The Ben Askren Interview: Knocking Out Jake Paul - IMPAULSIVE EP. 272

Objavljeno 8. apr. 2021
Olympic wrestler & former UFC fighter, Ben Askren, joins the boys to discuss his plan to KO Jake Paul on April 17th, the first thing he’d do if he won, seeing nightmares about Jorge Masvidal’s knee, Dana White betting $1 Million, why Dillon Danis is a joke, brutally honest thoughts of Logan Paul Vs Floyd Mayweather & more..
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Impaulsive is a significant break from the typical content viewers have come to expect from the vlog channel & we could not be more proud and excited to watch this unfold and grow. Please be advised that we will be exploring a wide variety of topics (some adult-themed) and our younger viewers (and their parents) should be advised that some topics will be for mature audiences only.


  • Who is here after the fight?

  • I truly hope Logan prepares & rises to that level Honestly knocks Floyd M the F-Out Seriously not a 1st round but 4th or 5th maybe to 7th round at the very least (also you’re all Lying about DOGECOIN) & Coinbase will grow & rise.

  • This show seems like the fighters(CareerKillers) come to kill a career. Lol hahaha

  • How did this “not age well?” He’s a *wrestler* and admitted if Jake actually is a good fighter, he’d lose. He should’ve trained and taken it more seriously, but fr if you’re a retired OLYMPIAN from another sport and some annoying, bitch ass kid like Jake is claiming to be better than you, it’s hard to take seriously. Plus he made bank in 2 min just for putting up with Jake’s childish crap. Who gives af if he lost. He was extremely successful in his fighting career and Jake is still trying to be taken seriously in his. Joke’s on Jake 💁🏽‍♀️

  • Is that right is it aye?

  • He did Ben so dirty at 0:08 OH MY FUCKING GOD LOGAN don’t do him like that 😀😀😀😀😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂☺️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂☺️😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • George said I’m like Superman in my dream 😂😂

  • Ben is so chill he didn’t even care he got knocked out 😂 he made that bag.

  • Ben's a really decent guy.

  • Ersdl

  • how can you not like Ben askren. hes everybodys guy

  • Sucks that he lost

  • ben: “i have no illusion that i’m a good boxer” “if jake is good, he’s probably gonna beat me” everyone in the comments: “this did not age well! 😂”

  • 21:50 man i’m seeing this for the first time after the fight and uhmmmn oopsie??? 😬

  • 15:06 "Welp, I'm his b*tch now." LOL

  • that nose got me dying

  • Props to Ben for being so cool about everything & even doing this

  • Mike called Jorge Masvidal “Ben Masvidal”

  • Yo I hated Ben cause I didn’t know him but now he’s so likable , I like him . Jake needs to fight a real boxer

  • I've nothing against paul, but dawg if you beat meyweathwr whilst weighing idk how much more than him I wouldn't feel like i won - ESPECIALLY against the man that all consider unbeatable

  • Poor Ben ass kicked should have never did this show.. lol

  • He lost

  • he’s so cool

  • I wont lie. I thought you were a joke of a boxer when you started out. But the leaps in skill youve made is impressive. Crazy good. You thought you had the skill to fight then realized you didn't. I know you had to work hard a fuck to be at your level now. Keep it up and i truly think you can make history. 50-1

  • seems like a great guy

  • hey jake, fight Tommy Fury. i guarentee he good nights u

  • Wtf... no wonder... Ben was just making some money and taking one for the team.

  • 💯

  • How can you not like this man lol

  • You need to call out another SLflowr

  • Can we have him on the podcast again? Please! :D

  • Ben is actually making decent comments and being insightful. Logan: “that’s my blood ur fighting me”


    • They shouldn’t though it’s not a kid show so they can do whatever they want it’s the parents fault for allowing it

  • Ben coming on and winning everyone’s friendship with his genuine demeanor, and then everyone being forced to choke down the cringe insult that jake probably rehearsed 20 times in 10 different takes really proves that Ben is a man and jake is a boy. I can almost certainly assure you that the impaulsive crew enjoyed bens hour with them more than they have enjoyed jake his entire life. Logan Paul seems to be growing up so we can only hope that Logan shares his wisdom with him as the elder brother so jake doesn’t constantly continue to come off as an ignorant loud mouth basking in the Privilege of his parents, (and brothers) money and spot light. Being a douchebag and acting like you are the king of everything isn’t edgy or cool. Continuing the type of behavior that jake is partaking upon will only end up with him shunning his friends and family in lieu of relishing the attention his pretend personality has garnered him. @IMPAULSIVE @Jake Paul

  • 1:03:56 The initial fear that washes over him as Ben lunges and his worries become reality

  • Hahahaha “I was smart. So I took the athl-.. academic.”

  • I was actually rooting for Ben in this match up, but I do feel bad for jake. Jake clearly beat Ben but everyone is applauding Ben for getting the bag no one seems to give jake credit no matter what

  • this was a good video until jake came into the mix


  • Funny how this clown talked all big on you tube on how he can box with Jake Paul then gets smashed in the first round LOLOLOL. What an idiot. Thanks for making me a few 100

    • Funny how you like the clown Jake Paul

  • Ben reminds me of Casey Neistat.. Watching this after the loss.. I really rooted for him..

  • Dude all the way left is immature and annoying af

  • 39:50 they’re all making jokes about Jake, Ben trying not to laugh because that’s his opponent which he dislikes

  • Their facial expressions during Jake's video, hahaha

  • What the he'll is he doing with you?!

  • Logan is the Woody Harrelson phenotype of the Paul Genome

  • Who’s here after jake Paul killed Ben in the fight

  • Hating ti guys were assholes

  • Upload on ur main bruh

  • 21:52 “Highly unlikely”

  • That mans a legend idc that he lost his personality is too good for me to hold the loss over him lol

  • I rather be hated and winning than liked and losing

  • What headphones are they using?

  • Hi, we are a family channel could you please check out our content ?😁

  • The fight was is and fixed for sure to make fake champion n money of that

  • Askren should go into writing books and seminars on personality development and what not. He has matured so much from back when he was a UFC fighter. There's so much wisdom in him now that you can't get him to say the wrong things and lose composure. Logan has also matured to some degree as he's more reasonable and level-headed than he used to be. Jake Paul on the other hand has a long long way to go from being the narc raging, cry baby that he is at the moment. Ben used to be cringe like the Paul brothers, and I'm quite impressed at what he's become.

  • Look at this then look how different logan is after the fight even how he talks is different but calls pete out and he does the same thing

  • Ben still dope

  • Jake Paul is a clown he challenges a wrestler to a boxing match . Go challenge him to a MMA match be a different outcome

  • Jake really showed he can fight ben

    • I mean i didn't even know about this fight until yesterday but since i follow ufc i can tell hes a wrestler.. that too retired... And looking at jake paul crying / screaming off of happiness after he " kod" him.. It wasnt even a ko, the refree gave an early stoppage.. wont say it was scripted but definitely ben had it in him... I was cringing how Jake was screaming / crying after winning that fight... Hes a clown... But yeah i think hes very good at the level he is... Just chose wrong opponents who made him look good till now.. and i guess thats how boxing works... It aint 80s

    • Box isn’t fighting

  • He’s kind of talking about it like he already lost


  • Logan is way cooler than jake

  • How tf does Ben have like a perfect nose and face also like that fucking jawline god damn fuck me

  • Photoshopped bens teeth yellow smh

  • this guy's nice asf idc

  • Everything about this was great, they even discuss about crypto, keep it up!

  • 39:34 jake crying about logan losing

  • Ben being on impaulsive is like captain america going in the hydra base alone

  • Where can we buy ray token?

  • I think Ben doesn't let anything bother him because he knows that he could absolutely manhandle 90% of the population including Logan and Jake

    • @Pierce Keenan what makes you think that?

    • If I’m being honest, Logan would hand his ass to him in a street fight

    • @Manic Dre good thing I didn't mention boxing then?

    • Lmao not in boxing

  • This is gold watching this after the fight 😂

    • Ben destroy jake in a actual fight in boxing bens trash

  • The whole team was extremely unprofessional this episode.

  • Where does this Hate come from ? Jake is so Aggro.... Why insult his LooKs? Thats the lowerst form of trashtalk there is.

  • Who else came to see the “who’s here after he lost” comments?

  • This did not age well at all!!!!

  • Who's ready to see Logan get mauled by mayweather

  • I think there’s one thing Logan definitely regrets

  • Logan’s lil bro should learn some english

  • All the comments here about Ben winning didn’t age well.

    • @a b I just said y’all like him even though he couldn’t satisfy you. This has nothing to do with skill. It’s the fact that y’all would respect someone who couldn’t get rid of the person y’all hate but it’s okay it will repeat itself when Jj finally steps up to Jake

    • @Rullies G so a person can only be liked on their skill and not their personality? you must be 12 years old maximum

    • @a b lol yall like him even though he didn't do the one thing that everyone wanted him to do

    • Who gives a shit. its funny how he lost but is still more liked than Logan's little brother

  • Where my comment at? Whats did I say? 😏

  • If the ref didn't call it, they would have carried Ben off on a stretcher.

    • Cleanest Best Pleasure askren survived multiple punches and elbows from robbie lawler while pinned on the ground with one arm stuck, got outta that situation with a bloody ass face and came back, there is no way he was getting carried out on a stretcher, there was no way he was not good to keep going. Rigged

    • @Henrique Ferreira I bet you said the same thing about Jake Paul winning the fight.

    • Doubt it

  • This didn’t age well

  • Good lord i love geroge.... Absolutely hilarious

  • Watching this back , it makes me feel guilty for Ben 😔

  • So um I don’t think that Ben managed to win that lol

  • Ben is a good guy just vibin lmao

  • That was the fakest knockout I've ever seen. Even Ben was like "couldn't you pick a better punch to stop the fight"? Jake won't fight a real boxer or fight any MMA guy in an MMA fight. I think Jakes next fight is against the bowling champion.

    • Lol

  • PRO TIP: Throw some good punch's at the other fighter, also (Next time) try moving when a punches are coming at you.

  • This guy is so chill

  • hey logan you remember when you filmed a dead body?

  • even when they're technically making fun of ben he just goes along with being chill and nice tbh ben is a good guy and i'm sorry he has to deal with the douchey and pettiness of jake in the first place

  • Id rather have seen ben on the joe rogan show but such is life.

  • Still team Ben

  • Well that didn't go as planed

  • Logan is so immature. He has Ben as his special guest, but when Ben is honest about what he thinks will be Logan’s outcome against Floyd, Logan gets mad and starts talking shit to Ben? So he wants to act like a big man talking smack to Ben but as soon as Ben tells Paul the truth, he starts acting like a little child and starts being disrespectful to Ben. It’s fucking pathetic. Logan Paul is pathetic.

  • LOL

  • Now I like Ben.

  • I’ve had those dreams

  • hi logan i'm gen z