fail = smash egg

Objavljeno 12. sep. 2021
What an eggcelent video
Builders who made this possible!
Lunar Speed Launch: 4651-4357-3802 ( jstKamui )
Downed Deathrun: 0936-7086-1879 ( DummblondGaming )
Chicken Dropper: 7198-3223-5866 ( ImBlanky )
Random Death Doors Lazar: 5485-9318-2716 ( TheAweDam )
Raptor Stop: 2644-0230-0811 ( Pimit8 )

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  • something to watch while servers are down :) we used well sourced free range eggs so no chickens were harmed for this video

  • If you replace the egg with milk it looks much worse

  • Season six chapter two was the best season I got reminded of that by the raptors

  • 10:03 why is this the funniest thing in the universe

  • Oh can you do a reading comments section at the end of the next vid

  • I come from a land down under where I smash eggs on my head if i be a bot in fortnite.btw I love your vids Lanon supporting you from Melbs also I have the same goggles as you

  • Are you ok

  • Maybe karma for lazer beam making all those kids mad in the 1m rubux video

  • Yeet

  • Yeeet

  • Yeeet

  • Yeet

  • Yeeet

  • Yeet

  • Yeet

  • Yeet

  • He should meet dababay

  • yeet

  • This guy is so great

  • if this gets 0 likes then you have to try skate 3


  • Ngl, he needs to make a photoshop battle vid again

  • Yeey

  • My boy really throwing eggs while I’m starving out here eating ice cereal 😩

  • No its a joke

  • Imagine getting a heart from lazarbeam

  • You should do milk gallons next

  • Upload please

  • Anyone else laughed at 10:05?

  • Your the guy from free guy

  • Mans practicly bathing in dead chickens lol

  • Play Minecraft again

  • Hàha

  • HowToBasic will be proud. :)

  • I love my lazarbeams best when drenched in eggs

  • my chicken watch this video he said my egg

  • Do you swear any more I didn’t like when you sweared i stoped watching you a year ago

  • Lazar beam you are my favorite you tuber please Nodis me because I just got covid and I am only 10

  • This is the most wholesome video lazar beams ever made

  • Ew

    • Lannon “lets smash a bunch of eggs on my head” also Lannon “has internal brain damage

  • Lazarbeam quotes: that was a sadness fart

  • You should do evertime you die you put an ice cube down your back

  • You are wasting eggs

  • LaserBeam i fed an emu

  • Lazerbeam, you are a legend to me. You and fresh always make me laugh✌🏻

  • That thumbnail makes me want to cry

  • Do this again but you crack an egg over Ilsa head

  • play tabs ok

  • this video was so funny.

  • Hi

  • i am so sad lazar didnt post a season 8 video

  • Just get him to play one of Cizzorz deathrun and those eggs on his head will be cooked immediately, trust me :)

  • Hi

  • gays dont let that vegan tether see this

  • Lanan did you feel the quake?

  • Lannon “lets smash a bunch of eggs on my head” also Lannon “has internal brain damage

  • Soo close to 20 mil🤑😀

  • Love you brother!

  • He stoped at 68 eggs>=(

  • Is the guy from fortnite

  • Clothes went from grey to black... But he still cursed the map builders off stream :)

  • Try playing with fresh and ninja

  • Yo lazer the yet launcher is back in Fortnite

  • So close to 69

  • hey did u feel the f earthquake?

  • u need to upload more mate ur still my fav but not for long

  • chicken:theese eggs where so hard to hatch i hope they get to grow up lazar:

  • Poor laserbeam guys like it subscribe his videos come on here take the lotto suffer on this video please make his day happy

    • And also Laserbeam make a video where you’re a girlfriend has to get eggs on her head every time you lose laserbeam see how she reacts I bet she will have 1 million eggs on her face

  • I have content for Lazarbeam for Fortnite so skybase with the reenforced wall and they are super common and easy to find so this would be great for Lazar to return to Fortnite and bring some of those good nostalgia vibes👍🏻

  • Hope you had fun making this video. You should listen to a song called Yeet

  • Make a 4th channel called bazarleam

  • "Epic, pls vault the memers and memes itself". -Lazarbeam 2021

  • 出来るの80才だよ 椅子に座ってるだけで疲れるんですよ?

  • Yeet launches back and armoured wall

  • Did you have a earthquake at 22/9/2021 9:15

  • Ew

  • Bring back the old crickey intro please

  • LOL

  • How about you make a new video with Bodie

  • LazarBeams Educional Word Of The Day: I just pull greatness, out of my backside -LazarBeam 2020

    • It’s 2021

    • Sorry to burst your bubble but the year is 2021...

  • is it just me or i saw a dino humping the air

  • great vid

  • Hey do a video of the new build where build a house around you and try to win with that

  • Video lannan plz lannan I want a video

  • not gonna lie that raptor stop was quite creepy charging at you

  • Bring back I am bored with Larzar Beam!

  • Servers are up are you working on it now

  • What game is this?

  • Vegans watching this 💀

  • Vegans when they see this 😧😧😧

  • play slitherio

  • Day 1 of asking for Bodie


  • Hi

  • You are wasting products

  • Anyone know why Lannan stopped his Minecraft vids (not including meme Olympics)

  • Play Fortnite in vids again

  • Better not show this to That Vegan Teacher

  • earthquake video