"I expected one, but not two" 😆 | Ronaldo speaks after homecoming brace!

Objavljeno 11. sep. 2021
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Cristiano Ronaldo said he was extremely nervous on his Manchester Utd return against Newcastle and that he was amazed by the reception of the Old Trafford fans.

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  • Cristiano can honestly play until he is 40 if injuries dont happen! Definitely one of the most healthiest person not only in football but in the entire athletics aspects! Goat!

  • It's amazing seeing back in a Man Utd kit......and he is right....this club is special .....Viva Ronaldo

  • I love you, boy. 🤗

  • He is so calm now. He knows he is the GOAT. So happy he founds his peace.

  • Ronaldo scoring all these goals coming back is definitely due to all the haters saying he’s not the same Ronaldo before 😂 thanks guys if you haven’t noticed yet that gives him motivation so keep hating🐐

  • I will say, we are really lucky to see him playing football in this age. Still unbelievable he is!!!!!

  • You need to warm your blood as 2019 in jeventus matches

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • RONALDO!!!!

  • The amount of love he receives from the United fans, you can't even compare it to any other team and I'm sure he feels it too

    • Is he referring to the goals scored by Young Boys

  • Why don't SKY rename their channel MUFC Sports . Other clubs do exist you know . Reason i stopped watching Sky sports news as they are obsessed with United ,Even when City Liverpool chelsea win the league its still all about United .

  • he’s such a nice humble guy

  • at Manchester utd.... One of a kind!

    • Should’ve never let him leave... that’s man us fault on that one

  • Such a legend

  • Rooooooooonaaaaaldo 🔥💯💪🏻

  • "I belong to Manchester" - As a United fan, hearing that from Ronaldo will give you goosebumps.

    • Ronaldo favourite word : Unbelievable

  • at Manchester utd.... One of a kind!

    • Messi fan and United fan, if he wins us the prem or at least something then I’ll be goating this man.

  • The applause was so loud that i had to turn on cc

  • Welcome back Ronaldo!

  • U made me slept hungry yesterday am not happy though I won't stop Being your fans man u forey

    • I just realized , Ronaldo don't talk like a player, he talks like a manager, a leader here, and I think that's what United have been missing all these years.

  • Listen to that crowd! Viva Ronaldo!

  • He played with a different energy today which was kinda missing when he was at Juventus probably cause it feels like home to him

  • Reccomended after they have just been beaten by,YB

  • Is he referring to the goals scored by Young Boys

  • Ronaldo is undoubtedly the best football player ever. Even at the twilight of his career, he is doing it in style. Hats off to that man's devotion and love for the sport.

  • The most used words by Cristiano : amazing, unbelievable)

  • I'm just glad he's home

  • Should’ve never let him leave... that’s man us fault on that one

  • He's from Madeira. That's why he's so good.

  • Ronaldo favourite word : Unbelievable

  • He won't score in next 4-5 games, Newcastle was just pure luke

  • I just realized , Ronaldo don't talk like a player, he talks like a manager, a leader here, and I think that's what United have been missing all these years.

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 🎯

  • Imagine Manchester United win the champions league

  • Ronaldo returned and scored a brace whereas Messi is still looking for one


  • The Premier league will be very challenging this year, there will be no gifts.

  • Damn it's gonna be so painful when this guy retires 🥺

  • I reckon he cringes at the fact they're still saying "siiiii" a whole hour after the match. Must feel like they're worshipping him lmao I'd get annoyed quick

  • This is a massive plus for any supporter from any team to watch this man play he is not only the best player in the world, his humble and an amazing father Son and loyal friend, And I’m not a football fan but love this guy from Portugal the nicest people ever

  • Why is he wearing headphones?🤔

  • Viva Ronaldoooooo

  • His english is only going to get better

  • Only player in the world to get a reception like that 👑

  • CRIBO 7777!!!!!!

  • Iam a Spurs fan 😬 but always loved Ronaldo this suppprt by the fans is ap great to see

  • Why is everyone forgetting he was going to goto City if United didn't go for him.

  • Messi would say he didnt expect to score, thats the difference between the two.

  • Son is better

  • Messi went to the French league Ronaldo came to the Prem. There's no doubt he's the best ever there's no argument anymore.

  • despite not being a MANU fan. Let’s have a great season, and good luck to all teams.

  • United Fan or not but seeing this man back in the Premier League is just awesome 💯

  • The first 36 yr old 20yr old

  • Ronaldo is the GOAT man give the man his flowers already🐐👑

  • Literally shed a tear!! Just listen how much it means to us fans.. Those fans chanting in the background summarises how he makes Man united fans feel inside

  • Nice

  • Ballon d or for CR7 againn

  • ... this guy is something else isn’t he. They way he just casually draws out his vision... the team must show maturity if they want to win the league .... AND the Champions league. ... this is the kind of mentality we have been sadly lacking, this is his last throw of the dice and to be fair, He Doesn’t need it... but oh MY GOD, DOES HE WANT IT... he wants to make even more history and set more records. He’s an animal, i wait to see where it goes.

  • The boring swim systemically sign because stream numerically excite atop a zealous minibus. feeble feigned, arrogant clam

  • Siiii what a legend.

  • I can’t believe Gary Neville didn’t even get to be there 😅

  • Gotta love Messi

  • 🐐 Messi isn't even in the conversation. CR7 stands alone 🙏

  • Look at him hes beaming that stand is bouncing hes back where he's adored viva Ronaldo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Worlds Greatest Ever CR7 ...thats proven ...

  • “wEll”......”oNbaeLeEvAbOl”......”thEy trEat mE oNbAelEevAbOl bECAuSE thEy trEaT mE oNbaElEevAbol” Gosh i love this man 😂

  • Chelsea fan but respect to ronaldo he’s the best ever

  • Suuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • 🐐🐐🐐

  • Complete Ver of CR7

  • Me first seconds.... why is Ronaldo wearing headphones? Me 10 seconds later... now I understand 😁

  • I never dream of CR-7 returning to Man U.

  • This interview is... 'unbelievable'

  • 0:26 wtf 😂

  • phenomenal!! Love us or hate us...We are United! Manchester is Red! Ronaldo is Red!!

  • Respect to you Ron ✊🏽



  • 👑👑🇬🇧🥷🧑‍✈️💂🌹🥀🌷👖🧢

  • I expected one,but not two

  • Cristiano is nervous but plays anyway. Messi asks not to play. Cristiano Ronaldo is the real deal.

  • As a non-native english speaker, i love his english, simple and easy to understand, encourage me to speak english as well

  • Arsenal fan here, I am happy to have Ronaldo in the League, It just raises the bar…

  • C罗超帅~精彩

  • I'm not a Ronny or Man U fan. But, ths is what sets him apart from Messi, he's done the PL, done La Liga, done Serie A and now he's back to the most demanding league in the world. Where's Messi been and where is he now.... You cannot say Messi is better than this boy

    • I am a Messi fan, but I have to admit that Ronaldo is the most versatile and experienced player for precisely the reason you mentioned.

  • His English has improved so much

  • Christiano is such a class act. Both as a player and human being. If only Messi had chosen for City instead of that soulles PSG in that crap competition.

  • Siuuuuu! Viva Ronaldooo!

  • Where is Brother Gary?? The kid is new to English interview. Oh sorry its Cr7 2021 version .

  • If there is one player that I ever wished could have just played for Arsenal even for 1 minute. It is this guy.

  • 2 lucky goals

  • Iam gonna to show this to my lil brother🤗

  • This guy is the real GOAT case closed. Who noticed how many times CR7 said, "I was nervous", this is pure sincerity. Who would ever imagine that impostor syndrome could creep up on Ronaldo the great and he would be humble enough to tell the whole world. He conquered the impostor syndrome like a boss. This guy is just so so humble and acknowledges that he is only human even though he always gives his 100% making him look like out of this world. My GOAT in, "Performance" and "Character"....case close. I hope your GOAT has got character too!

  • Our boi has grown old 😞, but still going 😎🔥

  • I love ronaldo


  • Sat here 2 days later smiling uncontrollably, absolute living icon. One in a million. Star boy Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro ❤️⚽️🇵🇹

  • Ronaldo when he has to play against Brentford Brighton and probably Cambridge in the FA cup bc they’re 1-0 down

  • phenomenal!! Love us or hate us...We are United! Manchester is Red! Ronaldo is Red!!

  • Simply the Best 💯