Objavljeno 13. sep. 2021
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  • why do i just love freshes reaction to things like the battle past. i love you fresh

  • fresh was watching a video all along...

  • The zombies are not that bad. Cube monsters.

  • why do i just love freshes reaction to things like the battle past. i love you fresh

  • yo that horse giving me lil mas x vibes

  • siren head??? in backround of 0:14

  • The hidden stuff is the three different outfits for the battle pass character. Silver, gold and rainbow


  • Gameplay: Great Battlepass: Sh!t (expect carnage)

  • Bro don’t know who Is carnage 😂

  • What if blue cube is Kevin’s son

  • It was all cool but when he said that they needed a better tier 100 skin i died i think its one of our best so far


  • Hey guys 😉

  • I’m on mobile why is this still getting recommended to me

    • Sounds like he has a gun to his head reviewing this

  • Ye i love it

  • Siren head!!!!

  • Fresh there was a baby yoda animated icon

  • Look at background of 2:45

  • Carnage is a classic character from the old spider Amman comic books I need that skin asap

  • bro zannys horse be everywhere latley

  • There s like siren head

  • Popo

    • wht the hell fresh you dont know carnage

  • hi fresh

  • You thought season six was bad with zombies 18 has like 50 cubes full of zombies

  • At the end of the battle pass trailer i saw Siran head

  • I physically felt pain when he said “a new venom”

  • The battle pass trailer looks like a new destiny2 DLC

  • At the end siren head is in the back

  • Sounds like he has a gun to his head reviewing this

  • Zombies?


  • Hi

  • So sad that Marvel Sells these great character to this game where 80% of the players don’t know who most of them are

  • The more i look at carnage the more i want to buy the battle pass bruh

  • My disrespect for fresh that he does not know carnage

  • I love this season but fresh really isn't feeling this season or he just wore up at 3 lol

    • This is the really good season

  • wht the hell fresh you dont know carnage

  • The fact that the default skin slides down the hill means the sliding strat from Chapter 1 is officially canon!!! The sliding strat was used a lot by not as good players like me where instead of building down steep surfaces, we’d slide against the side to avoid fall damage.

  • 2:39 This got me so pissed off


  • This is probably my lead favourite battle pass

  • It’s not venom it’s carnage I’m not mad it’s just anoying

  • Do people besides youtubers still play this game

  • How did u go from 39 battle stars to 316

  • I will hundred percent do this trade pls and Tysm for positing. Not_BlueAppleGaming

  • 2:45 anyone notice the siren head 😯

  • Can I play with you on fortnite

  • Fresh may I please have the new season 8 Battlepass

  • Me and every over comic fan when he said new venom: sad comic fan noises Every SLflow bot ever: nice a way to trick kids

  • How does he not know who Carnage is

  • This is the really good season

  • 2:42 is it just me or in the background does that look like siren head?

  • 2:38 that Carnage

  • Why does everyone call carnage frikin venom

  • Wow man you don’t know who carnage is the nerds are very disappointed 😔

  • Carnage is a spiderman villain also he's a mass murderer

  • This season is PRIMAL

  • I hope everyone reading this knows they can do anything in this world. Follow your dreams, nothing can stop you!! 💖💖

  • I personally think it's one of the weakest Seasons yet, the tier 100 should be something you really find amazing and make you want to put in the grind for and yet I it's just a revamp of the Venom (I think it should have been the Spider-Man skin). I personally just don't feel this season and when you compare it to other past seasons battle pass skins I just think it doesn't compare to and lacks.

  • Wait he’s joking about carnage right

  • I was eating fruitloops as he said that

  • I just saw siren head

  • Spiom 😂😂🤣🤣

  • Gift me fresh my name jean2990

  • I think I lost respect when he said new venom, and he didn’t know who carnage was. The fact he thinks he has to watch the new venom movie to find out who carnage is, is crazy. Like google or SLflow. You’ll find carnage is much better than venom in almost everyway

  • I think that was siren head in the background

  • Ngl I hate people calling carnage either red venom or something like another venom, like how do you guys not know who carnage is •_•

  • Bro the "could've been a better t100" I just died inside the new venom movie looks sooooo good. For anyone wondering it's called "Venom let there be carnage"

  • I saw siren head in the battle pass trailer

  • Fortnite aquatic update

  • 4:40 When you use this emote in game, your pickaxe will swap to the Demonslayer Blade. You can swap back as well

  • Fresh you can not know who carnage is

  • I got the battle pass

  • Dont know who carnage is😮😡

  • Fresh:A new venom? Me:😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • bro that was carnage

  • as soon as I saw the first 3 seconds of the video I'm like yeah I'm not buying the battle pass

  • Lol TUNA fish pun lol gg epic

  • F in he chat for fresh not mowing carnag

  • Now get out of here… there’s going to be carnage >:)

  • All I ever wanted in this world… is carnage

  • watch the new venom movie

  • he's name is cartnage

  • hi fresh

  • Me thinking of the anime demon slayer I wanna buy the battle pass but I don't play no more - 😭


  • 6:29 he can’t get copyrighted

  • Carnage is venomous enemy and also Spiderman is

  • damn i just started playing fortnite i got battle pass and fortnite crew and i'm hella confused who is kevin?

  • itiz wat itiz

  • It's carnage not venom

  • Siren head is in the back 2:44

  • You haven’t seen siren head in the trailer lol

  • Hey did any u guys see siren head in the background. like in the first 15 seconds during the intro

  • What if Fortnite is just showing the backstory of how save the world happend

  • Epic monk

  • 2:39 I know he didn’t just say a new venom….

  • Use Code: Lazar

  • a new venom???? 😂🤣😂