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Anything Goes With James English Anything Goes With James English

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59:07Dare Devil George King tells his story
5:14Ben Davison talks Daniel Kinahan and MTK
1:41:18Boxing coach Ben Davison tells his story
4:48My Dad killed the Essex Boys
My Dad killed the Essex BoysOgledi 18 tis.Pred 21 uro
1:17:19Essex Gangster Steve Nipper Ellis tells all
1:51Charles Bronson is my long lost Father
Charles Bronson is my long lost FatherOgledi 2,8 tis.Pred 7 dnevi
1:17:25London Hitman Kevin Lane tells his story
2:21I am not a Hitman - Trailer
I am not a Hitman - TrailerOgledi 17 tis.Pred 7 dnevi
2:27John Whomes Trailer
John Whomes TrailerOgledi 16 tis.Pred 7 dnevi
17:07Footballer Ryan Giggs exposed
Footballer Ryan Giggs exposedOgledi 147 tis.Pred 7 dnevi
2:08Essex boys - I asked Carlton Leach to kill me
2:23Steve Nipper Ellis Trailer
Steve Nipper Ellis TrailerOgledi 24 tis.Pred 14 dnevi
2:23:58So solid crew member Harvey tells his story
1:06Roy Keane nearly fighting in nightclub
Roy Keane nearly fighting in nightclubOgledi 27 tis.Pred 14 dnevi
1:27Guy Ritchie meets street fighter Lenny McLean
5:48James English - I’m back
James English - I’m backOgledi 66 tis.Pred 21 dnevom
1:54Charles Bronson wants public Parole Hearing
1:23:34UB40 legends Ali Campbell and Astro tell their story


  • need some feckin decent drugs ecstasy acid, all the, healthy stuff,

  • Poor James can’t get a fucking word in edge ways!

  • The Michael Jackson story had me in bits hahaha

  • Favorite interview so far, Kevin still carrying his balls in a wheelbarrow. Proper old school character with immense mental strength .I hope he gets his conviction overturned. Best wishes from Spain

  • Brilliant podcast interesting listen 🔥💯

  • One N Only

  • Poor lad, you will never get over a betrayal like that.

  • Most dangerous? Mate, I'm so dangerous they won't even have me in prison

  • Great interview

  • Love these Podcasts James , you get some blinding guests on mate

  • Brilliant podcast can tell Kevin is a true gentleman best of look for the future 👍🏻

  • James, you're sound as fuck man. I've seen a few of your vids now, you ask good questions. A good watch.

  • Ben did what God asked him to do . The rest is down to Tyson

  • I grow up with this Rhodri

  • Another good one James 👌👌bang on

  • Love how gazza doesn't try and give it the big one and admits vinnie scared the shit out of him lol

  • Now this is going to be hella interesting. Because with James English anything goes and to sit down with a former drug smuggler to tell his story is actually very intriguing...absolutely true or definitely agree?

  • Be a great one this . James smashing it . Can’t wait til James goes overseas & blows up bigger n bigger

  • Unreal best one so far !!

  • His book should have been called " careful or you'll Dy-son".

  • Looking forward to this one james x these new podcasts are brilliant james x

  • As If he’s the only person who’s ran up a mountain😅😅PURE ARSELICKERS😅

  • James if you are ever in America, You need to interview Michael Franzese! would love to see that.

  • He seems like a decent lad I wish him the best of luck and I hope he stays safe 💯

  • 10 years time Ben will be regarded as a great coach mark my words

  • Hasn’t this guy been telling the same stories (facts or not) for the past 25 years or so? How can he not remember so much? Either he’s making it up or he was that fucked up with it all that he’s trying his hardest to block it out intentionally or not!

  • BEN is a good trainer.......just watch, history will tell the story.

    • Family ruin a good thing in this game, they think they are the experts.......again, history tells you when you are managed/trained by family.......the end comes sooner

  • Brilliant podcast James, George comes across a real articulate nice lad. Rico Franco wouldn’t claim the shard but he’d have a bare knuckle fight on top of it

  • Is it just me who would love to be an undercover cop?

  • Gazza top bloke 👏

  • Bless you Wim! Taking cold showers has helped me a lot.

  • Fury is cut from a different cloth. I feel sorry for people that think Joshua is even fit to lace his boots.

  • We need Ronnie Pickering 💪 on here😆

  • Such a good podcast James what an interesting man noal is and very intelligent. Keep strong noal if your into your motorcycles love to bump into you up box hill sometime buy you a coffee and a burger.

  • Excellent interview 👍

  • Very calm, smart and calculated guy.

  • Idiot

  • Reading between the lines, especially the statement ''Tyson Fury is my friend not the Gypsy King'', and the timing of their demise with the ESPN deal, it seems very likely that Fury was corrupted by the new money/promotional deal and screwed Davison. Davison wouldn't walk away to an uncertain future (BJS is unreliable and Taylor wasn't signed) just due to some small issues. He had arguably the top HW, which is worth more than the others anyway in terms of his career. So he must have been basically forced out by the shit terms he was offered and now he's just being polite about it.

  • This fool is talking absolute bollocks end of …!!!!!!

  • The real life spiderman !

  • Stephen hendry hosts a podcast.

  • Wow, just WOW. This man truly knows the meaning of our being

  • Who cares about someone elses life full of lies n fake on these shitty podcasts

  • Slag

  • James have a go at getting Eddie Maher on the show, that’d make a awesome show.

  • To turn out like he has is amazing! What a human being!

  • I’m now living sober coming off my first section I’ve been in foster care watched my mum get beat up when I was 5 iv had birthdays and Christmas’s alone iv lived in villages towns and city’s I was born in Grimsby lived in Nottingham went to school in Mansfield got diagnosed with ptsd at 27 my son was born when I was 25 iv done runners from the police I jumped the fence twice when I got sectioned I want to share my story as well as talk to other people I’m starting my own podcast because I’ve always had a good sense of humour but also a good listener click my channel if you’d like me to come on or if anyone would like to come on my podcast! Big fan been watching for a good 12 months took your advice start a podcast just looking for some extra pointers how to approach people without just saying come on my podcast..!? THE PODCAST WITH DANIEL GOLLINGS

  • Nobody is saying what he’s done for boxing isn’t good. People just have a problem with the fact he has possibly ruined millions of peoples lives by selling heroin

  • Liam beefy smith then the other bro’s or a all in one 4 bros 4 British champs ring belt wbo wba all 4 fought for world titles canelo took both bros world titles class story they mums house got some collection ther more British belts in that fam than ther is Scotland atm 😂

  • Madeyouthink mademewatcg

  • Great interview - time will show Ben Davison to be a boxing genius eventually

  • @Anything Goes With James English. Tyson Fury would be a huge guest if you could manage it. I reckon Tyson and yourself would get on great.

  • Love the Gypsy King long may he reign

  • James English Me Me Me

  • The Gypsy King T-Y-S-O-N......FURY....🍀

  • This Guy is a clown

  • Lisa mafia,always been💣💥💥💥kriss

  • James when you first started how did you go about contacting people to come on your show obviously no one knew who you was when you first started any advice on best way to approach people

  • I know the feeling.

  • Always loved UB40 seen them in concert they where awesome 😎 👍

  • James get paddy hill on from the Birmingham 6, deffo be up there with your most watched easy!!

  • Allah is the Greatest

  • Ben going for the Garreth Davis hair.

  • Best podcast bar none James brother why not try and get the Chris from live free covers corrupt police etc doing great things stay blessed 💚🙌💯

  • Best podcast channel on SLflow 🔥

  • The Chris Jericho of the boxing world 🥊

  • Alexa play Back From The Mountain by Ghetts

  • You have to love TYSON fury after all he's come back from.

  • He's living in the Twilight Zone🤣😅😂

  • james is transitioning

  • Love how you put these clips together keep up the good work james

  • As a Brummie myself I am proud of Hezron to the max. The likes of Darren Gee need to take note of a real reformed gangster, Hezron puts them to shame.

  • first comment lols

  • First video I’ve saw of this bloke but he seems to be talking shit

  • So who is he ?

  • Dangerous....chopper says it best....its a case of first in best dressed...

  • What a legend

  • Please get Ally Law on the podcast! Similar vibe. Top man! I think you'd have such a laugh with Ally.

  • What a lovely awesome guy! My favourite guest you've ever had on.

  • 10 push ups every time George says 100%.