Tyron Woodley, Kamaru Usman Have Heated, Lengthy Exchange at UFC 235 Press Conference

Objavljeno 1. feb. 2019
At the UFC 235 on-sale press conference Thursday in Las Vegas, Tyron Woodley and Kamaru Usman had a wild back-and-forth exchange with each other. Woodley will defend his UFC welterweight fight against Usman in the UFC 235 co-main event March 2 at T-Mobile Arena.

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  • Lmao when Tyron said "here come LL Cool J" I started dying 😂😂

  • 2:47 Cody and Lawler laughing at Askren trolling Usman from the back is the funniest side story to all of this

  • 2:47 - Robbie and Cody dying with laughter at whatever Ben is saying in the background. I wish we could hear it xDDD

  • Dude who yelled yea at 0:27 🤣🤣

  • Cody and Robbie having a blast in the background

  • 4 losses in a row after this one

  • This vs tyron now is sad

  • "Eeeeeeeevrythiiiiiing"

  • Ben in the back 😂

  • Usman made t wood look like a journeyman

  • March 2nd bring that energy I guess woodley lost his match 1st

  • Well, LL Cool J whooped you T-Wood lol

  • Ah my rib my rib my rib

  • Anyone else search Tyron Woodley LL cool j? 😂

  • T wood tried that no strikes just stestling


  • Usman is really fukin nightmare

  • “Everrryyyythang”

  • Both harmless

  • Woodley finally won a press conference and gets killed in the actual fight.

  • 2:55 gotta be the funniest thing ever 😂😂 Jon Over here like : Oh this getting Ugly ugly Cody and Robbie in The back instigating 😂😂😂😂

  • Kamaru, Has to start being himself and just keep whooping fighters.

  • This is more interesting than the actual fight

  • In this fight Woodley couldn't do anything he said he'll do in this video.

  • Woodley carry has spiraled downhill since this fights. He needs to retire

  • Kamaru Usman Real Gansta in Welterweight...😎😎😍🥰🥰

  • 😭😭😭

  • Why people hating on Usman? Hes entertaining.

  • usman has always been the man,

  • Damn this was the beginning of the end of Woodley , next coming is another L from Colby

  • usman u beauty

  • Lawler and Covington in the backround🤣🤣🤣

  • Its not all about koes lol usman dominates people 5 rounds straight

  • T wood said he would straight wrestle usman lol that went well for him huh 😂🤣

  • Whos here after all Assvidal fanboys got shut down ? xD

  • T Wood is clown at times and he got dominated in fight, but Marty really turned on a big brother who supported him

  • Woodley was and is a total clown

  • Jon Jones 😂

  • Crazy

  • Dude what were cody and robbie laughing about

  • jones looking at them like 😕

  • anyone else cringe when fighters say a cringey line and say it over and over and over

  • 2:50 Robbie and Cody laughing at Ben for trying to say stuff and defend woodley😂😂

  • 1:13 nooooo noooo Ben askren 😂(consuela the maid off family guy) noooo noooo !

  • 2.33 Tyron u predicted these things😂

  • That's the fun thing about MMA. You can say whatever you want before the fight but when they step into the cage, somebody will be made a liar.

  • Bruh everyone knew. Usman was in his head!! Look at Jones the whole time. 😂

  • Both are raciest SHITTUMS and steriod bums !!!

  • Where is woodley now 😏😂

  • Bruh, I watch this video every month

  • 3:12😂

  • Here come ll cool j

  • He is a annoying champ

  • Seeing Robbie laugh his ass off with Cody like their in high school lunch is gold

  • T-woodWasAgoodChamp...howPoliteMyBrotherUsmanWas.comeOnT-wood,letsLaughTogether.nowWeCan

  • Both Woodley and Askren look like idiots now

  • Why was Jon lookin at him like that around 2:48 🤨🤨🤔🤔🤣🤣

  • I love those Guys cool friendly chat

  • Usman did everything that he said he would

  • I’m a huge twood fan but he was feeling himself too much. Had too much going on with music, tmz, movies, and his friend askren making him feel himself and usman exposed him. Watch Anatomy of a fighter and Usman was too razor focused

  • Woodleys best press conference

  • I love jon Jones face in between them haha

  • Bruh, im yo mentor

  • This is some of the worst trash talk ever. Up there with Tito and Cody

  • Dana just standing there 👀 😂

  • 0:23

  • Woolley is so boring

  • Lol Tyquil Woodley won that roast battle, but Snoozeman won the physical war

  • Usman smoked him 😂😂🤦🏼‍♂️

  • ΕΙνι

  • 4:57 I’m lit I thought that said “ two little fights”

  • @2:48 what is Robbie and Cody laughing at

  • Robbie and Cody 😂😭😂

  • Tyron is the one standing up and tells Usman to sit down, and then he sits down. lol. You got worked by yourself.

    • Hahahah right I just notice that too lmaoo

  • Usman was moses in that fight. It happened exactly as he called it, almost looked scripted.

  • So we gonna ignore that Jon home Jones Cody and Lawler was laughing they ass off

  • UFC 235 was so stacked

  • Usman got the last laugh

  • This didn't age well for Woodley

  • Woodley wouldn't wanna watch this video

  • 2:47 i am sure Ben cracked up Robbie and cody.

  • Ben backing his friend up.

  • marty always brings that moraes win on the table,same while he was arguing with colby and he said the same ''who''

  • this is str8 comedy gold 😆 "LL Cool J " LMAO

  • And the new p

  • Man looking back at this and knowing how things turn out, it sucks. Because Usman is cringe. He literally fell asleep for 5 rounds on top of Tyron. I just wish Tyron was really fired up but that's fine because when he gets the rematch, that is if Colby doesn't best him first, Tyron will knock Fakenewsman out.

    • What you talkin about dumbass?

  • Seeing Robbie and Cody laughing together makes me happy

  • omg i just love how robbie is laughing.savage!

  • u know jon jones has a dirty mind lmaoo after that comment...0:23

  • I like to watch other fighters reaction on fighters' argument

  • Robbie just straight losing it in the background.

  • Não entendi pohhha nenhuma

  • This trash talking was as bad as the fight

  • Kamaru Usman kinda reminds me of that long name Ossas guy.

  • 2:30” Kamaru what you gonna do better than me? You gonna our wrestle me?” He did exactly that

  • and then he whooped twood

  • Cody and Robbie lovin this

  • so gay at the beginning

  • Tyron Woodley next to GSP is the best welterweight in UFC history and I'm sure he will avenge his loss during rematch with Usman

  • 2:48 Robbie and Cody just laughing