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i am the only person who makes videos


17:24The D'amelio Show confuses me
The D'amelio Show confuses meOgledi 2,8 mio.Pred 7 dnevi
14:19The Guy Who Broke 2 Game Shows
The Guy Who Broke 2 Game ShowsOgledi 1,8 mio.Pred 21 dnevom
30:03I bought every weird ad I saw for a month
I bought every weird ad I saw for a monthOgledi 3,9 mio.Pred 28 dnevi
17:41Actually the first Space Jam kinda sucked too
14:29I'm Tired of Getting Scammed
I'm Tired of Getting ScammedOgledi 2,4 mio.Pred 2 meseci
37:36I watched one SNL episode from every season
19:36The Terrible Tik Tok Reality Show
The Terrible Tik Tok Reality ShowOgledi 3,6 mio.Pred 3 meseci
22:55I bought every ad I saw on instagram for a week
16:14Why Does Pepsi Have a Game Show?
Why Does Pepsi Have a Game Show?Ogledi 2,4 mio.Pred 5 meseci
17:56MTV's Most Awkward Show
MTV's Most Awkward ShowOgledi 3,2 mio.Pred 6 meseci
20:53Snapchat is so dumb
Snapchat is so dumbOgledi 3,5 mio.Pred 6 meseci
12:34Rich People Have Bad Taste
Rich People Have Bad TasteOgledi 4,7 mio.Pred 7 meseci
13:57The guys who turned minimalism into a religion
18:31Let's Leave Pranks in 2020
Let's Leave Pranks in 2020Ogledi 3,3 mio.Pred 8 meseci
18:28Netflix's Awful Christmas Movies
Netflix's Awful Christmas MoviesOgledi 3,1 mio.Pred 9 meseci
14:00Delivery Apps Screw Over Everyone
Delivery Apps Screw Over EveryoneOgledi 2,7 mio.Pred 9 meseci
18:57My New Favorite Bad Movie
My New Favorite Bad MovieOgledi 3,9 mio.Pred 9 meseci
15:01The 90s Guide to the Internet
The 90s Guide to the InternetOgledi 2 mio.Pred 10 meseci
14:37Learning What Love Is
Learning What Love IsOgledi 2,2 mio.Pred 10 meseci
24:23Television is a Confusing, Expensive Mess
16:03Ranking Terrible Life Hacks with My Wife
Ranking Terrible Life Hacks with My WifeOgledi 3,4 mio.Pred 11 meseci
15:09The Most Epic Movie Ever Made
The Most Epic Movie Ever MadeOgledi 2,4 mio.Pred 11 meseci
13:09Gender Reveal Parties
Gender Reveal PartiesOgledi 3,3 mio.Pred letom
17:39The Death of Laugh Tracks
The Death of Laugh TracksOgledi 3,4 mio.Pred letom
18:23Ellen's Fall from Grace
Ellen's Fall from GraceOgledi 6 mio.Pred letom
13:49The Best and Worst Games on PS Now
The Best and Worst Games on PS NowOgledi 1,9 mio.Pred letom


  • Thanks for your time ❤️

  • Ugly people have hot wives.....

  • Why doesn’t Drew have pupils?

  • And then we eat the box!

  • binchtopia podcast did a rly interesting couple of episodes on childhood fame in the age of social media, incase anyone wants to check them out ! titles r "tiktok killed the radio star" and "honey, i monetized the kids"

  • We just take her Ipad

  • 5:27🤣🤣🤣

  • Me: *acting like I understand these things even if I never seen SNL because it never arrived in my country*

  • Melissa McCarthy doing Shaw Spicer is too funny

  • Lol wait that voicemail was real?

  • i havent, im a good boy. Unlike you

  • a comment

  • Instanly regrets it means that the person who did the wrong thing regrets it Not because of something else. I think dhar mann has videos that kids learn lessons from. If you agree with me please thumbs up 👍

  • I am surprised how the parents are not held accountable for the exploitation...

  • Every video I watch of Drew's I think "wow this is his best video yet" and then I watch another and the cycle starts again

  • He is behaving like an uncle we all don't wanna be around because he is never aware of the embarrassing things he does But still a big cool guy I guess

  • Now do He’s All That, starring Addison Rae

  • Rail does not deserves to be call a loser

  • I love Raul and I don't even know him Lol

  • i hate friends. can’t relate to ppl who are addicted to it

  • I am ashamed to say I understood all of that Australian mumbling at 10:12

  • hey almost done with this awful/amazing video some adivec: 1

  • Not true. Ah, sorry I thought you thought they werent funny for 20 years.

  • Ok I’m 2 years late but did anyone notice the eye twitching when Mac was whistling

  • no she won't say anything, she'll slap his big head off

  • Wow I could’ve mistaken this for a middle school dance

  • I loved The Characters, I would love to see another season of it.

  • This is what CRITICISM is I watched it without being told to hate a certain person. I still am respectful towards her as a person for trying but feels she isn't good enough for this segment. I hope she settles where she loves it

  • truth is... the game was rigged from the start

  • it’s young rhett and link !

  • wtf is Priyanka Chopra doing in this movie😭

  • Alternate title: People Are Dumb

  • I hope they see this video and feel a little better

  • Who the fuck uses Snapchat to interact with their child though…😬 also, why does Dennis’s girlfriend has his daughters Snapchat??? And why wouldn’t Dennis just call the cops saying his daughter has been kidnapped by his wife, and let the court decide who actually deserves custody of Julia after his wife KIDNAPPED her.

  • what is that ending music man cuz that is a BOP 19:52

  • I watched all of these sitcoms at different times and styles of abuse but they are all my comfort shows.

  • Formal Petition for sliding doors 2: UK/USA Curtis edition

  • Thank you for sharing donation links for Hurricane Ida relief. ♥️♥️♥️ I’ve lived in Louisiana for most of my life, and have never personally experienced such devastation. Thank you, Drew. Seriously, thank you. ♥️⚜️ Edit: For anyone reading this comment that may want to donate, I also recommend looking into an organization named the Cajun Navy as well. They were founded in 2016, but their “young age” hasn’t stopped them from doing absolutely amazing and miraculous things in Louisiana and Texas, providing disaster relief for several months after minds have forgotten about it.

  • RIP I got one of those ads with Angela from the Office before this video

  • So if I'm understanding this right, the D'amelio's became famous basically overnight, and Charlie and Dixie never had time to really learn the skills that being famous requires you to learn leading to a lot of anxiety and mental troubles. However, they became famous overnight. Something millions of people have wished for. And have achieved their dreams before hitting 21, including a several million dollar mansion, reality shows, music careers, etc. It's a dilemma cause I want to feel bad but I also feel like they don't deserve what they got. So isn't this really just the world balancing out? Still, these are people first and that's cruel. So I really don't know

  • This video alone has done the very best job of making me no longer wish I was famous. Instead, I'll be rich but irrelevant. Like the son of a billionaire who isn't flocked by the paparazzi Edit: but in all serious this does a better job at showcasing the dark side of fame than spooky watch mojo style videos with dramatic music because it's realistic. And sometimes realism is more terrifying

  • This guy is so nice ahh

  • He won everytime oh my gosh IIiiiii

  • Am I too old to think this is funny because I do. You're kinda hilarious. 😜

  • I think this is the sweetest roast by drew that I have seen. He knows that whatever is happening is not good, and yet here he is genuinely concerned for the people involved in that situation rather than calling them out, which anyway wouldn't have been the correct way to approach this situation from an outsider perspective. I always respect Drew for making such self aware content and many times even reading what's on my mind! ❤️

  • Drew your humor and timing is everything

  • You suck SNL something, idk

  • 13:28 "my coffee table's just always covered in coffee" is probably the best and most understated joke in this video

  • I think simply piano is awesome 😎 😎 😎 😎 🐉

  • they all know Ellens style, so why are they showing up?

  • This reality reminds me to BoJack Horseman in many ways. Good damn was that an exquisitely well-made satire about being famous and more so, being human. Love that show with every inch of my very soul.

  • Door Dash is racist. No delivery charge from black owned businesses only.

  • This movie is so bad I couldn't even finish this video making fun of how bad the movie is

  • I love the drawing of the 69 with hearts around it on the computer. Drew may even win the school talent show with that one.

  • 10 reasons drew was in the article: number 4 is shocking!

  • SNL died when Norm McDonald left.

  • Rich people and bad what a unlikely set of words together

  • so… is this show good? like ummm

  • Cable here in Canada is only 52 cad or 40 usd

  • What the f is spectrum

  • Honestly, that tattoo skit was one of the funniest things you have made in a long time!! lol!!! I love ya dude, I actually got a tattoo with your-wait, umm, never mind...

  • Wooahhh do you be Jonah in that whale???

  • Boo boo 😭

  • idk if it’s already been said but dodie clark’s book was absolutely amazing

  • So no ones talking about the emoji question in the quiz being a joke about their hair?

  • Scrubs had the perfect ending and then went on to do another season following a totally different cast...

  • Two reasons SNL sucks. They fired Norm Macdonald and Bobby Lee says so!

  • sweaty man restraunt brought to u by adam sandler

  • I watched ION w my Mom as I hung out w her around Christmas time. I saw Vivica Fox in 4 of the movies...out of the 4 that came on while I was there I'd like a look into that phenomenon lol

  • 😂😂😂😂😂

  • On-line PROSTITUTION!!! Especially considering her attire in the video.

  • Don't accuse a dead man of sexual harassment. Let him rest in peace.

  • The sponsor bit was hilarious

  • After watching nothing but youtube for about a decade, whenever I see cable TV at my parent's house it just ALL seems so weird to me. Especially watching "reality" shows when you're used to actual non-actor youtubers.

  • Drew, I don't like your videos, and you seem like you smell bad.

  • I love the banana shirt!

  • My mom saw that guy Dolph in NY with my dad and decided she didn’t wanna bother him by going up to him

  • The love interest looks like the mom from your family fortnite vlogs video