🏆Man City make the Champions League Final!🏆 (We Are Man City vs PSG 2-0 Mahrez Goals Highlights)

Objavljeno 5. maj. 2021
Man City beat PSG in the semi-final of the Champions League!
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  • From here after Manchester City loss from Chelsea and I encourage Liverpool

  • #F_FFP

  • me warching this after the final well Dean's money is gone

  • you FFP are Dead


  • You kidding actually now Liverpool is gonna be in the next Uefa champions league cause their in the third position in premium league

  • Lol

  • Original song?

    • We are family by Sister Sledge

  • Good times...

  • Why does Marquinhos have 4 ears!?!? 1:01 WTF!?!?

  • More like the arab king

    • He's Arab and African almost the same thing 😂

  • We are man city who lost one nil to Chelsea FC........... And that night Kevin cried

  • Original song?

    • We are family, by Sister Sledge

  • City lost and Liverpool qualified to the ucl next season Oh well This 100 percent didn't age well

  • Did anyone notice that stones had Haaland in his pocket. and dias had Kane and Mbappe

  • R.I.p Dean money-_-

  • Who is here after man city lost to Chelsea in the ucl final

  • The prophesy fulfilled?? Not quite yet 🤣🤣

  • 0:51 the irony

  • but then Chelsea wins the cl final lol

  • Lost the final

  • The prophecy slightly withdrew again.

  • Who else is here after there Epic collapse in the final against Chelsea

  • Pep screwed us he should of played the team he played against psg in the second leg and should of played Fernandinho and Aguero instead of ratrash Sterling we won every single game with out him and when pep plays him we lose

  • CHELSEA!!!!!!!!!

  • And who exactly one the champions league?

  • I'm just happy we made the final tbh

    • Hopefully next season we can win it

  • But they didn't win haha 😆😅😂🤣

  • They are Man City and they will never win the champions league

  • 1:07 no he is 21+15

  • Who is here after chelsea have wonned the champions league

  • Hhhhhhh 😁😁😁😁

  • 0-1 CHELSEA

  • thank god

  • Who is watching after final

  • And then we bottled it, cityitis struck again

  • Dean i will donate when get into the bankruptcy after put all your money on man city (I also did it)

  • You guys lost

  • You are man city and you lost vinale hahahahhahahahahhahahahahha hahahahahhahahahahahhahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah Liverpool alealeale alealeale alealeale

  • 😭no

  • turns out they didn’t actually need raheem

  • city losed

  • 0-1 Europe is blue🔵!!!!!!!

  • Top 10 moments taken before disaster

  • Well this didn't age well 😐

  • Whe are shit city

  • This video didn't age well Liverpool qualified for UCL Chelsea beat Man City to be crowned UCL winners Adios!

  • xD

  • Well this aged well

  • well that aged well

  • We are Man Cityyyy~ Can't even beat damn chelseaaaa~

    • @MARSHs777 wth they spent less than 200 million

    • @MARSHs777 true man city had alot of good nee players better than most of cheslsea

    • @MARSHs777 lol

    • @Killer pan Chelsea has spent billions too this season tho

    • Imagen being beaten in a final while spending billions of pounds

  • Who is watching after UCL Final🤣🤣🤣.

  • The prophecy draws closer, spitted and went back😂

  • I had to come back😂😂

  • Well... My money was on Chelsea this season. And looks like my money won


  • Tuchel after finishing celebrating: “New target...WIN THE LEAGUE

    • Pep: now you have crossed the line bud😈

  • who is here after chelsea win XD

  • Anyone here after chelsea win the trophy 😂

  • PrOpHeCy

  • haha get lost city

  • Who’s here after Chelsea won the champions league

  • Who is here after city lost to Chelsea in the ucl final

  • This aged well

  • We just lost the champions league 1-0 to Chelsea

  • The prophecy just ran away😂

  • Well this aged well

  • Chelsea beats them 3 weeks later 😂

  • Aaaaand you failed

  • And they bottled it again haha

  • who is here chelsea beat city 1-0

  • Klopp : The PropheCITY More Like PropheSHITTYY KAA BOOM HAHAHAHA 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • champioooneee champiooonee oleeee ooleee oleee chelsea fc chelsea fc oleee oleee oleeeee

  • Now what you say dean man citi lose

  • Chelsea won i thought city will win

  • Chelsea wins champions league Man city:🗿🗿

  • i loved this video before, i love it even more now (chelsea fan)

  • 1:56 they so so desperately didn’t need Raheem. It cost them the title, and no Fernandinho

  • 2:24 the prophecy that will never come true

  • 1-0 Chelsea so now I can enjoy watching this knowing Chelsea won

  • reverse uno card

  • Who's here after they've lost I'm I'm spurs fan so chelsea winning hurts🤦‍♂️

    • @Timchilli So are Everton

    • Spurs are weak

    • The 2 Manchester team losing in Europe Finals in a row Yeah It's was the best week ever I'm Scousers anyway 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆 #YNWA

    • @Ne Vous Abonnez pas good point

    • At least Kyle Walker didn't won

  • Reverse uno card

  • It’s funny to watch this now after the final

    • It is especially since I’m a Chelsea fan

  • Sterling started and bottled it for City.

  • Who's here after they lost 1-0 to Chelsea?

  • 😭😭😭

  • Haha

  • Chempiones Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole chealse

  • Who is here after Chelsea won

  • We are Man City we bottle it the final of the Champions League finally

  • Bye bye city hahahahahahah

  • This aged well

  • And again... the prediction went where I'd say

  • We are FFP... We abide by Man City

  • Who's here after Chelsea won it, and Dean's money has been bottled.

  • This didn't age well

  • City LOSERRRRS 🤣😂

  • We are Man City We lost to Fc Chelsea in Champions league final

  • Who's here after they lost in the final 😂