Dear Sidemen, I'm Sorry.

Objavljeno 19. jun. 2021
To everyone really, I'm sorry...




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  • alg

  • Italy approves

  • Leach

  • 4:26 Ahh see you get it. We LOVE Phill and whoever messes with him is getting rolled!!

  • I'm sorry people are saying these things to you keep doing what your doing

  • Love u Callux u make me laugh so much 🥰🤣

  • Ily cal

  • I forgive you

  • Aw man I wondered where you went off too god damn

  • Imagine acting as an antagonist that commits crimes and then you get charged for the crimes the character you played commited in the fuckin film.

  • Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • whoa I didn't know you got cancer, my respect for you just soared

  • As ksi said, being cancelled is a vacation

  • I was so confused y everyone was mad abt this cause you guys were just doing what you guys were supposed to do

  • :(

  • i’ve been watching sidemen videos since late 2013 and have nothing to apologize for lux! allot of these fans are new and don’t understand the relationship u have with them it’s obvious u were playing a role to us who have watched u guys for so long !

  • Ah, fans can't understand a good SLflowr in a video with other good SLflowrs...

  • The sidmen were supposed to be bullied the guest are posh and rude and the kitchen head is a dick to his brigade but will defend them to the customer

  • I can't believe people have stopped getting jokes

  • I hate that you felt the need to even explain yourself 😭 smhhhh to these guys - if you’re too young to understand these things, YOU’RE TOO YOUNG TO BE ON THE INTERNET!!!

  • Come back

  • I literally didnt even know he was in the video lmao

  • Ladddd, you didn't miss the mark. 😂 You did well, it is impossible to please everyone. Don't let this pull you back from trying to entertain in future projects. 👍🏼


  • He forgot to upload

  • That’s weird cus I watched the video earlier and I thought why is that guy trying to ruin the video when he’s not even in sidemen like who even is this guy, fuck u callux get the vibe right next time

  • I don't get how people can take sidemen content seriously lol like literally people get some life and learn what content creating is

  • the only reason I couldn't watch sidemen cook-off is that I'm vegan.

  • 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  • Dw bro it’s all good man

  • Listening to you is calming

  • Just don't give a fuck. Not everyone can like us, we are not fries!

  • i watched the sidemen cook of one week ago when i was in isolation and i sat at my computer howling in laughter bc of callux

  • You were so funny that video and it’s because of that video I subscribed to you

  • Your pleasure is my pleasure

  • Not

  • I didn’t even think of that, I thought you were hilarious lol

  • Some people are fucked. Blaming you for acting like you own the Sidemen and then say they can't invite certains reguest. How fucking hypocritical can you possibly be? You fucking smashed it in the video! You made the sidemen do hilarious things witch ended up being the funniest moments of the video, and so on. I hope they keep inviting you. Legend

  • Tbh you and W2S have always been my favourite, JJ is good as well

  • Lol

  • Not Cancelled

  • That’s wicked and all. But did you know that the chances of us getting hit by an asteroid within the next decade is less than 1%?

  • Right now we wanna see a new ( I controlled my friend's phone). Yeah they were fire we wanna laugh at some point

  • Cal ur such a legend no one cares about these little kids

  • Isn’t it the point the be the main character of your own life?

  • Is it wrong for me to laugh even at a apology video 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Can’t believe this bro hope ur still doin well these ‘fans’ shouldn’t deserve to have SLflow I stg there fuckin idiots

  • Too many kids watching Sidemen these days

  • SLflow itself will burn before Callux gets cancelled, you're the funniest lad around fam, fuck the haters

  • tbh the plate bit was my favorite part

  • Your pleasure il my pleasure

  • Votre plaisir est mon plaisir

  • Wait what, ppl were trying to cancel him? I actually liked his role in that video.. People are strange sometimes

    • @Junior Tan But, that shouldn't be a reason to cancel him tho..

    • I think you are the strange one m8. Cal literally is picking a fight with Phil as he is doing a roleplay. Niko and Cal ruined the vibe, but after the apology I think its gucci

  • LMFAO people going head to head with 'Phil' is brilliant. It spices his character up. If all Phil did was scream, and nobody ever stood up to him, I would be sick of him. But it's the way everyone interacts with that character of 'Phil' that makes everything entertaining as a video. Like Imagine if everyone just cowered away like JJ? Phil would have been done and dusted as a character after the yoga.

  • Not cancelled my G

  • I don’t understand why people thought they were bad in the sidemen cook off because I thought they made it a bit more better than it would be as just the sidemen cooking


  • The video was pretty funny

  • 🐐💪🏿💪🏿.

  • "Get your cancer back" wtf is wrong with these people?!!!!!

  • U should be canceled tbf

  • people commenting just to be a hole, welcome to the future.. XD

  • Actually Niko and callux carried the bid

  • Keep making that money king

  • Callux is one of the sidemen’s bestfriends 😭 The history between Lux and the sidemen is gold

  • Who the fuck is trying to cancel Lux. You have literally been here for centuries.

  • Dw bro it's all good man

  • All I can say is the people hating are soft as fuck

  • they did the same thing to tommyinit from the among us videos

  • Truly disgusting that some “Callux” would do such a horrible thing。

  • Guys..... let's come together as a group and stop the hate, if we band together we can stuff that really matters & can help the world become a better place, hate gets you no where! Unless its directed to Jake Paul... I fucking hate him, let's go get him instead

  • 1,7 million views!!! Damn well played ahahah

  • Imagine trying to cancel someone 🤡

  • Bru his face a circle😂

  • kids getting mad 🗿

  • I don’t think real sidemen fans hate on callux considering he was one of the og’s and a best friend of the group which means if there were meant to be other people joining the sidemen then callux will be in frontline

  • Those who made such comments but u made the video even better so they can get on somewhere

  • Bro all you did was provide amazing content full of Collabs that made for even better content. You shouldn’t get hate from this. It was a funny video from start to finish

  • L fans

  • we always loved you brother just keep up the work you are a sidemen even if your face is not there in seven

  • nah fam, u n niko clearly let all the fame go to ur head. while the side are always humble. thanks for showing us ur true colors

  • Wtf? I thought everyone were perfect


  • Glad im an adult and some what

  • once you drink with ksi. you are soul bonded like men drinking sake

  • Are people actually so childish that they are annoyed at him 🤦‍♂️ honestly calm your self, have a loaf of bread, watch a video and if you don’t enjoy it click off, jeez what is actually the point in wasting your time and chatting shite in the comments 🤦‍♂️

  • Don't apologise they are just kids.

  • Loved the video but the sidemen gave you a far too key role in the video probably a unpopular opinion but it's a sidemen video they should be the ones front and centre

  • ?

  • tbh use lot coming in it was funny

  • People who hate are just keyboard warriors

  • 💀 PLEASE I am a new viewer yes, but when I read the title I thought he was joking... please tell me one single sidemen cook off where there was not food thrown please

  • Cancel culture has gone so far. for them to try to remove our boy is a complete violation

  • no ablo estado unidense ochino

  • Always funny and always you👌🏻

  • I thought that you made it more funny and I loved the video just ignore them

  • Nah, that video was fire. You didn't do anything wrong

  • U kind of made the cook off good because u were the only one to challenge Phil in to make him go even deeper into his amazing acting role that lead up to the great moments in the video

    • A little add on to such, without cal there the scene where the door was broken by Phil never would have happened

  • The ppl that made those hate comments against callux are defo under the age of 16. I found the entire video funny, everyone played a part to make it very very entertaining. This cancel culture shit is cancer, its being used incorrectly and use it as way to justify hate or bullying.

  • Bro callux, I dont what the others meant by you ruined it but I felt like all together everyone did a great job👍👍