Max Holloway | Food Truck Diaries | BELOW THE BELT with Brendan Schaub

Objavljeno 25. feb. 2021
Fresh off one of the best performances in UFC history, Max Holloway joins Brendan to discuss his dominating win over Calvin Kattar and his 2 losses to Alexander Volkanovski. Plus, the boys talk UFC GOATs, preview Brian Ortega vs. Alex v, and Max opens up about a potential trilogy fight with Volkanovski.
(00:00:00) - Intro
(00:01:44) - Fighting on ABC/Calvin Kattar/Volkanovski
(00:09:56) - GOAT talk
(00:16:10) - Rebound from Conor McGregor Loss
(00:18:42) - Ortega vs. Volkanovski
(00:20:41) - Holloway vs. Volkanovski 3
(00:24:01) - BJ Penn
(00:28:01) - Adesanya vs. Usman
(00:30:06) - Engagement + Fiance
(00:33:08) - Max's Son
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BELOW THE BELT explores the intersection of combat sports and pop culture through the eyes of former fighter, comedian and red carpet host Brendan Schaub. The program discusses the latest news in combat sports and pop culture, with Schaub delivering candid thoughts in his unique and unfiltered style. Below the Belt features interviews with the biggest names in combat sports and entertainment, road trips, fight camp visits, sketches, animation and pop-culture spoofs.


  • "It is what it was" @23:17 New favorite quote

  • Floyd Mayweather, the best Boxer of all time had a father who was a professional boxer. Since day 1 his father and uncle trained him to be the best. One day the same will happen in MMA :)

  • That’s why Max sucks now. He has no passion for it akymore

  • 17:32 That my friends is GH forehead

  • Bro Max and Ortega and Izzy have the msot Swag and Style? ^^ Bro Mcgregor is by far the best one when it comes to Style,Swag,Carisma and Cloth he even has his own Suite and Cloth Lines he rocks the coolest and most Dope Shit ever Nobody comes even Close you can hate him and disike the way he talks what ever but you can not say one Word about his Style this Dude has one of the coolest Style remember the Colucci Pullover at New York the one who Biggie Smalls was rocking in the 1990s he made it dope again when he came with that 1.500$ Thing and made a Interview with Megan Olivie or the Pimp Coat at the Press Conference that Joe Frazier was wearing? Come on you crazy if you think those Guys are even close when it comes to the Culture and Style and Trendsetter he is!!

  • Max should go back to 55er dustin is basically the uncrowned champ and max was doing okay against him compared to justin eddie and McGregor

  • Doesn't spar so as to protect brain cells and avoid injuries. Proceeds to challenge Ngannou & DC.

    • If he ran around the octagon hed last longer than rozenstrike against ngannou

  • i love how these all death machines from MMA are so natural and civil on the show!

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  • Max is one of my favourite fighters. How can anyone not be rooting for him? All round top fella.

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  • Max will forever be the man!

  • UFC Welterweights need to pay attention

  • Best boxer in ufc

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  • Gotta love max mentality

  • YEAH TONY DID THT 1ST🙌🍃⚔️ 🖕...CASUAL🤦‍♂️

  • He beat Alex in their second.

  • Max is a beast

  • I never knew Max was a fan of doctor disrespect yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

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  • Brenda is the only guy who says im gonna do a food truck show to put the fighters at ease and then orders keto shit. I try to like the guy and this is a great concept for a show but eat a meal with the fighter who has to maintain a weight to keep their job while he bitches out and eats a lettuce wrap instead of a damn sandwich ever once in awhile. If the fighters are gonna diet cheat you should as well if you are going to have show called food truck diaries. Or just call it feed the fighter a good ass meal while I eat lettuce and look longingly at his carbs

  • Yo Schaub, I like the below the belt interviews but u should really look at throwing in little highlight clips over the fighters talking of what fight they are talking about here and there. Think it would get viewers more pumped about the interviews and get to know the fighters better. Just a suggestion, just thought with this Max interview it would have been so cool to see his highlights over the years as he talked. Especially for new viewers or fans of MMA.

  • Max didnt lose one fight to Volkanovski. I fucking hate that little gremlin.

  • The ufc legend hes talking about is Chuck Liddell fyi

  • “ it’s a bummer, it’s a bummer” 😂😂

  • No disrespect to Max and I mean that with all of my heart..... He's the REAL GOAT. His better half is the hottest woman on the planet.

  • Poirier is big 155? No, he is a normal 155er. He was a bloody Featherweight some years ago!

  • MAX HOLLOWAY IS ONYL 29>>?>?>SDC?W,lw'/we


  • Even though Brendan might sound out of his mind or even be hypocritical at times, people still tend to not give him so of the respect he deserves. Man was a professional mixed martial artist, played competitive football, and is currently a famous (NOT EXTREMELY knowledgeable) MMA analyst. I like the dude even though he can switch opinions up like a light switch lol.

  • Max looks like he belongs in the 80s here

  • Name a rich kid whos father was a fighter and grew up to be a fighter, Chris Eubanks Jr, not the best but was a legit world champion as a rich kid.

  • Say what you want about him, but Brendan has some serious drip

  • I’m still astounded that Brendan Schaub has his own show.

  • I like watching max Holloway but schaub does not fuck with volkanovski 😂

  • Max is the people’s champ 🏆

  • I think this the first time I ever heard Max cuss 🤣

  • max's tombstone reads.............. " at the end of the day, here lies blessed"

  • the only words in max's vocabulary ..........." at the end of the day" lol

  • Brenda Schwab checking out yo gurl

  • If Max lose on the trilogy Im really like Max go full time in 155. Max vs Tony, Max vs Gaethje, Max vs Conor, Max vs Islam, Max vs Chandler...WOOOOOO 💪💪

  • Max "it is what it was" Holloway

  • Max would box the face off Mcgregor until he quit like he did with Nate an get choked out.

  • ‘We gotta come with our game’ wears a grey sweat suit with a biker jacket...

  • Schaub asks a question... Max: Well I think that.... Schaub: LET ME JUST INTERUPT YOU

  • When is Nate Diaz going to be a guest on the show?

  • brendan just sucks so much oh my gosh

  • Here for Holloway not u Schaub...😋

  • Max, I hate watching components tape and watching fights, Brandon yeah me too= wtf 🧐. Yesterday Brandon loved it.. 🧐

  • BJ and Max both won 5 Title Fights

    • Yeah but bj got chinned by some hobo on the street unlike max they aren’t comparable

  • You have to give style points to kai kara france that dudes fit game is savage!

  • Max 🔥

  • Lie you met BJ when you came to big island and fought Toby 2quick and won the ammy 45 belt. Bj was there that night.

  • so max ex wife was a pro surfer and his new girl is also a pro surfer?

  • It's the reverse, Alex definitely won the first.. the second one was close. Something is off about Schaub. He's a hater on one side, and on the other he's the worst sycophant.

  • Schaub is a nutcase. He is overly praising people he interviews and bashes people who are not there. He's clearly jealous of Miocic and Volkanovski and others.

  • It’s time for mullet max. Grow a mullet max

  • Gotta love Max. The realest.

  • Max Holloway, the first ever man to compliment Brendan Schaub's "Fashion"

  • Max is wearing his sisters earings

  • People from Hawaii are so chill yet fooking warriors

  • Max Vs Francis UFC 260

  • GOD BLESS()()

  • We definitely need to see Max vs Conor 2

  • When the teofimo Lopez food truck dropping I loved this Max one but I want to see the teofimo one

  • Brendan Schaub is such a douchebag. No fight talent, no comedic talent, and his opinions change according to who he is speaking with at the moment.

  • This man just said don't sign a contract with me on it mom cuz I'm gonna have the fuck you up

    • The fuck you up part was what Schaud said tho.

  • Max is a hell of a guy... respect to him as a fighter and as a person.. you got a huge mexican fan base bro! And im one of them!Saludos from BAY AREA CA

  • Let him speak Brendan!!! Dammit

  • Max is polite to everyone. So many athletes could learn from his humility. Doesn't have to be a pompous ass to be a badass.

  • Teofimo Lopez Cousin?

  • For a second I thought I read the title on the clip as food fuck diaries

  • Brenda always talking about his body weight issues. Get it together or drop the food show concept.

  • not to be a hater but that sandwich looks weak

  • I believe Rush is gonna be great when he grow up, fucc dem haters dissin on mini blessed

  • 0:12

  • I love Food Truck Diaries

  • I want to see max vs Izzy for p4p ranking according to max logic

  • I believe the UFC Legend on the bus with Brendan and BJ to be Chuck Liddell. Nobody else on the list of who attended makes sense besides him. Pretty sad. Also pretty sad that BJ was making fun of Chuck given the recent videos released of him. So you wanna be a fighter?

  • Max Holloway is considerably the #1 pound-for-pound fighter.

  • The people of Hawaii loved BJ Penn. But Max has represented us so well that he's officially the most beloved athlete from the islands. #Blessed

    • @Your Favorite Sociologist you

    • @Kingdom Citizenship lmfao too soon?? He's been in a couple street fights now haha

    • @Kingdom Citizenship he's kind of a known punk at times. Max and The Lee family, and guys like Yancy get love tho

    • Hell yeah Max represents the Hawaiian spirit to the Max

    • You guys weren't proud when BJ got KO'd in a street fight?

  • Calvin is a badass but he was done in the 4th , I was genuinely worried for his brain. The best is blessed

  • Came for the comments. They did not disappoint. Well done, boys.

  • Right on Hawaiian keep up the great work!! Always humble and a class act. The BLESSED ERA!! 🙌🏽

  • Braindead Schaub at it again

  • Max Holloway is hands down the coolest UFC fighter.

  • Wait, is Max interviewing Brendan? Dude talks more than the "guest"

  • I'm SHARPENING this knife then at the end I can't use it no more an I'm like you know what I gotta take the BUTTER KNIFE hahahaha shit shot max hahaha fuckya funny.

  • *khabib has the mumps* Brendan: “he was super thick”

  • Shwab repeats everything, repeats every thing. No doubt, doubt. Different animal, different animal.

  • Brenda is the worst interviewer I think it’s his CTE. First thing we talk about on a food show/ fight show is fashion. I love it. When I need a fool to laugh at, I choose brenden shwab

  • Yess! Blessed baybee! Also ain't a food truck without sirens at some point!

  • Wtf is this clown talking about fashion for???

  • Max Holloway is the skinny version of Earnie from George Lopez.

  • 2:28 bro knew he was gonna sound gay af and decided to make the word longer

  • I already did see Max beat Alex lol

  • why is anyone willing to podcast with schaub

  • Holloway will always go down as the coolest ufc fighter besides wonderboy I meet both.. I stay 20 min away from Thompson’s gym we always see him here in town daily