What you didn't know about Tesla.

Objavljeno 9. sep. 2021
I've spent the last week finding out the top 40 most hidden facts about Tesla, including the Cars (Model S E X Y), the CEO Elon Musk and the Company...and more 👀. There's no sponsor here so I'll just say, do consider subscribing! 😁

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  • The first "Car-related" video I've made in about 3 years - did you like it!? This is a long-shot but let's see if we can get Elon to see it 😁

    • Spiderteslaelonmuskbooswhois Try to read it then write it

    • Love the vid thank you 😁 I’m a car nerd

    • I love how he said Volks wagen sry If I just pingt 500 pll

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    • No, I love it 😁.

  • Yeah…I personally strongly dislike Tesla the quality control is not up to the same standards as it’s rivals and the way employees are treated is disgusting I already had a somewhat negative personal opinion of Tesla in the first place but after watching the illuminaughty’s video that negative opinion was only solidified I’d highly suggest you the people who read this to go and watch her video on Tesla and Elon.

  • 11:50 "Detroit become human" I'm starting to think the game developers where right.

  • Why do I feel like we're already in future. 🤒

  • Great video :)

  • What arun is: 9:00

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  • Really good video Arun. Very interesting and informative, with just enough “funnies”. I’ll have to try to emulate you.😊

  • Guys i think a memelord is taking over the world… and i think i like it

  • i kinda just love this man ELON MUSK .

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  • Tesla is the perfect example of what is wrong with the venture capital industry (scam).

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  • Did you ACTUALLY "borrow" the tesla though xD

  • Thank God Google did not buyout Tesla.

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  • 9:27 This cannot be done in my country. We do not have enough technology to build that new character

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  • ok im saving up to get a tesla

  • Hey, check the IQOO phones

  • Nicola tesla was the revolutionary genius, and Edison was the ruthless exploitative business man.

  • this is good information

  • When tesla is much more expensive than ur house 4x🤣

  • Elon should start a high tech sex toy company, I think that'd be hilarious.

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  • **Tesla's are always turned on** That made fall from my chair xD.

  • He did not mention that Elon is from SA(South-Africa)

  • Godbless

  • Probably not being a hypocrite and living with all the talented people helped him with ideas research areas unlike other billionaires who just chill in their mansion.

  • wheres Elons comment 🙂

  • Elon is quite literally a conman

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  • Watching mrwhostheboss is like risking your life, because you don't know where Rick astley will appear.

  • Elon is a scam artist. Most of his company's are scams fueled by government welfare. He will go down in history as the man that ran the most successful and longest ponzi scam. Hes a psychopath and the car he shot into space he stole from Eberhard after he scammed the 2 founders out of control of their own company.

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  • You forgot to mention FSD!

  • PLEASE MAKE ME FORGET ABOUT THE FIRST ONE every time I Seeaals Tesla I will think of Nikola Tesla’s invention

  • Sustainable cars = children in cobalt mines in the DRC

  • You do all know that elon isn't self made right he's daddy's boy

  • i think elon musk got the fart sounds by eating a big bowl of chilli and then set up a microphone

  • Elon Musk is the only man who gives importance to Nikola Tesla.

  • their stock price is not rising because of their cars being electric.. it is because goverment helps out tesla as a company

  • Whenever arun's cats come, they always do something funny to make us chuckle.

  • 2:17 Who else recognizes the figure drawn 😂😂

  • it's called a flame blower (blow flammable gas), flame thrower (burning liquid) are illegal in US

  • "This is fine" that meme reference gold(en)

  • Great video (as usual)! Everything I like about Tesla in one place, explained in the best way I’ve seen, with some peppers of humour (as usual). 5.4 stars.

  • Aaron thanks for calling it Tesla and not TEZLA! Just watching but your videos are always great!

  • V nice video 🇮🇳🇮🇳 Too good! Love u r video! Elon Musk is great...

  • Awesome man !

  • so Elon didnt watch it i guess

  • I just like the little pauses he makes for us to take in the hard truth he says

  • Great video. As a old guy, 63, I wonder if you could make trip from New York, to San Antonio, to Washington State and never run out of ‘gas” at some point. Just a average guy. Thats what I worry about. Getting to my destination without interruption.


  • This man's sense of humor is priceless 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Never expected a car related video in your channel. 😅

  • Your car?

  • The funny thing is is that my mom's name is Nicola

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  • advertise only... how many hours to charge the tesla:?

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  • I like how he makes a robot and he says AI will take over the planet lol

  • Elon musk doing it for us! Putin and Biden doing it for them. Elon is an genius that wants improve our planet that’s why I love him! He is an real iron man

  • Wow that’s #evil

  • How much time was taken to edit this vedio. 👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • The free advertising from this is worth millions to Tesla

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  • Elon is literally a child with limitless money. I want to go to space, okay. I want to send my car to space, okay. I want to sell flamethrowers and dig a tunnel, lol done

  • Who else whatching is listening just to his voice its soooooo calming

  • Teslas are always turned on 😂 😂 😂

  • Would like to see a vid on how much it costs to make an electric car vs running petrol/diesel cars

  • Drive Smarter liked this video.

  • plot twist the car is his

  • I want to work there

  • Fact: did you know that mrwhoosetheboss loves rick astley And favorite music is never gonna give you up

  • Elon can I have a model s please, I’m poor. Great vid!

  • what about Buses

  • That was an amazing video

    • tesla is just ‘social distancing’ from other competitor brands

  • 4:15 CEO Enon?

  • 11:45 your "semi" joke. I greatly appreciate. Take my sub.