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2:46INVASION Trailer 2 (2021)
INVASION Trailer 2 (2021)Ogledi 45 tis.Pred 23 urami
2:22NIGHT TEETH Trailer (2021) Megan Fox
NIGHT TEETH Trailer (2021) Megan FoxOgledi 154 tis.Pred 23 urami
2:05PASSING Trailer (2021)
PASSING Trailer (2021)Ogledi 17 tis.Pred 23 urami
2:14AMERICAN UNDERDOG Trailer (2021)
AMERICAN UNDERDOG Trailer (2021)Ogledi 138 tis.Pred 23 urami
2:27IDA RED Trailer (2021)
IDA RED Trailer (2021)Ogledi 80 tis.Pred 23 urami
1:58ESCAPE THE UNDERTAKER Trailer (2021)
ESCAPE THE UNDERTAKER Trailer (2021)Ogledi 65 tis.Pred 23 urami
1:01THE TRAGEDY OF MACBETH Trailer (2021)
THE TRAGEDY OF MACBETH Trailer (2021)Ogledi 105 tis.Pred 23 urami
1:13PEACEMAKER Teaser (2022)
PEACEMAKER Teaser (2022)Ogledi 124 tis.Pred 23 urami
1:48A MOUTHFUL OF AIR Trailer (2021)
A MOUTHFUL OF AIR Trailer (2021)Ogledi 54 tis.Pred 23 urami
0:56HIT-MONKEY Trailer (2021) Marvel
HIT-MONKEY Trailer (2021) MarvelOgledi 104 tis.Pred 23 urami
2:30HALLOWEEN KILLS Final Trailer (2021)
HALLOWEEN KILLS Final Trailer (2021)Ogledi 41 tis.Pred 23 urami
2:46FINCH Trailer (2021)
FINCH Trailer (2021)Ogledi 825 tis.Pred 23 urami
2:35YOU Season 3 Trailer (2021)
YOU Season 3 Trailer (2021)Ogledi 41 tis.Pred 23 urami
1:51NIGHTMARE ALLEY Trailer (2021)
NIGHTMARE ALLEY Trailer (2021)Ogledi 677 tis.Pred 23 urami
1:54THIS IS THE NIGHT Trailer (2021) Madelyn Cline
1:12SEX EDUCATION Season 3 Trailer 2 (2021)
SEX EDUCATION Season 3 Trailer 2 (2021)Ogledi 51 tis.Pred 23 urami
2:39DOPESICK Trailer 2 (2021) Michael Keaton
DOPESICK Trailer 2 (2021) Michael KeatonOgledi 80 tis.Pred 23 urami
2:27WEST SIDE STORY Trailer 2 (2021)
WEST SIDE STORY Trailer 2 (2021)Ogledi 25 tis.Pred 7 dnevi
1:10LOCKE & KEY Season 2 Trailer Teaser (2021)
2:38MAID Trailer 2 (2021)
MAID Trailer 2 (2021)Ogledi 109 tis.Pred 7 dnevi
1:44WHAT IF... ? "Iron Man Snap" Trailer (2021)
1:26NO TIME TO DIE "New Agents" Trailer (2021)
2:05HAWKEYE Trailer (2021)
HAWKEYE Trailer (2021)Ogledi 1 mio.Pred 7 dnevi
1:19INJUSTICE Trailer (2021)
INJUSTICE Trailer (2021)Ogledi 31 tis.Pred 7 dnevi
2:17VENOM 2 New TV Spots Trailer (2021)
VENOM 2 New TV Spots Trailer (2021)Ogledi 105 tis.Pred 7 dnevi
1:15VENOM 2 "Venom VS Carnage" Trailer (2021)
0:54WOLVERINE Teaser Trailer (2022)
WOLVERINE Teaser Trailer (2022)Ogledi 160 tis.Pred 7 dnevi


  • Nope. Too much 😭😭😭😭😭

  • After seeing BR2049, I am really excited to see this. It´s Villeneuve time again! :)


  • This looks bad

  • idk iont think ima like this

  • Stealing the backround music from Tarantino's True Romance is super not cool! And un-original!

  • Most the new movies this year is talking about aliens 😊 Guess soon most that fantasy movies will be real?!!! 😊💙 Thank you for the good trailer any way 💚 Love and peace 💙

  • Is this not the exact plot to Castaway

  • omg yeeeess

  • Oh my, oh my,oh my...!!! This can be glorious or a total disaster. I'm scared !

  • What? Didn't give away the whole story. Hmmmmmm......

  • Can't wait!

  • wellcome to the year 2000!

  • Next stop OnlyFans

  • So a sequel to Jeniffer’s Body? Mixed with Collateral

  • Wack

  • I love Denzel Washington but all of this race swapping nonsense that always comes out against white people needs to stop unless you’re OK with making a movie about Martin Luther king starring Tom Hanks.

  • As much as hes being a prick i think Bam always has n always will be a part of Jackass. Gutted hes not in it.

  • So Collateral meets Blade. Mmhhmm.... 🥱😴

  • Megan fox was a click bait? Who's Megan fox?

  • I think alexander from the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day movie is playing morty

  • 3rd Oscar....loading...loading...loading...

  • Michael Myers the King

  • OHHH Brother!!!>... some things need to be left alone! its gonna can tell the budget is small just by the way he looks in this trailer! so stupid

  • are those black airforces

  • Collateral with vampires instead of tom cruise?!

  • No way one of suicide squads formiliar faces is getting his own movie that's kick ass I wonder what else is next bloodsport polka dot man ratcatcher and king shark have their own movies too

  • It has some Blade vibe...dont know...something.

  • This almost reminds me of a Movie from the 50s with Tyrone Power it also has the same Name

  • The only quarterback that took My Cardinals to the Super Bowl he and Larry Fitzgerald had the best ever playing team going or ever will be .

  • 1:50 that was slick how he grabbed that gun away, but the trailer makes it look like she tried to shoot him immediately. I hope in the actual movie she doesn’t just stand there long enough for him to grab it.

  • So it's Collateral with hot vampire chicks? You sunava bitch! I'm in!

  • Trevor slaterry made me proud to be a scouser

  • Why can't vampires get people pregnant? They need an invitation to come inside.

  • Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition (and I meant it as a compliment).

  • Excelente pelicula!!! Gran trabajo de Jake Gyllenhaal

  • john wick reboot?

  • Lord Sakai will protect us, so this is going to be good!

  • As long as they don't _sparkle_ when the morning comes.

  • wow this weird cause movie isn't even about megan fox but her name is still first lol

  • Why dont are finall!

  • On Disney+ Yorik is described as a Cis male. So, yeah. Well done disney. Well done🙄

  • what agent ford doing there 😂

  • Crash meets Arrival

  • So, it's Blade + Collateral

  • Finally Drax gets his chance 4 revenge against Thanos 💪🏽

  • any shows that are actually funny?? this Blows!

  • I think I saw ALL RACES AND GENDERS represented in this trailer. Boxes checked for me so now I can watch this movie.

  • I'm in. Will keep my subscription going even after Foundation ends just for shows like this.

  • spot on!

  • Hey Jessie! Daaammn!!!

  • this game is very good

  • Ok why they have to mention Megan Fox name in the title ???? Oh marketing ... good one

  • 96% sure this will just be a reskinned Assassin's Creed

  • Oscars for everyone...

  • Interesting trailer. Title says Megan Fox. Is she even in this film?? 😂

  • Not enough Megan Fox

  • I love it, Chuck's all grown up and scoring touchdowns while Sarah's out there saving the future from Aliens, almost makes ya proud lol.

  • this seems similar to Lavender

  • once covid is done - get ready for one world gov saving the day from ufos

  • GOOD FOR HIM!! 💕


  • This looks dope as hell (literally)! It's like Vampire: The Masquerade meets Collateral!

  • They show the whole movie in the trailer... Good job, trailer editor! Now I don't have to sit through two hours of this.

  • Let me guess, the humans are bad and the aliens are just misunderstood people looking for a new home.

  • Taxi cab vampire confessions?