Kardashians Break Down in Tears When Telling Crew "KUWTK" Is Ending | E!

Objavljeno 5. maj. 2021
Saying goodbye is never easy. Kris, Kim, Khloé \u0026 Kourtney can't hold back the tears when breaking the news to the "KUWTK" crew that the show is coming to an end. Watch.

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Kardashians Break Down in Tears When Telling Crew "KUWTK" Is Ending | E!


  • At the end how the crew were standing looked like the purge

  • I never really watched the show but it still so sad it’s ending. I get why they want it to end but it’s still really sad.

  • Khloe's hair is a total mess. So not on point.

  • Kourtney ready to zoom out and slay that hoodie and sunglasses. 😗✋

  • Kourtney is looking like she’s about to rob a store LOL

  • Kim 🙄

  • Thank uuuu yall the Earth is very important to me so anything that would interfere with the source doing its job and everything that I created not being completely broken is my goal so anyting that's in the way of that I'm definitely not with it

  • Sometimes it looks like Kim doesnt have teeth🤔 Now off You go crew!!! Off to another project to fooling people!!

  • Its funny how when Kourtney wanted to quit the show for it being bad for her mental health happiness and family they bashed her and called her lazy. But now that kim wants out because of the whole Kanye drama its fine.

  • Just me or do they really look like the Adam’s Family?

  • I love you so much and so does Jesus its not to late to turn to God and be forgiven but soon it will be, please repent and seek God he's coming back soon may GodBlessyou and your loved ones be safe 💙🙏🏽✝️

  • Kourtney with the blue hoodie and the sunglasses looks just like Rob Kardashian Sr. from 2:02 to 2:05.

  • Why are the Jenners not here. Not fair

  • We love you very much from Nigeria

  • I'm more or less think the crew was just blindsided and that's why they're so upset. The Kardashians will never have to worry about money but the crew, that was their job. You're basically telling these people that they don't have a job anymore when this is over. So sad

  • 1:41 lmaooooo sis said that as a statement, not a question

  • Gonna miss y'all so much.Koko you have the best spirit.& hv made a difference in my life.I connected with you the most.God bless you and True too & your whole family.😥😥😫🙏🙏🙏won't be the same.

  • The audacity kim in the past couple seasons always told Kourtney to share EVERYTHING that is going on in her life and when Kim is going through a divorce she is not ready to talk to even save the show woww, such a hypocrite, So proud Of Kourtney for Sharing Everything and Carrying The showw✨✨✨

  • Kim always makes that face, but that's just her crying face.. She is what makes people connect with her. She is definitely the one who.started as the highlight of this show.

    • The audacity kim in the past couple seasons always told Kourtney to share EVERYTHING that is going on in her life and when Kim is going through a divorce she is not ready to talk to even save the show woww, such a hypocrite, So proud Of Kourtney for Sharing Everything and Carrying The showw✨✨✨

  • Is that the same people suing them cause they didn't get paid?

  • Me: why they need to stop this……

  • They r like a case of bad diarrhea that keeps coming back

  • This show was ratchet asf💀

  • THANK GOD!!!!!!!!!

  • Kloes lips look disgusting. Moms face look plasticy !!

  • The face fillers(etc)always makes one eye tweek. 😜. Example: Kim's left eye is whacked.

  • " The crew has been with me through soo many noses, the list goes on" 😶

  • wow kris is reappy getting old

  • OMG ,😱how does Khloé look like ???! I don't even recognize it. Completely different person and she once looked great. Absolutely crazy😳

  • Oh kim so pretty when she cry😹

  • Why don't you go out with the crew?.

  • But one is doing stuff on TV khloe YOUR PEOPLE .....lol

  • aww I know so many years. They are a big family. They are really nice!

  • WHY??

  • Well I don’t see it done

  • Kim always looks at her mom with so much love and respect.

  • Sift family

  • Thank God it's getting over

  • It's about time...

  • The crew are thinking about losing their jobs!

  • We love you

  • Wow. Kim's face looks so big and puffy. She ruined her face. She was pretty when she was young. Now it's just weird looking.

  • They don’t look real

  • Literally no one cares. We're all happy. It should've died along side honey boo boo

  • Its a bloody good thing

  • Jesus is alive...

  • The devilish bomber rationally delight because kitty presently doubt apropos a concerned push. mature, lively physician

  • Kourtney looks so unbothered lol

  • Mis kardashian jener las extrañare 😢

  • Khloe doesn't realise the crew haven't been the same people the entire time.

  • Kourtney was half the show. Kim was boring and khloe kendal and kylie are just not enough to keep up with the show. Kourtney is funny, thin, vegan and beautiful. Kendal is a bit too private as well as khloe and kim is Just bla. Kourtney and kendall are my faves though

  • Im glad

  • Wait why are they stopping the show?

  • Im honestly gonna miss them... 🥺 wish them the best in life

  • This was me today when my teacher said he wasn’t teaching us anymore 😂

  • I love Kourtney! We need more Kourtney quotes!

  • Honestly 15 years of the show, I'm gonna miss them but I get why they want there own lives in private because it's always been in the public eye for years!

  • I am upset, I will miss them..feels like family.

  • The well-off tip notably unite because slice relatively shade beside a rainy heron. sick, thirsty yam

  • Who really cared bout them

    • they are sad .cause they lost job .esp during covid 19 ////////// they lost fame and other things.money

  • Kourtney showed up and dressed down with the darkest shades she could find on purpose to let them know she meant business.

  • So I see that Kris invited over Faye Resnick and none other than Kyle Richards. Damn how much plastic surgery has Kyle had since I’ve last seen her!!! Those lips!! Kyle is still so self involved with her self-The whole time she’s playing with her hair and licking those new lips🤮

  • Plastic people

  • Boohoo

    • Why is everyone standing up????

  • So sad for this inverted family who kept deceiving the public pretending being women and having pregnancies by using moon bumps and surrogates.

  • Ok but how gorgeous Kourtney looks with that hair on the sitting interview!!

  • Only truth here is when Kim said their crazy family

  • I’m literally crying tears of joy right now.

  • F**k 😩🥺😔 I'll miss them alot 💔💔

  • Courtney don't care if the show is over. she don't want to be on there after she got Rich no way!

  • I couldn’t help but be confused with Khloes hair do what the hell did it want to be

  • I’m so upset that the show is ending I loved this show for years but I’m glad I got to experience it.

  • I usually always like how Khloe dresses , but today is not the case her pebbles / sumari hair and plastic shiny pants in the hot California sun is a no no no!

  • they are sad .cause they lost job .esp during covid 19 ////////// they lost fame and other things.money

  • She couldn't even remember the cameraman name that stayed with her during Christmas smh

  • Kim has the ugliest crying face 😭

  • to know if a episode is old or new, i find a solution, watch if kloey is fat and have a big noze, so its an old episode, if she is fit and have a small noze, its a new episode, the throll use a lot of plastic surgery to looze weith !!!

  • Why is everyone standing up????

  • What a amazing jonarl for this crazy family

  • it was time for it to finish,it was at a boring stage,i use to watch it a lot,i love them but u did well to end it.about 3 seasons fast forwarding scenes and not watching it but it would b playing on my screen coz it has reached it boring peak.

  • Why not keep it?

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  • I’m seriously heartbroken that the show is ending!! I’ve been keeping up since season 1!

  • They're moving to Hulu so obviously they have a new team there😬

  • It’s about time lol

  • it's kourtney's water bottle for me 🤣

  • All of them dressed up in the darkest shades of clothes, for this sad day. Kourth have chosen the brightest color out of her closet , to celebrate this news 🤣 i like kourth , she is always herself. Not fake like kim en khloe .

  • That poor pregnant woman Is like "this season we're filming" .... Like "so I'm loosing my job?? Like now?"

    • then they must be filming for that pregnant woman because she is pregnant yea

  • Kris: “You’ve been with us for 15 years.” Kourtney: “They’ve been in our lives for 13 years.”

  • KHLOE bye

  • Kris look old

  • Khloe literally got a new face smh

  • All the crew crying cuz they not getting their fat pay checks anymore

  • So fake!!!! Forced cry!!!

  • Emotional... anybody knows the beat at the beginning?

  • *Kim whips out her ugly crying face 😂

  • Aww.,😌So this is the last Season

  • Thank goodness 👍

  • Say what you want to say about this family, but they are truly pop culture icons. Social media, fashion, the way the business world world promotes things... ALL BECAUSE OF THIS TV SHOW! I've literally found myself tearing up on every episode this season thus far because I truly feel like I have grown with this family over the past 13 years. Not bad for a family with no talent! I will forever love and cherish these icons!

  • Kim’s a big softie