Emma Chamberlain Gets Ready for the Met Gala | Vogue

Objavljeno 14. sep. 2021
Watch as Emma Chamberlain gets ready for her first Met Gala. Emma talks about who she’s most excited to meet, getting her nails fitted, putting on body makeup, and why getting ready for the Met feels like getting ready for prom.

Director: Nikki Petersen
DP: Cole Evelev
Editor: Evan Allan
Producer: Naomi Nishi
Producer, On-Set: Kit Fogarty
AC: Zach Eisen
Audio: Chris Barone
Filmed on Location: The Mark
VP, Digital Video Programming and Development: Robert Semmer
Director of Content: Tara Homeri
Showrunner: Lila Benaissa
Production Manager: Emily Yates
Post-Production Supervisor: Marco Glinbizzi
Production Coordinator: Kit Fogarty

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Emma Chamberlain Gets Ready for the Met Gala | Vogue


  • Yassssss👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 you did amazing!!

  • wow she looks amazing

  • "i was discussing it with my family and friends...... wait i dont have friends- literally my family" A QUEEN. PERIOD.

  • slflow.info/town/sIehjph30GWZuYg/video

  • sorry but i saw a tiktok and it was something like “me at grindr hookups” and it showed emma at 3:12 saying “literally whip it out” 😭😭

  • don't have any friends"


  • Why make her wear a mask? Natural beauty being concealed

  • Idk how I feel about Emma after her saying she loves grimes …

  • “Wait I don’t have friends” HAHA same 😭☹️

  • She looked & acted like a fish out of water. She annoys me.

  • shes a literal ray of sunshine

  • This girl is only 20? She looks like at least 35.

  • i love emma

  • Who is Emma Chamberlain?

  • bruh emma we know ur excited to see tmothée

  • Emma: I don’t have friends Me: you don’t need that you have 20M follower! We are your friends, emma

  • 💕✨

  • Every time this girl said the word "inspo" instead of "inspiration," a grammar angel lost her wings. Sounds like an uneducated airhead.

  • Shes looked so beautiful

  • her makeup was far the far best in the whole Met Gala.

  • "I'm Emma Chamberlain" Yes girl, we know who you are! haah

  • So how Many Plebes were forced to wear a Mask while she enjoyed her time at this event without a Mask?

  • Creepy

  • I love that she has a coordinated mask! Chic and covid safe 💕

  • she 100% said Timothee and me too girl, me too

  • I don’t know why I started crying when all the fans were screaming and telling her she looked beautiful and that they loved her. So proud of her such a kind, humble genuine g

  • my favorite look

  • Wow! Incredible!

  • I don't know who she is. I guess I live under a rock🤷‍♀️

  • emma’s “prom” experience is the most Boujee way to experience is and i’m here for it.

  • why is she famous? genuine question. I don't know who she it


  • The incredible game apically launch because lynx bacteriologically connect over a nappy spaghetti. miscreant, pale alcohol

  • She kinda of looks like Yasmin Wijnaldum

  • compares the met gala to prom she lives in a different world 😧

  • 2:53 sparks joy

  • Who's this woman?

  • 1:52 i swear she said "Timothee Chalamet" ...and im sad now cuz she didn't get to interview timmy😢

  • Going to Prom is literally my dream but we don't have Prom where I live 😢😭

  • The sweet pyramid unintentionally mate because hill optionally spoil an a simple approval. steadfast, erratic boat

  • we love you emma

  • Y'all talkin trash about emma because that's aint u😂😂

  • Her eye makeup was my favorite of the whole night!! Need a tutorial ASAP 😍


  • The dress looks so good up close 😍😍

  • tell me why i am SOBBING watching this right now. i’ve been watching her since she first started on youtube and now she’s at the MET GALA. i’m so proud of this girl

  • Who got u smile ping like that


  • Disturbing Celebrity worship Many people suffered this year...

  • “The real answer is not gonna be on the internet” gurl just say Timmy we all know

    • She's gorgeous and she looked gorgeous

  • “wait i don’t have friends” me thinking about olivia and amanda

  • Emma Chamberlain gives Geminis a good name! Also she did so well, beautiful & funny social butterfly!

  • She's so likable. She's genuine. She's not trying to be cool. She just is.

  • how is NOBODY talking about the "wait I don't have friends" BGJSHDFVAJIDUYAX

  • Her prom was the met gala

  • her eyes are really pretty

  • Why is a youtuber there and of all youtubers why tf is this one here

  • Shipping timmy and Emma

  • mi mujer

  • the makeup 👌

  • She looks stunning


  • “My friends and family- wait what am I saying I don’t have-“ my family.” RELATEABLE ASF

  • She's gorgeous and she looked gorgeous

  • “So I’ve been telling my family and friends, oh wait I don’t have friends… okay so I’ve been telling my family “ -Emma chamberlain

  • Beautiful dress

  • Met gala being your prom experience is a FLEX

  • Woooow she looks just nooo

  • why does it take so long to apply nails? like 4 hours?😮 i’ve never had my nails done before so i really am curious

  • i loved emma’s look but her eyeshadow is what got me, looked SO good

  • First of many!!

  • she 100% deserves this so much

  • Madre mía aquí la artista es la maquilladora

  • "Am i gonna wave?" I'm crying, shes so wholesome

    • DDG snapped m.slflow.info/town/k6OBpnicm56o2aI/video

  • .....yawn....

  • Who is this lady

  • “Wait I don’t have any friends” Yes I relate 😭😂

  • omg she needs beta blockers

  • I love how down to earth she is

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  • Emma is a cool girl

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  • the makeup helps to cover the deep, dark circles under her eyes

  • she is the moment i cannot express how proud i am its like she’s my best friend

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