The Truth About Making Cartoons

Objavljeno 4. sep. 2021
Oh you like cartoons? Name every single animation.
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  • Please make more yes

  • Am I the only one who thinks that he looks like Mister Beast

  • Ur hilarious odd one

  • James you draw four frames for 9 seconds of content, ppl making anime draw 48 drawings for 2 seconds, don't compare the two.

  • Is anybody talking about how James was watching MHA?? lol

  • Hi James•••oh and I like you're facial hair•••BYE

  • Your animations of TommyInnit was so funny

  • Dude I kinda really like u just saying ur pretty cool so keep doing what ur doing

  • I love this I known that I am not a artist but I know about it I draw a little and it takes a while to draw it takes even more time to make an animation.

  • Just started watching your vids after at least 2 years, man i missed these

  • I have a video now the name is Daniele Markley

  • Spojboob 😶✋

  • At 20m subs can you please fill an entire room with 20m sprinkles

  • Good. The next step is trying long hair for a while and after that just get a buzz cut.

  • Talvez se eu fala alguma coisa te der a idéia de vídeo de fazer um vídeo sobre seus inscritos de outros países 😐

  • I love the sh!t face dude lmao 😂

  • We should take a trip to Kansas City, my family lives in Omaha so that would only be 3 hours of driving

  • Hi James uh I’m new I subscribed and I watched an old video and I thought if your girlfriend is so weird why is she your girlfriend

  • nagito

  • Seven hours of working on in use for four seconds

  • God love you so much God bless

  • I love how MHA is just playing in the back lol

  • Beard?

  • When do we get to meet GIF?

  • I want to animate but I don't have the skill

  • James has a beard now.........

  • I love you

  • oof


  • I think your dog is so cute I showed her to my dad and he practically cried (Almost)

    • ,.

    • Tommyinnit new channel

  • Hi James love your videos u have inspired me to become a animator so thanks

  • Thank you for all the work you and your team put in to videos just to entertain complete strangers!


  • Can you make a video about why is make up allowed in beauty contest pls Pls Pls Pls Plsssssss

    • Thate the most dumbass thing lmao

  • Can you tell your age I all ways guess your and Jaiden's age .

  • 5:50 is that a jojo refrence

  • Damn you look so manly!

  • Make vid of how u adopted your dog

  • I love how he says "I am gonna sit here for another 4 second to make u appreciate the background and suddenly my phone goes to an AD

  • Was really not expecting to see Mew Ichigo in the lineup of the cosplayers, but she's there and it kinda made my day. So thanks for that I guess lol

  • I feel bad for the coffee dude. 🥲

  • It’s true

  • 2:52 i found you denji

  • Make video on that pipeline James.

  • Actually having the energy to start on an animation would take 7 weeks for me

  • 0:20 and now this comment will too

  • I tried naming every single cartoon and gave up on the sixth one

  • Its been two weeks! Where is the new cartoon :XD


  • I’m a bad SLflow pr

  • Haters: cartoons makes episodes every day Also peppa pig: yes we totally put high quality highly edited videos like pigs talking thats it 👍

  • huh Bearded James..... It fit you

  • Jjjjjjames you have a beard

  • Can you work on? New Video on Animation TV Shows & Movies Amine? Maybe not. What is Arthur? Is it good? PBS 1996 "Kids Show"

  • you can make video about youtube storie


  • Cool background

  • Do it

  • 1:18 that’s me that has 1K followers on tt

  • Change the old vids pictures so it will get more attantion

  • lol

  • Make looney tunes video

  • Animaniacs 2021 James brought it baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

  • Think it’s time to update your channel banner

  • they also have a whole crew)

  • Now this is the video who can change someone like me wow i knew it it was hard making acartoon show

  • How do you go from Mha on the tv to going to behind the scenes

  • Me so happy bc bakugo was on the tv 0:29

  • Cool

  • James : I still can’t make fingers scenes later fingers

  • You look good with facial hair

  • Did you animated tommyinnit

  • The new animated tommyinnit

  • okay, you said that we have to sit and look at that background for 4 seconds like its a bad thing - Im not gonna lie, its so pretty i could have stayed looking at it for a while

  • Imagine thinking art is supposed to be free, but you don't get another season of anime on the day the 1st season ended, as soon as you wanted. Sucks to be a terrible person I guess.

  • Can you a song pls

  • Has anyone else watched the anime where they work in the anime industry? Cause yeah, that. (It's called Shirobako)

  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • 0:12 floofy be like mmmmm this hand is good

  • Please make the video about the departments of the animation 🙏

  • james said i can even draw finger

  • I knew that being an animator is hard, but I never thought that it is way harder.

  • He was playing overwach

  • 8:34 fnf whitty mod

  • Am addicted to animation

  • 2:53 Oban star Racer

  • I know how it feels, took me sooo long to make just a 2 min animation. Even harder when you are not good at drawing cause you have to do lots of tweaking.

  • You guys don't know how many frames this guys did to make this 9 37 mins video especially if it's 24 frames to make it 1 second I suffered after trying to animate

    • So James can I use your background?

  • i like how nobody cares about the dog

  • I just realised that my bday is 1 day after urs xD mine 15th may lolololol

  • 4:51 Yes James please tell us more of the animation pipe line. PLEASE?

  • I think you should make a video about reading comments and say I decide to do this

  • Baloo Vs Winnie The Pooh! Fight!

  • why don't you talk about friday nhigt funkin en un video

  • At least ur upload schedule is better than jaiden animations one


  • I spent forever trying to make a good animation on flipaclip and it took forever and still looks bad. And I see the behind the scenes on some shows and so many animators for like one 10 minute episode. My bad animation on flipaclip took about 300 maybe 400 frames to make and I am still not done. Plus if not only balancing food but people also have to balance school. That is, if they are still in school. Plus balancing social life. OOF!

    • Lol But if my friends complain about their favorite show not coming up, imma send them this HA!

  • I made a new video!


  • Commenting so James can eat more!!