Objavljeno 9. sep. 2021
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My name is Julius Dein : ) I'm a 27 year old magician from London, travelling the world and blowing people's minds with street magic!

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Joshua Hernandez Insta @josh_hernandez

Lee Hutchinson - Insta @videolee

Alex Gray- Insta @alexogray

Chloe Tereaplii Insta @clovandough


  • This has 56M views… what the actual FUCK

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  • Videos estupidos

  • People fall for this as real?

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  • please.. meteor that erased dinosaurs from earth.. please come back.. you forgot something.. 🤦‍♂️


  • When the shock value and laughters all over, he should ask her how many times has she snuck out the house, ever so quietly, in the middle of the night to see me.

  • 这是流氓软件吧,会不停的骚扰你

  • Pesima actuación jajaja dan pena ajena

  • Just as the Drax was saying "i have master the art of staying still so perfectly that no one can see me" p.s to the cameraman 🤦🏻‍♂️🤣

  • My eyes hurt

  • Omg babe at the intro completely different from the what's said in the scene SMH 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • What the f.c. K is this. . Nonsense

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  • Estos influencers, no sé si sean novios esos 2, pero de qué estamos seguros es que su amigo se la come cuando el men sale.

  • Faker than north Korean china communist party. Noice

  • If I was scare and freak out and found out it was a prank I was shove her off the chair lol

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  • How much satire will be in this video? *Yes*

  • You cringe the world hard.

  • The way he still saved her from falling...LOVE

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  • Naw he didn't feel the bed move at all🤦‍♂️🤦🏼🤪😜

  • Hahahaha 🤣😂 You guys

  • Soooo cheesy 👎🏻🙄

  • Brincando com coisa séria. O diabo não brinca em serviço. Deus guarde esta juventude sem noção do que faz.

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  • Tanto samarreo en la cama y se despierta cuando dice Aa

  • This joke is getting so old now,

  • And the Oscar goes for....🙄 Best idea for making an horror prank, just remember not to script the real scare, it should be improvised.

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  • I want to c how someone really would react to this cool illusion

  • Oh yeah yeah i believe

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  • Odd, there very first part of the clip with him reacting is different from when he wakes up and reacts later in the clip. Almost like they did several takes.

  • Nice hidden talent guys dnt do it again

  • Nada combinado... Mas verdadeiro que nota de 3 reais

  • If you enjoyed this you have to be starved for entertainment

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  • And one more time the SLflow's algorithm brought us here.

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  • loved goodbye above all things sorry for my great behavior 🇨🇴

  • لعما طلعو الاجانب اكذب من العرب 😢

  • Thank you but Instead of scripting out the scene, I would have appreciated a "how to prank" video instead. My intelligence was insulted, ain't fooling no one.

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  • Nem parece de mentira né affs 😒

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  • The guy is holding her leg so that she would not fall...😌❤️❤️ love that scene...

  • Las estupideces que le tocaba ver a uno

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  • This girl is freaky deaky!! How did she know how to balance laying down on a stool on a mattress? She must have had a ton of practice 😉🤙🏽

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  • That mattress did the trick tho.

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  • I wish she was pantyless.....

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  • Oscar

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  • Day by day, Cringe is nothing

  • "Oh no! I'm totally not waking up from all that but I'll sure wake up when you're Screeching!!" -That guy probably

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