Objavljeno 12. sep. 2021
Today I reacted to the End of Season Fortnite event called Operation Skyfire! THIS WAS INSANE!

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Hey everyone it’s SypherPK, and Welcome back to another fortnite battle royale vid but this isnt really one because its a look at everything I do in a week! I try to keep these vids as clean and family friendly as possible! Hope you guys like the video where I talked about the season 8 leaks! Now its finally all happening! the HUGE end of Season event called Operation Skyfire just happening and I'm reacting to it! Hope you enjoy!


  • Anyone else feel like there should be a pack back with a clock that counts down to the fortnite event or is it just me

  • Bro my favorite part of your videos is when you genuinely get excited about something ! Its awesome to see man. Keep makin vids me and my boys will keep watchin!

  • I love that how curious everyone is

  • Play call of duty

    • Did you know that Christmas tree skin was me?

  • Kevin and da bois

  • The event was incredible(Welcome back kevin)

  • My son Kevin the cube is back

  • The event was incredible(Welcome back kevin)

  • Sick and Kevin brings me back,the og or good old days,oooooooo I miss it

    • "Blue's good, purples bad" reminds me of transformers

  • Best reaction

  • Keep up the good work

  • Bro we should have trusted jonsey instead slone betrayed us but at least the map is alive the Kevin is back!

  • Kevin is Angry

  • ive not played in well over a year but the in game events are something ill always return to


  • It actually killed our clones if you look closely there are 2 sunnys

  • Your reaction about the bombs and everything was so hilarious, you made my day xD

    • this was an insane event and can't wait for Chapter 2 Season 8

  • Hi

  • Crazy 😐😐😐😐😐😐😐

  • Did you know that Christmas tree skin was me?

  • Wow

  • Get together

  • Is this fucking halo

  • "Blue's good, purples bad" reminds me of transformers

  • This will be my first time seeing Kevin the cube when I play season eight

  • Was it live

  • اتنكلت

  • Slone:haha you can't do anything Blue kevin:dont worry my friend I'll bring my family

    • Kevin the cube… will always come back

  • Not an alien abduction unless its butt first right? lol...

  • i was stupid and skipped this so i don get to play it


  • Its weird seeing kevin blue

  • I think Kevin works for the aliens or he made them justice stops alone

  • Sypher: DONT LOOK BACK! Also sypher: *Looks* *Back*

  • Apple or Samsung I am samsung

  • I had so much fun in this event and in this season altogether!

  • 2:55 “keep moving, DONT LOOK BACK.” *looks back

  • Sypher:”don’t look back!” Also sypher:(proceeds too look back)

  • I’m pretty sure I was in your server tbh

  • Best event ever worst season 8 ever b o r I n g and views and twitch going in the gutter

  • Is it me or does he seem like he is on something looks like he loss weight too

  • Yo when did he lose weight he looks completely different now

    • He has been working it on his stream alot

  • Kevin the cube… will always come back

  • i’m upset. i live in louisiana so hurricane ida has me STILL with internet. but i only have power. so i couldn’t be part of this event or play for the last 2 1/2 weeks.!

  • Sypher if you blow-up the bombs while where in here me that's when things took a bad turn

  • the end of the event literally said revolution and not kevolution

  • Aliens be thinking we are weak we defeated a monster survived a volcano eruption defeated galactus and survived a blizzard what next ??

  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • Should have made this a SOLO or SQUAD event.

  • Sypher I was in the same one I was the goopy shadow agent!!!!!

  • It didn’t show the underwater part for you lol

  • I love how @sypher keep scolding his teammate

  • Luv ur vids SypherPK!

  • Gave me Halo vibes not gonna lie

  • This was THE best event ever.

  • When I was playing the event everyone died I was the last one

  • Event was cool but the game is still bad

  • "dont look back" looks back*

  • I noticed just now on the right side is the steel farmer floating down with a chicken 11:20

  • Did you see me

  • I wish I could play fort nite :((

  • Sypher u like the event?

  • I loved this event 💖 so much, I think it was the best event in Fortnite

  • Not one of the better or more memorable events but just glad we still get them pretty frequently. Honestly the problem is the map didn't change enough. I'm so over this map and how uncreative they've been with it.

  • Who did watch the event LIKE👍

  • Kevin

  • Haven't played the game for over a year and I'm not planning on playing it ever...but this event looks pretty cool

  • i live in australia. i had to wake up at 5:20 am to stream it. it started at 6 but we needed to be 30 mins early. so i woke up with enough time to call my friends and cue into a match.

  • this event was 10000000000000/10 :D

  • One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates. 🎈

  • Who else got annoyed when he kept looking back at the blue cube every 2 seconds

  • Stop forcing me to sub

  • We call that blue one marlin the blue cube

  • Sypher yeah that was a quad crashed

  • sooo cool...

  • Hi :D

  • Crazy eventtttt

  • Nice

  • Idk if people notices but the ending kind looked like halo 4

  • 11:48 that was honestly so anti-climactic

  • Grown ass man losing his mind over a fucking kids game 😐😐😐😐

    • Still makes more money than you 🤣

  • nick M4rkoksu

  • I hate the twist bc I loved slone till my friends from school told me that slone is a traitor and I was laughing crying

  • When dr slone said we're gonna "watch" the bombs do there job I thought *suicide*

  • Woah!

  • I quit fornite man but I love ur content

  • The best driving game videos on my channel with the best Forza Horizon quality 😍🤤 GTA video gaming, Forza

  • "We're leaving you behind"- slone Kevin the cube "I've got family" Dom just walks across the mothership

  • I didn't see it Fn borning rn they need a good battle pass ngl

  • Wooooooooo

  • Wooooooooo

  • Sypher : DoNt LoOk bAcK Also sypher : *looks back*

  • Sypher like the slightly less annoying Ali A.

  • Watch yo jet- unfunny😐; shoulda added the sound effect like NoahsNoah would

  • Bro can anyone give me better pass

  • why this video better than the whole event

  • 1st off I CANT BELIEVE I GOT IN A GAME WITH SYPHER PK AND 2nd off I was super man and you yelled at me

  • "We're leaving you behind"- slone Kevin the cube "I've got family" Dom just walks across the mothership

  • I missed this event 🙁. I love the new “Toona Fish” character but the animation of him & Rick when in cars could do with a little work ... not that I’m an expert ... If Epic Games hired me to do the art, it would be called Stick-Man-Nite.

  • Kevin was blue because he became nice if he’s purple he’s evil he spawned zombies a few seasons ago and now that he’s blue he won’t hurt you he will probably give you like a jump boost if you Jump on him