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I'm Seth, and Berm Peak is my backyard!

We're turning my backyard into a super miniature downhill mountain bike park, and making family-friendly video content in the process.

In Berm Peak's shop, we work on bikes, build new ones, and share the love with the mountain bike community through our parts bin.

Whether you enjoy bikes, the outdoors, or simply like watching our content, we hope you'll visit Berm Peak on a regular basis.


9:16Berm Park's New Trail is Clickbait
Berm Park's New Trail is ClickbaitOgledi 647 tis.Pred 14 dnevi
10:41What Berm Peak is doing about high lumber prices
11:47Thumb Bucket Ep 4 (Building Wood and Rock Jumps!)
10:32Thumb Bucket Ep 3 (The Chefs Ride their Food)
10:02Building a Bike Workshop in my Airbnb House
6:49First ride since my injury on new bike day!
7:23Here's what we did in 2020 on Berm Peak
Here's what we did in 2020 on Berm PeakOgledi 613 tis.Pred 8 meseci
17:0010 Mountain Bike Products from $5 to $200
10 Mountain Bike Products from $5 to $200Ogledi 1,2 mio.Pred 10 meseci
11:12We painted my dirt jump bike and it looks sick!
2:19So here's the story with my injury
So here's the story with my injuryOgledi 694 tis.Pred 10 meseci
10:31Eric Porter Rides Berm Peak’s Scariest Features
10:36Reviewing a Fresh Batch of Weird MTB Products
11:47Building & Riding a Gnarly Teeter Totter


  • Never in the right gear.

  • That is the same bike I have

  • If there is a drop for drama there should be a step up for oscer

  • Damn dude ur a fucking beast!!!!!!

  • "coulda had his balls ripped off" slayed me.

  • This was a nice organized video collectively known as...

  • Door is valuable

  • Cool. Good job 👍👌

  • A simple solution found for a place to wash and lube my bike after a ride. I already have the deck and the pipe flange, just need a foot of pipe... Thanks

  • The mower scared me so much

  • Just watch a Red Bull video and send it! Right?

  • Seth what do I do I have a crappy toy shop mtb that's way to small and I can't afford a new bike

  • Need to add in the most valuable commodity to the cost calculation: Time.

  • A bar that breaks when you tighten the brake handle a bit to much.... No thanks

  • in my country very few people runs oil break, so shimano oil are very hard to come by, I use baby oil, or have to use baby oil all the time

  • Seth what’s up with the posting schedule?

  • Or you could have fixed it for a kid who couldn’t afford one to use in town

  • what bike is that ?

  • $300 pedals new!

  • amazing deal

  • Great video. Sawmill was fascinating.

  • I happy to see a mechanic working for free ;-) Not only your work but time also spending finding the right parts and testing the bike is not included. I believe you are in red numbers ;-)

  • The white line is like Nope no no nope with a side of nope

  • You pronounce water like woorer

  • i will discover big mistery for you, to replace rim, just place new rim with old, adjust valve hole and fix that two rims with adhesive tape on 3 points and just replace one by one niple and spoke, from old to new rim, that is how it is doing, your method is for movie dumb dumber

  • if no tool then you should not use torx and niple wrench, this is scam

  • Always We will do different but kinda the same lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • digga sie hatt das nicht verdient

  • 6:30 wait what there are front wheel drive powered pushmowers all i have seen are rear wheel drive

  • A very late reply. But what hub is on that bike?

  • 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭

  • 💯💯💯💯💯

  • 🤍🤍🤍🤍

  • 🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭


  • 3:18 i did know you use an insta 360 action cam

  • Lol he has a light on his head

  • I really appreciate the onloading and off loading of the bike.

  • day 1 of saying do flip bike

  • these videos are 10 times scarier knowing someone is going to fall

  • I landed my first ever 360 up a small bank and now I'm learning how to 540 fly out

  • Nice little sawmill.

  • hey Seth I was wondering if you could clean your rotor with a baby wipe or will it contaminate the brake pads?

    • It will most definitely contaminate your pads. Use isopropyl alcohol or brake cleaner and spray into a towel not directly on the brake 👍

  • Nice

  • Being an actual bmx racer I found this very entertaining and wouldn’t even come close to trying these on my race bike

  • Speeds you ride at can’t believe your not running at least two DHR’s. Nice bike

  • Love how I’m a beginner biker and making the same jump but is a 4 meter drop

  • This is what I miss

  • Is milos black diamond back full squish?

  • wireless shifter wireless dropper why no wireless brakes

  • Carey's all the camera gear and keeps up with him

  • That box bmx has a pretty good hub

  • I usually just ride pump tracks on my BMX when it’s wet

  • great sharing master verry imformative content keep safe ride safe i enjoy watching lisining master wonderful content

  • Looks like if you had a metal ledge inline with the hitch, the log could sit on that instead of dangling from the top of the bar. Maybe make a new rig and leave the hitch channel long, slide the upright over it and then weld. Like a slip slip PVC fitting. Cool rig tho. Looks fast

  • Sedona looks like a lovely place to go. But I think I'll stick to the lowlands or wide paved paths.

  • did anyone hear the music around 2:20 mins and thing of false swipe gaming?

  • What's he done to his foot? I've recently partially ruptured my Achilles tendon and I've found this channel with my time off recuperating. Wonder if I should buy a new mountain bike?

  • This music

  • Me with my 1999 huffy *got milk* hardtail bike thats still better than this garbage.

  • I thought it was click bait

  • There's a golf grip cleaner that makes old dirty grips new again...

  • This ride looks like a great trip

  • I like my rear suspension veery soft and squishy

  • If you want to feel like a kid but a coaster brake on it. I had an old jamis boss frame that I built to be a cheap simple single speed with coaster brake. no cables and super easy to lock up rear wheel and slide. simple, reliable, and I didn't worry about it getting stolen downtown which of course eventually it was.

  • Man - stupid SLflow algorithm brought me here and now I'm gonna have to buy a bike, just so I can buy brake lever covers.🤦‍♂️

  • Please using shout-out me

  • Do you have some bike how much

  • "300 mbit internet which is pretty good for around here" *cries in 25 mbit*

  • very instructive video


  • It forces you to have impeccable style because otherwise you eat shit

  • Im surprised seth doesn't ride more 26

  • Your a rene herse crankset from a 4k bike on r/xbiking

  • why dont you just use hairspray to get grips and sticky fingers on

  • I liked the way you put learning a new skill. My favorite is doing it alone off a video. You mess up say a few cuss words over a good laugh and don't do it that way again lol.

  • Yesterday I got an old GT bike from my dad, and I'm working on it now to turn it into a fully functioning MTB. Thank you for showing it is possible!

  • do u provide the plans for this work table? im trying to make a work table with no experience xD

  • I've noticed you value materials and craftmanship. I think you will love a Spyderco knife, they are all exceptional.