History of Europe (1900-2021) Countryballs

Objavljeno 26. jan. 2021
- History of Europe in Countryballs (1900-2021)

- Welcome in this new episode on my channel. Today I made the historical video about Europe. I hope you will enjoy it! The most important things about this video are:
- It is not intended to promote anything.
- You can NOT copy it.
- If you find any mistakes, you can write in the comment section, but remember to do it with culture.

Enjoy Watching!

0:00 - Beginning of the 20th Century
0:53 - Balkan Wars
1:34 - World War I
3:48 - Interwar
5:15 - World War II
8:07 - Cold War
9:20 - Present Day

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  • the saddest part was where austria-hungary fell sweden-norway splitted and where ussr died and where chzechoslovakia split up

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  • France: Hey Spain Can You Join Me? Spain: No France: How About You Germany? Germany: No France: Who Wants to Join Me? Poland: I Do! France: Good Luxembourg: Why I am not Fighting Kingdom Of Italy: Because You are Small USA: Why I'm Here Balkan Countries: We Will Fight The Whole Europe! Europe: Guys Join Me NATO: No join Me Russia: I will Turn Into Soviet Soviet Union: I am Back! Balkans: Oh no! Switzerland: Guys Just Chill out And have Some Popcorn When Cold War Began Italy: it is Too Cold Belarus: I am Here Balkans: Can You Help us Belarus? Belarus: Sure Balkans: Great Russia: Now Let's Begin The War When Cold war Ended Nazi Germany: I Surrender

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