Leon Edwards' 8-fight Win Streak

Objavljeno 10. mar. 2021
Leon Edwards heads into his UFC Vegas 21 main event matchup with Belal Muhammad on an 8-fight win streak including names like Rafael dos Anjos, Gunnar Nelson and Donald Cerrone.

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  • Leon is good everywhere but I think he's a notch below Colby

  • RDA IS A G !

  • Amazing fighter but very underrated

  • Next champion 🏆

  • After watching this I think he is gonna get destroyed by usman... and I hate to say it

  • Undererrated

  • Very humble and respectful guy, wish him the best.

  • He’s crisp!

  • Boring fighter but very good

  • Hasn't fought anybody this guy is basic

  • The most boring 8 fight win streak you’ll come across

  • He doesn’t look that great

  • Im surprised Leons never finished anyone clean, his punches look very powerful and sharp. Even when he got like 3 or 4 good shots on dude on the ground, guy didnt go out

  • Nate in 4

  • He’s good but,isn’t vicious with it enough to beat Usman yet

  • Today is nate's death.😭😭😭😭😭

  • Not a very exciting highlight reel. Mostly decision wins. He isnt a power hitter and I believe you actually have to kill Diaz to get him outta there, but if he can bust up Diaz's right eye like Masvidal then he could take it. I don't see him winning by KO/TKO or Sub. I got money on Diaz.

  • Shit highlights against shit competition. Diaz is going to stop him.

  • 0121 Birmingham style

  • GO GET SOME DONALD CERRO-NAY!! ~Queen Elizabeth II

  • After watching this, Nate has it in the bag. Assuming Nate hasn't lost a step or 2 with the long hiatus

    • hopefully Nate's scar tissue doesnt cause a stoppage. other than that I dont see leon having much he cant deal with

  • Nate Diaz about to smoke this dude

  • Never paid attention to him and I regret it. Dude so smooth. Never seems panics. When put in tough situation always counters it

  • Good "black" fighters are FEARED by all. They will ALWAYS be last to get respected and lauded. Any pink boy fight like him will top topic.

  • Diaz is gonna finish this guy

  • I wanna see him fight khabib

  • Masvidal better than this guy by far , but masvidal a little washed up already

    • Masvidal is level behind

  • Im just not seeing anything that will make me believe he will do anything to Nate dogg.

  • My man is tapping for life at 5:55

  • Never seen so many decision wins in a highlight reel in my life...

  • Leon is a good fighter and he has a chance to beat Nate BUT I just don't see anything special here that gives him an edge on Nate. If Nate comes in like he did with Conor or Johnson or Cowboy etc, Leon is toast. People are talking about his boxing and wrestling. His boxing is good. Nate's is better. His takedowns are better than Nate's but no fighter wins on the ground against Nate. If Leon wins it will be a decision or a lucky KO or stoppage due to a cut. Nate has only been finished once in 32 fights. Let's be real here.

    • @F13NDFATH3R squeaked out a decision lol he toyed with Nate

    • @BB Leon squeaked out a decision and was almost finished in the 5th. He never came close to finishing Nate.

    • Leon will be in complete control

  • Edwards is one of the boring fighters ran away from cowboy and many others no wonder no one likes him it’s ufc not run away hit and run 😆😆 not a fan

  • Big upset coming these guys are not jorge, conor, pettis, competition quality is not comparable

  • Yeah I don’t see it Nate takes him

    • Nope

  • He has no chance against Nate...lol...this will be funny

    • He’ll piece Nate up bad

  • Birmingham stand up 🔥

  • Leons gonna be a champ or get real damn close. Dudes well rounded in every aspect of fighting. Him vs Colby would b fireworks.

    • I'd pay attention to that. Are they in the same weight class?...

  • Boring fighter, Nate Diaz gonna whip his ass.

  • With his fighting style and low power he will never be a champion sadly…

  • I think if Leon Edwards was to let his hands go and head hunt each of these guys he would have 8 straight knock out reels! I think it's time for the world to see Edwards unleash the body kicks and dynamite straight left! Just let those hands go Leon , you been patient bro....Nate Diaz will lay crumpled! I predict mid first round knockout by Edwards!

  • Why people are 'sure' Edwards will beat Nate is beyond me. And you can tell UFC wants Edwards to beat Nate given that Edwards goes the distance and they are putting on a NON-TITLE FIGHT that is 5 rounds. Derp moment for UFC. Nate isn't your stepping stone.

  • I think go with diaz

  • Nate D will eat Leon for breakfast

  • Boy his highlights sure do suck ass.

  • Wow this is his highlights, respect for getting in there but he has literally versed no bodies and anyone with some class are about to retire why is everyone talking about this guy.

  • Leon gets tired and even when he hurts his opponent he has trouble finishing them. Diaz is going to pick him apart probably towards the end of the second round. If Leon was as aggressive as Masvidal he'd have a better chance but he's not. Nate isn't going to let up and leon is going to get uncomfortable and start shooting for take downs. In the first leon might hurt him but he wont finish him and will expend too much energy trying to then its all nate from there.

  • Home boy is going to be a lot for Diaz to handle.

  • Bro ..if I was in a fight .. I would definitely call Leon to back me up

  • Diaz gnna whoop him

  • Doesn't seem much of a finisher? Imagine if he got the KO on Nate. Likely win by wounding and ref stoppage?

  • Just came to see what the big deal is. None of there chumps he beat are Nate.

  • He can not take down diaz He can not knock out diaz He can not survive for 5 rounds with diaz.

  • ‘I want Joshua Fabia in Diego Sanchez’ -Nobody

  • Go people out there actually think he will beat diaz????

    • Keep sleeping on rocky

  • I feel asleep watching all this fights go to decision.

  • Nate can take him easy

  • Nates winning this

  • Gonna have his work cut out for him against diaz

  • To be honest I think he would dominate Masvidal

  • Why did he hold the translators hand like that ?

  • Edwards is the grey man. I know I've seen him before but can't place when or where.


  • Yeah.. this dude is good

  • Underrated

  • One fight had one clip from the very last round, and most were decision wins... & y’all wonder why they weren’t “promoting” Leon.

  • Throws straight right* Commentary: “B-Beautiful rear.. left- excuse right HOOK lol 😂

  • He’s tko’d one guy in his last 7 wins, that too in the last second. And he thinks he can knock the greatest chin in UFC out cold? LOL 😂

  • Leon is trash .....Dude beat one good guy and he was a joke.... So no i don't see the hype

    • He has an 8 fight win streak so yeah... he's pretty good

  • I really wanna edwards vs adesayna

    • Leon is wayy to undersized

  • leon soon to be champ

  • This dude is just one step up from UFC average fighters nothing more.. he will be tested by Nate.

  • 'Put some respek on my name' - Leon Edwards way before Usman

  • His dominance over Vincente Luque is very underrated

  • He is trash

  • Poor Nate

  • Who knew getting punched in the face during someone else interview would blast someone to fame like this

  • Decision master

  • 5:48 the only actually impressive shot I have seen Edwards land. And he still didn't get the ko

    • @hayate I guess I don't see it.

    • The impressive thing about him is that he outclasses world class fighters consistently

  • Will be a hard fight for nate but none of these fighters fight like him. He doesn't do take downs he punches and sometimes clinches and he had a longer reach so the elbows might be hard to slip in without a clinch.

  • is he very good ? yes but i wouldn't call it a win streak when you barely fight once a year.

  • Not sure what everyone who thinks he is gonna beat Nathan Diaz is seeing. I see Diaz having an advantage anywhere the fight goes. Including the gas tank.

    • Hahaha you will be so disappointed

    • Edwards is one of the best Thai Boxers in the UFC. He’s very rangey and his kicks are brutal and his clinch work is S tier. He’s going to tear Nate up.

  • 7:08

  • Leon “ I dont like finish” Edwards

  • That waist line belongs to a lady.

  • I want Derrick Lewis in Sweden Tony Ferguson

  • Leon "Bland/Forgettable" Edwards

  • Leon isn’t an exciting fighter, regardless he is a textbook fighter who is strong in the fundamentals.

  • UFC is promoting Edward '' scissor hands '' now ? Well , Stockton slap are coming anyway

    • @hayate you watch , izzy is done

    • And casuals are coming too huh?

  • Lol, the whole highlight reel was just a bunch of horns at the end of final rounds.

  • Diaz vs Edwards? What a match up...

  • Leon doesn't put his hands back up after punching. He's gonna get caught

  • Link to the Nate Diaz vs Leon Edwards Breakdown/Prediction: slflow.info/town/14aYhZBslZfTtYQ/video

  • UFC needs to hire me to help with their music. a 7 minute video with the same basic ass beat playing about 2 dozen times in a row? whoever edited this needs my help.

  • Nate is gonna submit him early in the fight!!!!

  • Just because he doesn’t always finish people..doesn’t mean he’s not dangerous, he will maul and outwork you for five rounds.

  • 6:21 the way Jon Anik tied both fights together was smooth like butter my guy 🧈

  • Это русский комент

  • I’m not impressed at all. All decisions and against subpar competition. Dude will get smoked against the elite of the division. His best win is against an undersized RDA.

  • I didn't know he called out Masvidal that long ago, Jorge be ducking Colby and Leon for a while now. And the fact he Got baptized By Usman. He's only gonna fight wonderboy and retire. I wish Khamzat could fuck up jorge.

  • Easy work for Nate Diaz