Trying TikTok Computer Hacks...

Objavljeno 5. sep. 2021
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Wanting to remain current and hip we investigate the tech tips of TikTok.

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Software tools mentioned in-video

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Get WinDirStat here:
Get the sleeker, faster cousin of WinDirStat - WizTree - here:
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Instructions for play video on login:
Paste multiple things using Win+V instead of Ctrl+V
Reset GPU drivers with Win+Shift+Ctrl+B

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Title: Laszlo - Supernova
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Outro Screen Music Credit: Approaching Nirvana - Sugar High

Intro animation by MBarek Abdelwassaa mbarek_abdel
Monitor And Keyboard by vadimmihalkevich / CC BY 4.0
Mechanical RGB Keyboard by BigBrotherECE / CC BY 4.0
Mouse Gamer free Model By Oscar Creativo / CC BY 4.0

0:00 Intro
0:57 DVR HDD hack
4:45 Storage Space hack
6:40 "hacking" hacks
9:46 Homework folder
10:53 Inspect element with extra steps
11:23 Headphone warning
12:16 We hate you Dbrand
12:40 Video on wake
14:02 Memory profiles
14:43 Multiple clipboard entries - Windows key+V
15:05 Reset GPU drivers Win+Ctrl+Shift+B


  • A couple viewers have informed us that is a website that has a reputation for spreading fake crypto wallet credentials that somehow scam the user. From my perspective, attempting to steal someone's wallet and getting rekt yourself is kinda fitting, but we still felt it was important put this disclaimer here - LS

    • Windows, ctrl, shift, B caused some interesting and definitely NOT good results on a Lenovo laptop running AMD R7 graphics.

    • That boot up time was trash? WTF I expected secs not mins form Li

    • You should made 1 exabyte harddisk

    • Oh lol, I typed a whole email to inform the user of the "leak", glad its fake

    • why manually texting the video? i keep CC off for a reason....

  • It's ugly to see the way you treat these devices. It's not necessary or funny

  • make a discord account plz

  • lol i had 18 gigs in my recycle bin until linus mentioned that

  • Ah, TikTok: The infinite source of human stupidity...

  • Look Linus Every Altair Computer is a Unioni Computer.

  • 3:58 stop bullshitting thats 0 of what u got

  • 11:57 which cashing is it?

  • Look close at the 14:30 mark and you will see a wooden hand flipping off the wall strip left corner, mad low-key guys!

  • 1:50 Degauss the drive in the process

  • My dude be looking like chris pratt on a keto diet

  • Has linus been lifting?

  • What the hell was the last one? it was like 2 seconds long and Linus just goes, "YUP!" lol wtf did it do?

  • U play Day's gone we get it.... now change the look

  • r u a real hacker? i got hacked on these days, so i nede help to find who was

  • Linus you can flip the grinder over

    • The grinder should have threads on both sides unscrew it and put the handle on the other side

  • Again that proves that Tik Tokers are just a bunch of useless individuals

  • How can you not have a set of security bits? *Everybody* should have a set of security bits. And, untwist the tabs with pliers, rather than yank at the case with a claw hammer!

  • I would like to point out as somebody doing a cybersecurity bsc that if you think for a second that forensic tools don't bump changed/altered exstension names, icons and date modified to creation date differences to the top of lists you might need to re think certain actions. A wonderful talk that will jog your noggin:

  • WizTree is faster than winDirStat

  • Who gave Linus power tools?!

  • Lmao who edited this

  • Downvote for the stupid rainbow cable

  • 3:21 why did you put the screw back, and take it out after a few turns? 😅

  • ctrl shift windows b

  • The shivering holiday focally influence because sandra literally snatch during a scintillating shorts. foamy, youthful end

  • But this means that that image sharing site does not create proper keys. A random character string may only be a valid key with a very low probability. The actions of that image sharing service may therefore be considered fraudulent. They need to fix this or be taken offline. It is also not hard to fix that issue.

  • THank you

  • I honestly think this is ONE of the worst vids yet :)))

  • Am i the only one who has 58 gb drive?

  • Didn't understand the multiple copy hack

  • $10 for a 500GB drive is insane what lmao

  • Okay is anyone else shedding slight tears at seeing those DVRs getting ripped apart and casualyl thrown to the ground? No one?

  • Watching Linus use an angle grinder **physically pains me** holy shit how can a smart guy be so dumb??? 1:51

  • reset gpu drivers made my screen flicker green glitches for 10 mins, rip had to reset... not sure what thats actually doing...

  • 21? 21? 21? 21? 21?

  • 14:53 BRUH SHOW US HOW CMON wtf are these vids

  • 12:43 and some other parts, maybe show us the tiktoks? we didnt even see what he made lol

  • That security screw is usually a torx with a little tiny post coming up in the center of it. You take a small flat blade screwdriver and a hammer and chisel off the tiny post. One good wack with the hammer usually breaks it off.

  • I like Linus yells and 10y old and tells how stupid they are but doesn't realize he's a kid himself BURN

  • Just watched the montage, Linus has gotten quite good at wielding a death wheel grinder. Impressive ! Loved how he just dismissed Alex. Nah, I'm good.

  • The only thing i actually find handy is the reset drivers shortcut

  • lol Funniest video by u ;P

  • TikTok is just pure annoying social media trash. Why would you even use or watch those stupid videos? LOL.

  • Is it just me or is Linus getting Buffier each episode

  • are we going to ignore the 55.9 TB free out of 104 TB

  • Less than $0 for a gaming rig, that’s epic.

  • When tiktok is taking over and ltt is fucking using tiktok as a crutch

  • Linus tech toks

  • Titok has successfully made an entire generation dumber

  • Linus: I wouldn't pay 5 dollars let alone 10 dollars for an 500gb HDD. *Meanwhile in Brazil 500GB HDD costs over 30 Dollars*

  • I always forget about that driver refresh feature.

  • موسيقى واثم وكذا يعني..

  • I use space sniffer

  • im sure some one suggested a drill to bypass the screws but the angle grinder just looked cooler lol.

  • The tv box trick works scored a 500gb wd green

  • windirstat is archaic.. use treesize please god.

  • you can snip something and send it to someone straight after

  • "nah, im good" = "no fanks" lol xD

  • What I wanna see is more of that gorgeous OG Xbox controller 👀

  • seeing linus trying to cut steal with a grinding disk is so funny

  • "IN. MY. OPINION. THIS. IS .THE. BEST." **"**TiKgEn.MoNsTeR**"* **"**TiKgEn.MoNsTeR**"* **"**TiKgEn.MoNsTeR**"* CERTIFICATED *"**2:21**"*

  • They run a huge tech channel they don't have any security bits? A whole set is like 10$.

  • When even ltt is out of content 😔

  • Funny as fuck, cheers

  • at 11:00 the tik cocker cut and logged in, you can tell cause the follow button switched to a follow back button

  • I've been welding for almost 10 years now and I approve of your grinder skills lmao

  • I like how he gets more aggressive after each one

  • "timecard video"? WHERE? I have been searching and still have not found it...

  • 4:40 7 out of 10 is way too generous. You spent $23 and used hundreds of dollars in tools to get 500gb of very old hard drive. You can get 500gb on ebay for $23 everyday. This is a 4 out of 10 at best.

  • Linus: there's a problem, it has security bits Me: oh so then he's going too use a screwdr- Linus: I SAWED THIS DVR IN HALF!

  • 7:43 yo a screenshot from wynncraft

  • Please do shit safely man, especialy when so many ppl follow you, wear work gloves next time don't be so cocky! that's some crazy shit that can seriously hurt you.

  • im astounded linus wasnt aware of the driver reload shortcut

  • For some reason external HDDs are cheaper than internal ones here. I have few 4 and 6 TB units on use that were acquired from external units.

  • yo, my headset doesnt work when plugged into mobo but in monitor only mic doesnt work i got asus(b550-f) mobo and ithink its a bios problem any fixes?

  • 9:21 lmaoo I learned that shit in kindergarten so I could change the school websites name to some dumb shit

  • When you mentioned the video loading before the desktop I thought "Oh I tried to do that a couple of years ago, I wonder what they used to do it better" and then I realised you were talking about my post lmao. Crazy stuff.

  • 12:40 A custom bios logo would have been more impressive, then 30 sec of waiting

    • Or if the system booted in 3 seconds.

  • How need apps, when you got Andy?

  • 7:42 Fellow Wynn players

  • eyyy valla.ایولا.in persian it means awsome

  • probably the first time those little fingers have touched a framing hammer

  • If you change your "secret" folder to internet explorer I'm going to shift+del that thing as soon as I see it

  • me who has like 23421790 extra dvd players :

  • Now that was Epic! lol

  • Please add Russian subtitles