🏆Champions League 21/22🏆 (Footballers React and Prepare)

Objavljeno 13. sep. 2021
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  • Have Dean really put his money on another team than Man City? Those are strange times indeed...

  • Bjk?

  • 4:23 What the hell is Harry Kane doing here?!

  • PSG

  • PSG

  • Notice how Kane is in the background on the top right

  • Chelsea Again Gonna Win It..

  • 1:14: Club Brugge are in PSG group not Liverpools

  • Bayern city or Chelsea

  • 1:13 Club Brugge in group b instead ac milan eh?

  • Maybe Man Utd

  • morata was kinda right, they won matchday 1 and ronaldo lost

  • i think man utd

  • Man Utd will win

  • 1:13 it says club brugge instead of AC Milan


  • format comes along.

  • I d like to see benzema as a character

  • Man utd or psg

  • Why does mbappe have a sick voice

  • 0:30 🤣🤣

  • I think Bayern!

  • bayern or Manchester United

  • How tf did Kane sneak into the thumbnail..

  • Lmao there is an error. Why is Kane there if he is in The Conference League

  • de gea:what Benevento 🥳🥳😳agelisto:welcome to Benevento de gea #1 yes! 2007 bv erm... no!

  • SOLHOT!.. alberto yahooooòooooooooooooh d-i-o-g-o IDOT iton no sabiterz and karim kķskssowqo9q9oaKM shit kane oh... phew! de dartene gea david to Benevento Piemonte ex morata

  • Jack grealish to Juventus ronaldo e bruno DAMN!

  • Chelsea gonna thrash and gonna retain the title ..

  • Bayern Munich

  • My reaction to Harvey Elliot’s injury: it should have been Thiago, it should have been Thiago! My reaction to this video: Adrian works too.

  • Were playing ajax😂😂

  • Kane is on the cover when Spurs aren't in the Champions League.

  • So grizemen vut his hair to remove his bad playing from barca

  • WTF

    • My money's on Bayern & not Chelshit

  • What’s Harry Kane doing ?

  • 3:37

  • PSG

  • Why is club bugger in group A and B?

  • U guys don't make songs anymore... Can u please make some

  • Man U

  • 0:23 is also

  • 0:04 is true

  • this year the winner of the ucl wil be ronchester united(dont sew me), psg, liverpool, man city, chelsea or bayern

  • I dont even know who i want to win

  • Muller is the in all the episodes

  • money on bayern

  • Jaaa Barcelona, all are united to be eliminated from champions League to win the Europa League

  • My money's on Bayern & not Chelshit

  • You always bet on man sheikhy and you are always remain fu*ked up.

  • Come on malmo

  • Go PSG Won the champions league 😊😍😀😇

  • I feel bad for Barcelona players..😭

  • Thomas I think it will be 0- 3

  • Super slap of neymar to mbappe 😂😂

  • Why is there Harry Kane at the end?

  • Tevez Barcelona 21/22

  • 21/22

  • psg

  • if Haaland can manage to score 50+ goals, maybe BvB

  • 0:44 Who’s here after Angelino got a red card against his former club.

  • 1:45 When Antoine Griezmann joins Atletico Madrid. He cuts his hair in real life and cartoon.

  • Mbappe when saying we should've sign Ronaldo 😂😂😂😂

  • Yooo sheriff won their first match😈🙏

  • Man united and psg in cL finals 😍 Messi vs RoNaldo ✨️

  • manchester

  • and hearing this, man utd lost to young boys

  • Man U will win this year

  • they did depay so wrong he is a actual pie

  • Pedri is dying lmao

  • my money's on Sheriff Tiraspol

  • The last 16 UCL song

  • Psg r favorites

  • Man United for life

  • Man united

  • Psg

  • Did Dean just jinx us? 😢

  • Bayern's obviously gonna win. They r r unstoppable. Well, as long as lewandowski is there.

  • Love how the only thing they could say about Liverpool is they have a bad bench, even though it’s full of talent young players like Jota, Konate, and Curtis Jones

  • Ac milan

  • bayern munich will win

  • can’t wait for liverpool v milan

  • Juventus win Man United lose Who needs Ronaldo now?

  • Pedri🤣🤣

  • Where is Dynamo?

  • Everyone united player after hearing they got young boys: suuuuuuuuuu FT Young Boys 2-1 Man United

  • City

  • I chelski will also win the champions leaue

  • Who’s gonna win the Champions League this year apart from Manchester City, my money’s on Chelsea! Let me know in the comments and check out the Champions League playlist from last season, adios! CREDITS

  • I say you should hire Suarez on a temporary basis even when the real one retires. He's pure gold 😍😍😍

  • Not even a single Barca player in the thumbnail 1😪🥲

  • Wait a minute 0:00 is no barca player.... Dean after sees that:Someone is getting fired.

  • Kylian: “I told you we should’ve signed Ronaldo “ 😂

  • Man UTD

  • I think chapionse leage winers is psg

  • Came here again 🤣🤣🤣

  • Do Barca Vs Bayern video


  • psg is gona win the champions league or man utd

  • we have no player in the thumbnail :'))