Reacting To & Trying On My WORST Outfits!

Objavljeno 10. sep. 2021
Hi Sisters! In today's video, I wanted to react to and rate some of the WORST outfits that I've ever worn! Some of these fashion choices and photos will haunt me for the rest of my life, so I hope you guys enjoy! Let me know which one you hated most!

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  • Honestly I love the graduation outfit and the ace family outfit lmaooo

  • she put nella rose in the video

  • Ñ

  • James u are so hilarious roasting urself, thats confidence. go baby!

  • "i miss the rage" james: " i missed their age"

  • i dont really know if some of those outfits suck😬😬😬oh yeah also james um can u do like some of ur favortite movie makeup outfit and take them off on tiktoks

  • Metgala fit???

  • James is just being so hard on himself. I think he looked great in most of these , just my opinion ! 😍❤️

  • سارة

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • 200𝓽𝓲𝓮𝓶𝓼

  • Why do you look so FABILOUS everyday!

  • Bish

    • I wonder when his new boyfriend’s going to be born

  • I’m offended for James for how his friends think these styles were his worst 😅 he slayed most of those looks

  • Stop acting like we forgot about ur alligations

  • Stop putting make up your a boy🤣🤣

  • “Hi sisters” bruh that’s trash 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I bet you have a crush on girls😂😂😂

  • And remember, if you can't read yourself how in the hell you gonna read anybody else. 😘🥰❤ some of those choices were questionable James but overall I've loved your fashion even the more "Alternative" choices. 😅

  • I love you and your videos James!🤩

  • And you tell hi sisters hi sisters hi sisters hi sisters ahahahahaha

  • Male or Female?

  • "Hi sisters james charles here" never gets old

  • Hate you James

  • dude does anyone else wanna see James transform himself into a boy boy for a day??? Not tryna be mean but I wanna see James as like a ladies man or fboy kinda vibe for a day idk I just think it'd be pretty dope since we've never seen him like that y'know

  • I wonder when his new boyfriend’s going to be born

  • This video was so funny and watching it helped me cheer up after a sad week of my dog passing away. Thanks James for making me laugh. ❤️

  • Why are ppl acting as if nothing ever happened? 0.o

    • i have no idea, at this point im convinced that we are all living in a world of delusional people

  • I'm sorry. I used to be a fan of you but not anymore, you were so rude to Kenzie. Next time don't be rude. (I know that was 1 year ago but i feel rlly bad for Kenzie)

  • Video was a little too short 🤨

  • You inspire me no matter what

  • yall are forgetting something..

  • If you want to hear something that is purely annoying, you came to the right yt channel.

  • do you have a boyfriend?

  • I meant dumb

  • James actually bullied a girl don’t watch him anymore dumd

  • sister why no vedio this week

  • I love your makeup and your videos and your intro so so much

  • Ok I love that intro wow

  • Am new here and don't know which gender he is. Don't get offended please.

    • @Mr. AK that doesnt mean he is one-

    • @oliviaude He acts like female but

    • he’s a male and goes by the pronouns he/him:)

  • Brain washer

  • Will they ever give him back his monetization? If not, they should really

  • 🤡 WASTE MAN 🤡

  • Yall still watching this kiddie lover? Shame on yall 🤡

  • The third one was really cute really

  • This is fun

  • Whyre you guys still supporting him after all the bull he did.

  • why the Met Gala look that James wore wasn't on the list of this vid?

  • The pink flashback Mary

  • I want olivia rodrigo in your youtube channel please

  • Lmao I’m glad he gets hate 😊

  • I follow you.sister

  • Came here to see if he’s still relevant 😂

  • The one when you were taking a picture of the basketball court that was a very very very bad outfit

  • James want more vidieos

  • Friendly advice. As soon as an outfit photo pops up in this video, you have 0.00001 milliseconds to yank your earphones off.

  • scary

  • 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩

  • OMG re-do the pictures with outfits/styles you would do now! :D

  • Hey sister I challenge you to do makeup (or draw on your face) to make you look like a Anime character you will look cute I know it's hard but you should give it a try 😉

  • Can you please do a QNA

  • Ugh I hate James she's a bullyer

  • Bruh

  • Le cringe- :)

  • *spits in English*

  • James Charles: HI SISTERS

  • So like james i know i know hes a good makeup artist but like no the things he did and too kenzie ziegler wasnt nice i dont like james charles i dont hate him but i dont like him hes a toxic youtuber hes gonna end up hiding or deleting heschannel one day i ensure that 😘

    • @Ayesha Khan aight

    • I respect your opinion cuz what he did was not nice but I'll request for you to focus on more positive ✨ things ✨ 😊

  • Hater in the house u maybe asking why but it's bc I saw a video he was being mean to a girl

  • EHHHHHHHH “ She thinks she a guru , she’s convinceds” “ he thinks he so beautiful, he convinceds”

  • Hello I unsubscribes to u

  • " Hi Sisters " Hi person who has become a bad person because of influence (Dont hate me its just my opinion)

  • ky$ pls❤️

  • Why does he say only say hi sisters :/

  • im going to watch ur vids later baby

  • pls dye your hair

  • we need a full face tutorial 😩🙌🔥

  • you nasty

  • He should recreate all of the old makeup looks

  • Is he a drug queen

  • what about an orange jumpsuit?

  • I love your videos sister

  • Okay some outfits were killer and I have no idea why some hated them. Some were edgy and I loved em

  • You're girl 🤪🤪🤪🤪

  • You're not boy

  • I thought that this channel isn't moneytize anymore.

    • It’s not monetized so he can’t make money anymore but he can still post

  • This you?? @JaysCoding

  • Isn't it about time that people move on from this person? What is the attraction? Given what I have read, he is not a particularly nice person nor is he a role model. Hey my opinion.

  • We need a finn update

  • Absolutely still trying to figure out how you're famous and please babe no more singing!!

  • When you rub 4 oranges to your eyelids:

  • Creep

  • This creep still has a following?


    • @Whiper Snapper04 Is R.Kelly a good person too?

    • He’s a good guy he did one thing wrong if you don’t like him then stop watching

    • Your the reason why hes getting away with ALL he did.

    • Why?

  • I love youuu jamesssssss you're so amazing

  • Trump 2024

  • Reacting to James charles losing 100k subscribers a video