I Survived 1,800 Days in HARDCORE Minecraft...

Objavljeno 11. sep. 2021

1,700 DAYS HARDCORE VIDEO: slflow.info/town/m2d1cGeeporLvng/video

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In this Minecraft video I survive 1800 days in a Minecraft Hardcore world. Here are all the things I accomplished, and all the adventures that I had.

100 Days Video Playlist: www.youtube.com/playlist?list...

Tutorials I used for this video:
Villager Breeder: slflow.info/town/l3abnm2aroPQva4/video
Snow Block Farm: slflow.info/town/zIlksY2dpYa0mYg/video

Thanks to @Luke TheNotable for the idea! www.youtube.com/user/Creolesb...

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  • For your Chest Room floor, have full blocks on the ender chests, and any free slab will stay a slab. And, I I don't know how's better; Aphmau, or you. You may have more subs, but, I think she's better. Come on, SB! Continue the cave only world plz! You may become my top favorite SLflowr(If you don't, I'm gonna stop watching you).

  • hes making a farm

  • What’s the mob swith

  • I subed

  • SB Stop saying diamonds are for pesants because we dont all have 2000 day minecraft series

  • Half a slab lower

  • i think you should do a becon floor and insted of red nether bricks do lave pits

  • Hey SB you should really make a shulker shell farm. PS: LOVE your vida

  • Because it’s glowing

  • How he enchant flint and steel?

  • Man seriously spent over 540 hours in a single Minecraft world without 1 death. This man’s insane.

  • Sb737 do 100 days in a nuclear war and massive can I supported you in the early days you were so fun

  • If diamonds are for pesents you should make juke boxs and use that as fuel

  • can you give us the seed and do a tutorial about your world and your builds

  • Plss make an 1900 days

  • Hey sb, I'm a HUGE fan! Do you think you will be bringing back the Awesome world?

  • You should beat fundy 'a new mod

  • Hi Luke

  • 1900 plz today

  • More hardcore pls!

  • Hey an did you know it's a 1% change that a vindercater can drop a totem oh and I love your vids keep it going dude

    • the only way to obtain a totem is to kill an evoker which has a 100/100% chance of dropping and fix your spelling

  • 8:18 i thought he said slab at first

  • Can you give map

  • Wow I love these episodes. I was here since day 0

  • wow so good at mine craft make it to 2000

  • Try to make a witch farm or copper farm


  • Make by 2000 Spacial a Download. please

  • honestly, you are one of the best all around Minecraft players

  • where is new video

  • ❤❤

  • He died in his worldthats why he hasnt posted for one week

    • @Shaun Yong he is busy cause he is playing mcc

    • @Shaun Yong he hasn't died duh if he did he would have told ys

    • @Sandesh Dhungel what do you mean

    • Nope its because of mysteries

  • Where is the next video?

  • .

  • hey sb what screen recorder do u use

  • I like the fact that at 14:11 they were dropping food at rapid speed

  • Pls upload 1900 days

  • When you did the snow thing I died you talked a lot sorry just to much

  • waiting for next episode

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  • Lets be real guys he's literally the new TechnoBlade "SB737 Never dies!!!

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  • The intro gave me goosebumps 😐

  • your auto-storage farm is pretty(:

  • sb: diamonds is for peasants he has a diamond beacon he uses dianonds for his treasure room and sorter and a shulker box with so much diamonds and he is using diamond tools and he is using diamonds for his teleporter and netherite is for peasants because you have to use diamonds to get netherite tools and armour


  • When will 1900 days come?

  • Hello sb IN my other account I am subbed when you had 1.7k subs

  • I used to watch you in 2019 It's nice coming back here after awhile

  • Congrats with winning mcc

  • Alternative title- I spent my whole life playing MINECRAFT

  • When is your new vid coming Sb?

  • So I guess that the awesome word is a thing in the past now. Well all good things must unfortunately end. Thank you for the memories!

  • I love your videos so much man! Keep up the good work!

  • Tip:carry some bottle 'o enchanting they come handy on repairing your tools and armour while your on a fight and repair your elytra

  • I remember when you had 600,000 subs

  • Just waiting for 1,900

  • sb ltn and wad zee the best hardcore playersand techno ig

  • Fun Fact: sb will do 3000 days before ltn

  • uh yeah, i don’t kill horses for leather either, hehe. i swear i don’t.

  • there is actually a way to make a nether portal block farm

  • Can u please tell me your seed? I really want to play on your world

  • can you do the Friend or Foe series again

  • 👍

  • do another video do another video do another video do another video😭 🙏🏻

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  • wait a minute i saw Sonic on Notebook

  • 1900 days ?

  • Hey penguin,today is my birthday,you whould make my day if I got a heart ❤

  • Build a great walls

  • how do you make a mobswitch?

    • mobswitch is a machine where no mobs can spawn in his world anymore,

    • Google

  • Ideas for 1900:- You can build a squid farm and a flower farm so you can complete all the farms possible and repair the dragon one and why not! 😂😂 And you can complete the Netherite beacon as well if you need any idea just tell me! 😀😀 Edit:- BTW you are amazing man! 😀 Keep it up!

  • Actually Sb I do love your chest room its very good

  • Petition for sb737 to get how did we get here

    • @Ryalon Oh yeah, right. I completely forgot

    • he already did get that achievement lmao ur late

    • I agree

  • he is now redstone master

  • You are showofing that diamonds are for the peasant

  • Did You Die sb where is 1900 day :(

    • @Ryalon I ,m Waiting it from like 2 or 3 days

    • he need to train for mcc

  • Great job SB

  • you can duplicate stackable item by putting it in your hotbar using beacon and click it fast but idk if its work on java 1.17 but it works in bedrock 1.17

  • Pad ru bacha

  • I what you to survive 3000 days in Minecraft hardcore

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