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ABBA, whose name is made up of the initials of the four members’ first names - Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson and Anni-Frid “Frida” Lyngstad - was one of the biggest pop groups of the 1970s. Forming in 1972, the Swedish band burst onto the world stage two years later with their mega-hit ‘Waterloo’. With Björn and Benny as ambitious and ingenious writers/producers - their forceful manager Stig Anderson sometimes helping out with the lyrics - and Agnetha and Frida providing their compelling and emotionally charged vocals, the group was a powerful presence on the pop scene, conquering the world with hits such as ‘SOS’, ‘Mamma Mia’, ‘Fernando’, ‘Dancing Queen’, ‘Take A Chance On Me’, ‘Chiquitita’, ‘The Winner Takes It All’ and ‘Super Trouper’. Disbanding in 1982, the extraordinary success of the 1992 compilation ABBA Gold brought them back in the public consciousness, where they have remained ever since.


3:58ABBA - Don't Shut Me Down (Lyric Video)
ABBA - Don't Shut Me Down (Lyric Video)Ogledi 11 mio.Pred 14 dnevi
5:20ABBA - I Still Have Faith In You
ABBA - I Still Have Faith In YouOgledi 22 mio.Pred 14 dnevi
6:25Abba - The Last Video
Abba - The Last VideoOgledi 18 mio.Pred 7 leti
4:04ABBA - Conociendome, Conociendote
ABBA - Conociendome, ConociendoteOgledi 2,8 mio.Pred 9 leti
3:51ABBA - Gracias Por La Musica
ABBA - Gracias Por La MusicaOgledi 7 mio.Pred 9 leti
4:14ABBA - Fernando (Official Music Video)
ABBA - Fernando (Official Music Video)Ogledi 104 mio.Pred 11 leti
3:13ABBA - No Hay A Quien Culpar (Video)
ABBA - No Hay A Quien Culpar (Video)Ogledi 3,3 mio.Pred 11 leti
4:24ABBA - Felicidad (Video)
ABBA - Felicidad (Video)Ogledi 5 mio.Pred 11 leti
4:41ABBA - Estoy Soñando
ABBA - Estoy SoñandoOgledi 23 mio.Pred 11 leti
3:49Abba - Thank You For The Music
Abba - Thank You For The MusicOgledi 38 mio.Pred 11 leti
2:47Abba - Waterloo (Official Music Video)
Abba - Waterloo (Official Music Video)Ogledi 64 mio.Pred 11 leti
3:14ABBA - Ring, Ring (Video)
ABBA - Ring, Ring (Video)Ogledi 23 mio.Pred 11 leti
4:11ABBA - Super Trouper (Video)
ABBA - Super Trouper (Video)Ogledi 73 mio.Pred 11 leti
3:17ABBA - That's Me (Video)
ABBA - That's Me (Video)Ogledi 9 mio.Pred 11 leti
3:02Abba - Bang-A-Boomerang
Abba - Bang-A-BoomerangOgledi 8 mio.Pred 11 leti
5:47ABBA - The Day Before You Came (Video)
ABBA - The Day Before You Came (Video)Ogledi 31 mio.Pred 11 leti
3:31Abba - Mamma Mia (Official Music Video)
Abba - Mamma Mia (Official Music Video)Ogledi 232 mio.Pred 11 leti
3:56Abba - One Of Us
Abba - One Of UsOgledi 46 mio.Pred 11 leti
3:45ABBA - Under Attack (Video)
ABBA - Under Attack (Video)Ogledi 6 mio.Pred 11 leti
3:47ABBA - Summer Night City (Video)
ABBA - Summer Night City (Video)Ogledi 15 mio.Pred 11 leti
3:47ABBA - Head Over Heels (Video)
ABBA - Head Over Heels (Video)Ogledi 15 mio.Pred 11 leti
4:11ABBA - On And On And On (Video)
ABBA - On And On And On (Video)Ogledi 4,1 mio.Pred 11 leti
4:29ABBA - Happy New Year (Video)
ABBA - Happy New Year (Video)Ogledi 68 mio.Pred 11 leti
4:31ABBA - One Man, One Woman (Video)
ABBA - One Man, One Woman (Video)Ogledi 8 mio.Pred 11 leti
4:13ABBA - Voulez-Vous (Video)
ABBA - Voulez-Vous (Video)Ogledi 49 mio.Pred 11 leti
3:11ABBA - Does Your Mother Know (Video)
ABBA - Does Your Mother Know (Video)Ogledi 36 mio.Pred 11 leti
5:20Abba - Chiquitita (Official Music Video)
Abba - Chiquitita (Official Music Video)Ogledi 170 mio.Pred 11 leti
3:14ABBA - When All Is Said And Done (Video)


  • "It all comes down to Love......"

  • This song is a real ego booster for me.

  • no need for acting what you saw is what you got pure love and fun time had by all

  • Gracias mamá por hacerme escuchar Abba!!

  • This gives me a feeling like an old friend i haven't seen forever returning, absolutely magical and timeless..

  • Как можно было так испоганить эстраду сейчас, такие хиты 90-х не дают скучать🔥

  • te espero ate 10.00 amanham

  • Now you don't hear hits from people over 30 on the radio.

  • Это просто кайф

  • te espero ate 10.00 horas

  • I miss those rhinestone stickers on big sunglasses. Sigh.

  • Those girls need a good “spanking!”

  • Yes! Exactly what our world need right now! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Agnetha ❤

  • 😍😍😍🤩

  • The girls should do a “little side show” while on stage!

  • Michael Jackson❌ Lady gaga❌ Ariana grande❌ ABBA✅

  • This gives me such Portal end credits vibes

  • One of their best songs ever...headphones !...

  • By god all the music of ABBA is very good and has a great meaning of life, the best, they are history

  • Omg we are in the middle of 2021 and i still remember this wonder of music to my ears

  • Espetáculo

  • OMG, what a classic. I never get tired of listening to it.

  • Song From The Second Floor / Story Of A Heart. What is all about with the second floor ?

  • It's like the 80's again. Unfortunately.

  • Super bland MOR. Just like they always were.

  • Over 40 yrs later Benny would do similar piano parts in Don't Shut Me Down. Benny once played the intro of Dancing Queen to a reporter and said that he got lucky.

  • After Beatles, the best ABBA

  • This song is beautiful.It is so sad that you can only hear it on Radio 2 and local stations.Capital radio play the same 10 to 15 songs over and over every day! Radio 1 still hosts the charts yet only play a few songs from it. To have bigger impact this should have been released on it's own for maximum impact.Unfortunately releasing 2 songs at the same time has divided the sales. Don't Shut Me Down which is also a brilliant song should have been released a month before the album. Both songs would have got higher in the charts then.

    • The charts mean shit these days....ABBA are way beyond that....leave Ed and drake enjoy it....who'll remember them in 5 years.

  • pq eu nasci nessa geração z do caralho, ñ tem uma música q presta! 😭😭😭

  • It's like never ABBA split up. Benny's piano parts are a nod to Dancing Queen.

  • Now having more views than the total population of Sweden 👆

  • amo vcs ABBA

  • yes more abba

  • Very old Members today - This Songs comming to late. Need new more Money ? Abba Go Home , new Songs should not be comming 20 Years ago, Sorry. You Making no Show - You Only want Money. Your Time is Gone since 40 Years ! Go To Bed and Dream on.

  • What a wonderful Moment to listen the music. i have tears in m eyes

  • Early ABBA was heavily influenced by the Scottish band 'Middle of the Road', have a listen to M.O.R's "Yellow Boomerang" from 1973.

  • Nostalgia...

  • 💕❤️😘👍🥇😊💥💯% super

  • ヴィクトリーーーー!!!!!

  • Set the scene: it’s 1980, the Soviets invade Western Europe, the are stuck fighting on the border in Finland, Germany all the way south to the Mediterranean, this song starts playing as Swedish tanks come rolling out of the mountains at midnight, Swedish soldiers dressed in Alpineflage marching behind as the song reaches the climax Swedish jets begin flying over

  • Holy hell I just realized this was video was released on my birthday

  • щас спою

  • like coming home and the missing piece of the puzzle fits after all this time. the memories we all share. i love ABBA!

  • 0:57 "Cover me in sunshine" Oops, wrong song.

  • This song is better than any song on Billboard today!!!!!!

  • Everything will pass, but music is eternal! Beautiful music ...

  • The life is better listening ABBA.

  • ❤️💕😘

  • Your terrible muriel

  • ABBA make a triumphant return.

  • I am soo happy ABBA is back 😍🙌🤗💓 I love them and I am so proud 💗💜💕🥰🥺I LOVE ABBA ❤💗

  • I wonder, had they known they will have to get together again after 40 years (because ABBA became so bigger than every one of them alone), would they have still broken up and walked away from each other back then?? They're so sweet together...

  • Can you find ANYTHING even remotely as timeless and amazingly cathy as this in today's music!?? And btw: I am a metalhead :-D

  • Sometimes I wonder. How do they sound when talking Swedish?

  • your songs are like a narrow beam of light that penetrates our darkened world and illuminates and warms our hearts

  • With the words of Arnold Schwarzenbeck aka the Terminator: They will be back again

  • I still have tears for you, my dearest ABBA

  • Questa e' un capolavoro di canzone ,come I Still Have Faith in You...!! Dopo 40 anni di assenza siete ritornati piu' bravi di prima... Eccezionali adorabili e Mitici ABBA..! Grazie...!!

  • G.O.A.T

  • Tengo Discos de Vinilo 📀💿 😃de Abba ❤️ 👌🏻 son de mis tesoros musicales 🎵

  • They still sound as angelic as they have always sounded. I am so happy that they have finally returned.

  • Why are there . 2.5k thumbs downers ? The rest of us are coming to get you ! Beware 👏👏👏

  • Medio temazo de Abba ❤️👏🏻 es una de mis canciones favoritas de ellos después de Dancing Queen ❤️, ahh los amo!!! 😌🎵🎶💃✨ Ah ah! 🎵

  • An epic song !!!

  • Welcome back

  • And God said, “ Humans have put up with some shit recently…..I know, I’ll give them ABBA back “. Sorted !

  • They are the a part of the Army... send from God.....

  • Not to be confused with “Don’t Bring Me Down” by E.L.O.

    • They were my 2nd favourite after ABBA...

  • when you found 1 dollar in pocket on your coat

  • This shit still bangs

  • If you listen to this is 2021 RESPECC

  • nashe 😏🍔

  • Perfect. Definitely in my all-time Top 10.

  • the ones that appear at minute 2:40 were agnetha and frida looking back at the dolls?

  • Scuper Grupeer ))!

  • 4:45


  • I'm delighted with the new songs! It's like ABBA had reunited to sing together again as they were used to in the (g)old times! Frankly, they've already nailed. Looking forward for the next songs!

    • The new album is going to blow our minds💥