Luka Doncic’s game-winner vs. the Grizzlies wasn’t lucky, it was skill - Max | First Take

Objavljeno 15. apr. 2021
Luka Doncic’s game-winner vs. the Grizzlies wasn’t lucky, it was skill - Max | First Take
Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman react to Luka Doncic’s wild game-winning shot against the Memphis Grizzlies.
#FirstTake #NBA
0:00 Max Kellerman says it wasn’t a lucky shot.
0:48 Stephen A. thinks the shot was lucky.
2:15 Max says Doncic is one of the greatest players in the NBA.
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  • “They say when you play with skills good luck will happen” Jay Z guns&roses blueprint 2

  • count on luck, instead they create their luck" The Color Of Money (1986)

  • You have to be skilled and practiced to have luck land in your favor more often, that’s why the great ones always seem to find more of it

  • No max wrong again. Ugh this guy

  • You have to be skilled and practiced to have luck land in your favor more often, that’s why the great ones always seem to find more of it

  • The luck was the grizzlies missing the free throws

  • Max’s point is so right. Even Stephen A was like well alright

  • Luka "I was lucky" Max "no, you are skilled"

  • “They say when you play with skills good luck will happen” Jay Z guns&roses blueprint 2

  • Actually made some like that over Kawhi too shii is crazy (when Kawhi was in Raptors) probably Luka's 1st or 2nd year

  • How can you even consider it a luck? I'm mean he did what he precisely wanted to. We can talk about it being a low percentage shot, and low possibility of it acctually going in, but how does that correlate with luck? Luck would be if he aimed for the hoop, but got it in of backboard, or lets say it bounced of the back Rim, hit the top of the backboard and went it. That, I would consider luck. But him making a shot the exact way he wanted to make it, has nothing to do with luck.

  • Calling this shot "lucky" is reverse racism at its best!

  • Luka is a beast !!!! Dude can ball out. Easily one of the best players in the league.

  • count on luck, instead they create their luck" The Color Of Money (1986)

  • I did not realize this until closely watching the replay, but Luka put up that shot LEFT HANDED. But of course Stephen Smith is not going to give him credit because of his prejudicial attitude. He ought to be ashamed of himself, but again, of course he is not. That is what he is. It is getting too obvious Stephen, tone it down before you lose the little credibility you have and your hype can’t save you.

  • When Opportunity meets Preparation = Luka!

  • Floater in the 3 point line will be a common skill soon

  • It's not Lucky, it's Luka. Ok I'm out of here.

  • Not lucky. He looked right at the goal.

  • count on luck, instead they create their luck" The Color Of Money (1986)


  • It was more skill than luck

  • Luka is hitting crazy last sec shots all his career

  • It’s funny when it’s a white guy hitting a game winner it’s lucky common Stephen A is a racist.

  • count on luck, instead they create their luck" The Color Of Money (1986)

  • did she say she doesnt believe in luck? who hires these people

  • It makes me wonder on how much difference will it make if he is Black. Juat makes me wonder

  • why do they talk at all?

  • Oh well, only a FEW people in the world can get dat lucky....mean like Steph, Harden, Kwahii, Dame, u get d drift Stephen A!!?

  • this show really ran out of things to talk about

  • This is seriously the topics yall are covering now? And you wonder why nba ratings are dropping like its hot

  • Luck = Preparation + Opportunity

  • If I had to guess the chance for that shot to go in ONCE he was in that position with no one guarding him anymore was like 1 in 10, maybe 1 in 8 or whatever. So in that sense, it was lucky and, most of the time he wouldn't make it. But the fact he created that opportunity in the first place was extremely skillful, I think most players would jack up a shot instantly over the defenders' arms and hit it 1 in 50 times or something. He put himself in the position to get lucky because of his clock awareness and got rewarded.

  • Luck is: to be on the right place, at the right time, ready with all your skills!!!

  • it was luck

  • If you think this is luck you don't play basketball.

  • Max agree 100% - SKILL

  • technically, every 3point shot requires luck

  • Derrick rose banks in a 3 pointer from almost directly straight top of the key (where no one would bank it on purpose) and it gets shown for years. Luka swishes a 3pt floater and alot of people call it luck. Ok.

  • That’s skill... made sure he was behind the line as well. Awareness

  • Not a skill, because skill can be taught. That was superpower.

  • everyone knows that Max. he is top 5 player in the world. luck is if Westbrook pulled up from half court. you guys are lucky.

  • Luka would made this shoot 50% of the times so I Don't see how it's lucky. Lucky is when the ball bounces of someone's head in to the bucket.

  • i have seen luka live at madrid he has shot multiple times this kind of shots during warm up .He learned it from Printezis legendery hook search itup

  • Honestly u can't argue either way just accept the greatness

  • Luck favors the brave & more importantly the skilled who create their own luck

  • Max is right...Luka is a Humble young Stud so all the.. "Oh he was trying to draw a foul" "Oh he curled, why would he curl, thats luck" Guys..... 4years from now, this dude is gonna have done this 6-8times in the clutch. Max, I appreciate you on this topic next to steve's malachy

  • Jim Caviesel after the cross the ledgend the max payne killlerman, how was John ahead of the game

  • what people dont get is that "LUCK" is a "SKILL" in and of itself.

  • Much like poker, you can have all the skill in the world. At the end of the day, you will still need some luck from the cards.

  • Max with a good take for once

  • I'm calling him the Step-back-Step-forward King

  • You need the skill to make it possible, few players have it...if any besides Luka at this point (for those specific type of shots, he is truly a master of those HORSE shots in games lol). You need luck for it to get in at the right time. Of course it is a combination of is everything else.

  • Stephen a is not fond of luka, i wonder why? 🤔

  • This tells me that SAS always got picked last if ever

  • Luka Dat Dagger!

  • Luck takes a lot of work.

  • SAS being the racists that he truly is.

  • Highly skilled people have better luck cause they have honed their craft. That shot was pure luck.

  • If this shot was luck then all threes are luck.

  • Stephen A wouldnt say it was luck if it was steph who made that shot

  • I kinda agree with both haha that doesnt happen often xD

  • luka is rlly good at trick shots and that was all skill

  • Funny how great players get lucky more often than average players

  • So y'all saying that Zaza Pachulia and Luka have the same chance of hitting this shot?

  • If curry did it that wouldn’t be lucky

  • Luka: '17% is buuuuckkeeeeeets'

  • Of course the opposite color gotta disagree lmao. Pathetic

  • luca is always falling, falling in buckets 🤣😎🤣😎🤣✨

  • Max made a good point!

  • If it’s “lucky” I guess Luka gets lucky countless times

  • This seems like a shot he always makes to “win” at practice and he finally did it in a game

  • 10% luck 50% skill 5% concentrated power of will

  • Max is correct combination of skills and luck cause probably luka is already practice that floater shot before

  • It`s not the first time he made that shot. In Real Madrid already made a couple like this.

  • It wasn't luck. That was literally exactly what he was trying to do when he put the shot up. Sure it was unlikely that he would actually pull it off but that doesn't mean that it was luck that he did.

  • 2:20 Ok 😂😂😂

  • Whatever, it was freakin luck.

  • I like that she said I don't believe in luck xD

  • Not the most stacked team, but low-key and humble. I really hope they don't get shafted with this new play-in nonsense...

  • Wouldn't be surprised if mark cuban gave him a raise

  • Luck or not Dallas win!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Soooo...he managed to hit that.. he was lucky...if he would bricked that...he would be unlucky or would it be a bad shot? =D

  • Great one's made their own luck!

  • Who ever said luck didn't involve skill? Max is reaching. He's a skilled individual and by virtue of that puts himself in better position to meet with luck...but that shot falling is still luck. He just earned it

  • Luck is if shaq or joaqim noah did it. He ia a long range high percentage shooter + skillful.

  • it was lucky, but it was also skill. dont even try to argue that this was all skill.

  • Even Kobe admitted that his gamewinner over Wade in 2009 was didnt look much like luck tho

  • “They say when you play with skills good luck will happen” Jay Z guns&roses blueprint 2

  • 2 grown men arguing about "lucky" while putting other people's salaries to shame. Brilliant!

  • Luka was skill not luck. Kawhi's series winner against 76ers was lucky.

  • If you look at his feet, it was an intentional shot out of necessity. He wanted a 3. He had little space left after dribbling through two defenders and he could no longer square up with his right foot or else he would go over the line. An amazing shot with a bit of luck

  • As usual SAS has no idea what he is talking about, take him off the air.

  • Efren Reyes once said, "The better I get, the luckier I get..."

  • That’s skill, dudes practice such shots in training. U be having the rim proximity in ur mind. That’s why some dudes can score no-looks

  • Luck is an odd thing. I find the harder I work the more I have

  • perhaps it was Lucka, a portmanteau of luck of Luka, also his native language's word for light

  • And Lebron says he made one of the best game winners Lmaooo. Lefraud Missed Most Clutch Shots Ever or pass it to Not get blame when He has the Shot and ALL the Blame. Luka>Lechoke

  • If Lukla Doncic was black, Stephen A would think hes the best NBA player ever i bet LOL.

  • It’s not Luck it’s Luka