi 2,8 mio.Pred 8 dnevi
11:37We Recreated Football's Most Satisfying Goals
19:22The World Cup of Takeaways (MUKBANG)
The World Cup of Takeaways (MUKBANG)Ogledi 3,3 mio.Pred 5 meseci
9:10Can I Save The Sidemen's Shots at My Car?
9:59Score 12 Penalties, Win an iPhone 12
Score 12 Penalties, Win an iPhone 12Ogledi 3 mio.Pred 6 meseci
13:09FORFEIT Packs vs W2S | Fifa 21
FORFEIT Packs vs W2S | Fifa 21Ogledi 2,3 mio.Pred 7 meseci
20:18£10 vs. £1000 Christmas Present Roulette
£10 vs. £1000 Christmas Present RouletteOgledi 3,4 mio.Pred 8 meseci
5:44Recreating Spurs v Arsenal Match Day in 2020
8:46Is This The Greatest Free Kick Of All Time?
9:11Scoring 1 Goal Like The Greatest Players Ever
15:49I Dm’d 100 Girls as a Professional Footballer
18:48Best Joke Wins £10,000 ft. Jack Whitehall
Best Joke Wins £10,000 ft. Jack WhitehallOgledi 1,5 mio.Pred 10 meseci
12:11Paintball One Touch One Bounce
Paintball One Touch One BounceOgledi 640 tis.Pred 11 meseci
16:30Scoring a Goal on Every PES from 1 to 2021
16:09Ranking the Top 10 YouTube Videos of All Time
18:01I Exercised For 24 Hours Straight
I Exercised For 24 Hours StraightOgledi 1,4 mio.Pred letom


  • Our lord and savior has returned for Easter sunday

  • Nice work lads- Frank "lookalike" : if you lean back when you're kicking it, it'll go up in the air, so lean forward over the ball a bit, and you'll control it more. Beckham guy, you could do the opposite :)

  • Why didnt you play with him

  • How do you all get him?

  • Hamburgers are German not American.

  • the people in his bulding must hate him

  • Keeper came off line for that pen should of retook

  • Hey can i be in a video ive been a fan since 100k and i love all your vids Like so chris can see

  • For the piano you can use simply piano

  • Yes I am because you play soccer not football, football is for men soccer is for men who are scared of contact

  • I miss these vids

  • What is the drop at 2.13

  • 6:32 thank me later

  • 10:35 Football time stamp

  • How tall is cal ??

  • 62 m in 7.5 seconds isn’t that fast actually, it like almost a 13 second 100m

  • comment

  • is that a hull city shirt i see!? lets go!

  • Sushi is nasty

  • im a norwich fan lol ..... come on

  • I’d rather be in the normal seat

  • cool

  • Simon you made the girl cry

  • 7:09 sheeeeesh

  • Why was vik there😂😂😂

  • what shall we buy stephen? stephen: a new podcast or setup willne: dunno chrismd: ear pinning voucher harry: A VEGETABLE PATCH

  • Any reply?

  • Ńiiiijj8jjjj8j

  • Proud of u

  • the bobble at 7:38 is ridiculous

  • Chris and Simon: Taking Shots at goal Ben Foster: They keep hitting the Go Pro!!

  • 4:04 iconic moment

  • The keeper saving is the most astonishing thing here

  • I’m playing FIFA I’m playing FIFA play FIFA

  • should'vee got stephen on this video

  • We need more Sunday League videos. Bring it back, Chris!

  • no way was this 4 years ago

  • i like your videos the editing just annoys me a bit. the music is a little bit too loud, but the moments when you cut the audio for punchlines is dead on. i only have an issue with the volume. and sometimes is feels a bit random but that was more with your older videos but you improved a lot


    • Y'all gotcha her leading contact?

    • I saw some recommendations about her on Instagram but i just ignored, have you met her in person? Where exactly did you meet her?

    • I thought she was a scammer but believe me after meeting her up for the first time at UCLA financial conference held in UK she changed my ideology.

    • Expert Mrs Alice Rogers has really made name for herself.

    • Yes of course I've been attending her online classes for some weeks now....

  • 10:36 I’m uh oh

  • Thanks for showing the names of the songs Chris👍

  • Chris knows why he didn't invite Simon or tobi😏

  • To the person reading this comment you are awesome and hope you are having a great day My dream is to hit 5k I hope you can help me accomplish my dreams…

  • To the person reading this comment you are awesome and hope you are having a great day My dream is to hit 5k I hope you can help me accomplish my dreams…

  • sv2 fan

  • nice.

  • intro was insaneeeeee

  • come on you spurs 😀 random emoji for today 🍖🍏