ABBA - I Still Have Faith In You

Objavljeno 2. sep. 2021

ABBA ARE BACK with Voyage!
A brand new album out November 5 and revolutionary concert coming to London Spring 2022. Listen to two brand new songs and pre-order the album.

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Directed by Shynola.
Produced by Josh Barwick and Svana Gisla
Production company : Aniara

Music video by ABBA performing I Still Have Faith In You . A Universal Music Group Company; © 2021 1221 AB, under exclusive license to Polar Music International AB


  • Gracias mamá por hacerme escuchar Abba!!

  • Yes! Exactly what our world need right now! Thank you! Thank you!

  • Espetáculo

  • Super bland MOR. Just like they always were.

  • This song is beautiful.It is so sad that you can only hear it on Radio 2 and local stations.Capital radio play the same 10 to 15 songs over and over every day! Radio 1 still hosts the charts yet only play a few songs from it. To have bigger impact this should have been released on it's own for maximum impact.Unfortunately releasing 2 songs at the same time has divided the sales. Don't Shut Me Down which is also a brilliant song should have been released a month before the album. Both songs would have got higher in the charts then.

    • The charts mean shit these days....ABBA are way beyond that....leave Ed and drake enjoy it....who'll remember them in 5 years.

  • yes more abba

  • Very old Members today - This Songs comming to late. Need new more Money ? Abba Go Home , new Songs should not be comming 20 Years ago, Sorry. You Making no Show - You Only want Money. Your Time is Gone since 40 Years ! Go To Bed and Dream on.

  • What a wonderful Moment to listen the music. i have tears in m eyes

  • Nostalgia...

  • Holy hell I just realized this was video was released on my birthday

  • 0:57 "Cover me in sunshine" Oops, wrong song.

  • Everything will pass, but music is eternal! Beautiful music ...

  • I am soo happy ABBA is back 😍🙌🤗💓 I love them and I am so proud 💗💜💕🥰🥺I LOVE ABBA ❤💗

  • your songs are like a narrow beam of light that penetrates our darkened world and illuminates and warms our hearts

  • With the words of Arnold Schwarzenbeck aka the Terminator: They will be back again

  • I still have tears for you, my dearest ABBA

  • Welcome back

  • Who downvotes ABBA?

  • I adore ABBA. Ive been listening to abba for 30 years ! I adore them. Love from Barcelona Spain.

    • I'm in marbella and I've been listening since 1975....

  • Questa e' un capolavoro di canzone...! Dopo 40 anni siete tornati piu' belli e bravi di prima ..!! Grazie favolosi ABBA

  • 👍👍💕👏👏

  • We wanted to say to many artists how good they are at their music ! We can still say to ABBA... Thank you for your music !

  • Absolutely emotional listening to this... Love to you all.x

  • Que saudade estou esperando a volta deles que seja bem vindos Abba

  • I'm outside listening to this on my tablet for the 100th time. I look up and butterfly is slowly dancing with the music here in California. I can not listen to this song without a tears trickling down my face. One tear for my father who never got to see this day happen. Another knowing my mother sadly will be next to leave this earth. And one for me, because I too will be gone one day soon. 40 years have passed. And I can remember heading to the beach as a young child, and hearing "Does your Mother Know?" Thiǹking how wonderful life is. And how much time we think we have to go to the beach every summer. It was shortly after this that time for the beach faded away. ABBA would stop making music. Friends would make new lives, and disappear. And the clock of time would no longer move at the speed it once did. When we were back in school waiting for the bell to ring. I feel blessed to still be here to hear this masterpiece. Yet saddened by the reality that these could be the last notes, of the heartstrings my life. I have faith that my final resting place, will one day be my final home. Until then. Thank you for the music ABBA. I couldn't have lived without it in all honesty!

    • I'm in tears here in Ireland...such beautiful words...I send my love across the ocean.. viva ABBA..

  • Laba

  • Musikgeschichte

  • Habe Pipi in den Augen, wundervoll

  • 😍😍😍😍😍


  • I love this song ,,I STILL HAVE FAITH IN YOU" 👍🏻.Congratulations, ABBA 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻‼ You have all my respect 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🤍‼

  • 0:16 .As long as i remember, In the original footage its the point where Agnetha turns back calling for Benny before going on stage.0:26.Benny"s adorable smile reflects his happy beautiful heart.

  • When Agnetha looks back in the beginning, that Benny smile, incredible Annifrid abbatar and Björn just looking ever so young. By the way, this song gives me shivers every time when I listen to it. And I have listened to it a lot.

  • This is so sad

  • It's nice to see that there's a lot of different languages in the comment section. So... when's the world tour?

  • ABBA is back after 40 years. What a wonderful surprise in the pandemic times. That's exactly what we all need now. New inspirations, new hopes, new fun and good memories with the Fab Four of Sweden. In my own matter. Give a thumb up for the young Austrian Band Four Loud: @

  • My GOD! ABBA it's back.

  • 40 years, come back without even sounding like they were away for a second. What a tune! My mum would have absolutely loved this song.

  • Back in their heydays, in Sweden ABBA never got the respect and credit they deserved! They were seen to be too commercial and superficial compered to what “real music” should be like! There is a saying in Swedish “No one is a prophet in his own country”. That has been all so true for ABBA! Isn’t it nice that Swedes (and people from the rest of the world) now bow in admiration for the comeback of real quality music! Thank you for the music ABBA (now, then and hopefully more in the future)!

    • Same as u2 we hate u2 in Ireland but people outside Ireland love them

  • Still young, impressive.

  • Thx for coming back Abba. You're the greatest. Love from Indonesia 😻

  • hola from mexico, im 33 years old and i love abbas music

  • Hi

  • Its something special and magic with the ABBA songs because you cant leave them and i am sure that people willl still listen to ABBA songs after hundred years when we have left earth . But ABBA will live forever.

  • ABBA is back yessss my all time time favorite 😻

  • 22 million views! Number 1 on iTunes all over Europe in the first 3 or 4 days of release Number 1 for vinyl sales in UK...still.Stayed in the top 30 trending videos on SLflow for almost 3 weeks.Amazing,after 40 years away.

  • After 40 years

  • sophisticated, artfully constructed pop songs that feature the magical voices of Frida and Agnetha - Simply brilliant!

  • Im 21. Never lived any ABBA thing live. Just stories from my mother and my late grandma, whom introduced me to this group. This, definitely remembers me from my grandma and now, i can show this to my mother, and see happiness on her face. Thank you ABBA.

    • I am 59, I was 12 when they arrived on TV... grandmother bought me my first ABBA record, the 45rpm release of Waterloo. I still have all my ABBA Vinyl albums I bought back in the days. But most of all, I am so happy that all you young people now get to experience what all us oldies already knew, the MAGIC that is ABBA. 40 years later, WOW!

  • Could these be the songs of the resistance?

  • Сколько лет прошло а голоса также узнаваемы

    • only people disliking this song are LGBTQ activists !!!!

  • Я всегда любил их. И часто повторял, что их музыка вечна и АББА - это навсегда!

  • I was still a baby when my dad died...So i barely knew him, i found abba cassete on his belongings when i was a teenager, the 1st abba song that i heard was "knowing me knowing you"...and i immediiately fall in love with all of their songs. My mom said that abba was my dad's fave,so i felt like i have the connection with my late dad whenever im hearing abba..we love you ABBA...Thank You for your song🤗

  • Makes me happy. Everyone needs cheering up. Covids is so depressing. We have been under lockdown and a state of emergency for nearly three years in Bangkok. This a a sparkle in the darkness.

  • Dear ABBA! I am 58 and your lifelong fan (since Waterloo). Huge thank you to my Gods (and Goddesses) for this unexpected gift for me and to the world. With love and admiration from Ukraine! Щиро дякую з Украiни!

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    • @Skyler Borg you are Wrong, read the Bible

    • @Jesus 2030 Wrongo, Search for the truth in the book of Thomas omitted by the early catholic church for their own agenda.

  • Good write!!! , we hope more meaningful songs to keep us running

  • Check out GLITTER DOGS. Good old school melodic rock. Also on Spotify! Enjoy!

  • ABBA for me is a gift to the earth

  • A great song and a great idea with the ABBAtats, but am I the only one who thinks it's a bit creepy?

    • it is a bit eerie, but these are just CG. The ABBAtars on stage will be digital, made of light (not holograms) and they should be able to give them more life.

  • Наконец-то 😻😻😻

  • Man, they still have it! Feels like they never left ❤❤❤

  • Остались молодыми. Просто обалденно!

  • only people disliking this song are LGBTQ activists !!!!

    • @Dr.Indiana Jones Uh...You SPECIFICALLY mention LGBTQ in your comment. Are you not AWARE what the G stands for?

    • @Watchflex Watchflex nothing homophobic you spread disinformation and hate it's realistic comment Being LGBTQ activist have nothing to do with being silent gay person.Its a propaganda of overly sexual people on the streets who only think in life is to have sex and being perverted. Music of ABBa is about love and perverted activist like you have no place in here please leave.

    • @Dr.Indiana Jones yes I read it and it is homophobic and nothing to do with new ABBA songs.Go and spread your hate elsewhere.You are not welcome here.

    • @Skyler Borg only one comment in this section is hate full and that is your comment.Mr LGBTQ ACTIVIST COMMUNIST. But yeah i was spot on.Your aggression shows that Romance is not something that LGBTQ activist know something about.Love and romantic feelings are far far away from people like you.

    • Amen

  • Bravo! Bon courage!

  • Just beautiful. Thanks ABBA, love You Forever ❤🎵

  • I really LOVEEEEEE this song. ABBA never disappoints!!!

  • ABBA SOS Köszönöm ❤❤

  • ABBA- моя любовь навсегда. Как же прекрасно, что вы вернулись в мою жизнь, хотя вы всегда и везде были со мной.

  • This is absolutely beautiful! I Can't stop listening to it and crying for all the memories that are coming back. Such a love letter for all the members of the band and for all us fans. These news songs are just perfect and reminds us how good music sounds like. It's been a while and how craving we were for that! The ABBA soul is still in you folks and it will never go away. Forever love, from Brazil. 🇧🇷💚💙🇸🇪

  • Oh My God!!! New *ABBA* music!!! What a gift!!! I'm fucking crying!

  • The Best Pop Band Forever & Ever

  • love it!

  • 🙏🙏🙏❤🤗АББА I love you💗 Ураааа вы снова с нами. Хотя вы и были всегда с нами.У меня мурашки по телу😊


  • 2 weeks out since the upload and got 21M views, and what makes it crazier... its ABBA 👏

  • Frida´s voice!!! wow!! it feels just in the heart!!! it feels like having her just in the heart!!! thank you Frida! Thank you ABBA!!! I love you! This difficult time we´re living is not so dark anymore!!! thank you! and welcome back!

  • ❤️

  • Lindo

  • Naiiyak ako. I’m 30 and I grew up with their music. My aunt and uncle sang their songs to no end in family gatherings and karaoke. Their voices feel like home. Very familiar and nostalgic🥺

  • Love this song, they sound great

  • Que coisa maravilhosa.. Que música linda. Te amo abba...for ever

  • Wow! Listening to a NEW ABBA song! Never thought I’d live to see it. Just wonderful! Long live in health and happiness ABBA

  • Снова вместе жизнь продолжается, национальное достояние

  • Maraming Salamat ABBA sa inyong pagbabalik. Mahal namin kayo.

  • Oh my goodness... It’s... this song is SO GOOD!!! Amazing!!! 40 years later!

  • "Don't Shut Me Down" and "I Still have Faith In You" best Abba songs ever!

  • So comforting to hear these voices again!

  • 🙏🏞🕊🍥🦢🎶🎵👍🎶🙏

  • Thank you for for the music once again xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, The world Loves Abba xx

  • 40 years and their back, wow !! So hard to belive

  • Thank you for the music!!!

  • Ani-Frid's low voice haven't change, so is Agnetha's high pitched voice.

  • They are back-so much transformation for all beeings on earth during more than 40 years.Transformation and freedom for all people on earth

  • To everyone that left a nice comment for this song and ABBA in general, please consider it LIKED by me.

  • We love Abba and think you guys might like our music! Here is our single from our debut EP 'Sweet', blending elements of alt-pop and rnb with indie rock! @​

  • I cried while watching this. Brought back so many wonderful memories.

  • But i am not in myself

  • My mama's favourite band, I absolutely love this song and I think she would too❤