World Champion Boxer Tony Bellew Tells his story

Objavljeno 19. jul. 2020
Anything Goes with James English Ep/108
World Champion boxer Tony Bellew tells his story.
Tony's boxing life began at Liverpool's Rotunda ABC, as a way for his life not to go down a life of crime, like others around him had done at the time.
In 2010, Tony won the Commonwealth light-heavyweight title, defeating Atoli Moore at the Echo Arena in Liverpool. From then on his career went from strength to strength, winning the WBO International cruiserweight title against Valery Brudov on 15 March 2014.
Tony achieved his life long dream on 29 May 2016, when he defeated IIunga Makabu to win the WBC cruiserweight title. He won the fight at his beloved Everton Football Club's ground Goodison Park. He then later went on to star in the Rocky spin-off / sequel Creed alongside Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stalone.
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  • You can contact James English on his social media platforms ⬇️⬇️

    • Tony Bellew, is a Proper Legend and Truly Good Man! IMO, always like listening to him! 👍💪🙏🥊🔥

    • i dont know if anyone cares at all but last night I hacked my friends Instagram account using Instaportal. Find it on google :D

    • Try and get either ally mccoist or gazza on

    • Josh Taylor scotland's unified light welterweight champ and ring magazine champion in16 fights.josh would be a great guest.

    • You look like brothers

  • Absolutely love Tony and his story very inspiring and also very funny !

  • awesome podcast, what a guy tony is, really likeable fella

  • Geez 😒 James's laughter does my head in

  • Does anybody know if Bellew managed to get home to his wife & kids ok after giving this interview?

  • Great interview. Never been a boxing fan but he makes me want to become one!

  • I have had a soft spot for this bloke since he was in SAS WDW. He deserves to do well and be happy.

  • Bellews got a weird face am I right?

  • I know I'm drunk but did I just see that kitchen advert?

  • I watched Tony from the amateurs on bbc grandstand all the way up to his final fight. He was always intense in his interviews and always exciting in the ring.

  • Always down to earth genuine fellow and hilarious watched Tony for years great bloke.

  • To our Father's Tony🥂Mine was the same, army boxing champion, how you compare but ya gotta in ya own head, I totally get this. Miss him like mad.

  • Best pod cast av ever seen

  • James English is the best podcaster about facts haven’t found a better one yet he’s a legend

  • Only getting round to watching this podcast now but fuck I love bellew what a man father and fighter 👑🙌🏻❤️

  • Contraversial is the word Tony boy 👌🏼

  • Another interview ruined by English’s fake laugh, blowing smoke up their arse trying to be matey with his guest. Agrees with everything they say. Complete tool

  • ha ha ha the tax man proper straight man is Tony

  • i love Tony bellew one of my favourite boxers ever ...great man

  • jesus what a proper straight man

  • ha ha i dont give a fuck ive always ;oved tony....great man so he is

  • great man is this man

  • sheffield dee daas aremostly total wankers...ive worked with em

  • love him or hate him hes a fighter you keyboarde wankers go fuck upitselveds

  • if your pro boxer you just fight everyone

  • I've followed Tony since the Cleverley fights. Really is a top bloke. James English's channel has got to be the best on You Tube. Love it.

  • Top man ,ask sideshow dave, Tony carries pppooowwwwerrrrrr ,is right

  • I would like to love to see the great Joe Calzaghe on here that would be amazing 👏... one of the best boxers of all time...

  • Great humble family man Tony bellew ,great podcast and funny

  • anyone know where he got at t shirt

  • Best one yet great interview and such a great bloke

  • Nice bloke 👌🏽

  • Keep it real subscribe to LET'S TALK SENSE LONDON 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • He looks quite bloated in the face

  • Nice 👍 One James, that has to be the most enjoyable of all ya podcasts in my humble opinion. I think you enjoyed it as well considering all the laughter you both shared. Tony Bellew comes over as a truly down to earth solid scouser. Anyway big thanks again and all the best for the future, Cheers.

  • Tony has taken over the Rotunda ABC in Liverpool

  • Amazing James

  • Always thought bellew was a great fighter but not my cup of tea, after watching this its totally changed my mind, seems like a genuine down to earth guy with no ego, says it like it is, much respect 👏

  • Superb interview fellas. I've watched many of James'interviews and often you can smell the bs but not a trace of it from Tony, nice one!

  • Only just subscribed and may I just say James your brilliant at what you do 💯👊🏼❤️

  • Legend

  • Nothing but admiration for Tony Bellew, a man of integrity, decency & honour. Crazy fucker but the heart of a lion.

  • Get me on I’ve got stories to make ya toes curl !

  • Top fella our Tone

  • Annoying boxer. Thinks he's world class after beating a spent Haye. Just another Matchroom puppet.

  • When everyone was shouting about AJ and Wilder he was still my Favorite boxer

  • magic!! i work in glasgow 70s 80s, and also liverpool and many also uk citys..glasgow and liverpool have something differant from the other citys! . i live in 4 alroy rd l4.a scottish lady was my landlady.. what the best memory was the cammeradie of the people in the locality..god bless king keeny dalglesh!!! jawohl

  • This would be a lot more enjoyable with that cheesy fake host!

  • Not surprised this is over 2 hours long ..........................................................................................................................................

  • Looks like Del Boy’s wallpaper

  • Absolutely James' best interview, you don't need to be a boxing fan to enjoy! Great job xx

  • From Toxteth. Amazing. I am currently reading a book called the cartel that is based on the drugs game there in the 80s. Respect to Tony for becoming what he has.

  • The tosser got found out though didn't he ay?

  • Shame the divvy can't read though

  • I went to uni in Liverpool a few years back, Wavertree is a tough place that ain't really talked about. I've had a few scraps there just walking home from places. Liverpool a very tough place, no wonder so many fighters come from there. You've got to love it, they proper hate cockneys tho😂😂

  • He tells his story in every interview he has.. absolute knob head

  • Many people try this format, but you make it flow. I don't like Tony as a person, but I enjoyed his story and the journey you brought him through. One of your best interviews m8 👍

  • 36:00 Frank Warren talk

  • these two 😍😍😍

  • the rocky story is funny lol done well for himself,fair play to him

  • I like tony but 9 mins in and that eeeeerrrrrrrrr he doing after ever 3 word driving me mad looooool sounds like a Dutch footballer in a after game interview

  • The best podcasts are when James doesn’t have to ask too many questions, Bellew a proper storyteller 😂

  • Such an honest and genuine man

  • Great pod. Great storyteller that Goodison Makabu fight story is superb even as a red

  • Shite kitchens

  • Dont love bellew but big boxing fan and ive watched all his fights. Got some demons in my head the now ,having a rough time but feeling energised and a bit more motivated to get myself out of the rut am in

  • The dull david formally match because backbone anaerobically remove failing a idiotic timpani. aboard, noisy dream

  • Best pod cast just love n honesty

  • I love tony

  • 0:54 that spot on the wall

  • Best one this

  • Boring bland and poo

  • Did Tony bellew forget about Ricky Hatton. He controlled his career with sky

  • Great interview.

  • Do one with Alfie best

  • I didn't really want this to end tbh.

  • I've never liked Tony Bellew,this podcast has changed my mind,the best podcasts are where the person is totally honest and he is here.

  • A boxer that has a big story is the manchester fighter Michael Gomez

  • Top man oor Tony

  • At least he got home safe to his wife and kids 🙄😂

  • I was at goodison watching that fight that night I am a red but was one of the best nights of my life watching u get that belt pure elation

  • Really enjoyed that !

  • Heavy interview well done Tony👍🏾👍🏾

  • Class once again ,

  • I meet Tony bellew when a friend of mine did a dinner night with Tony as guest of honour in Scotland the lad is very inbraceing and has a lot of time for everyone.hes dry as sticks.

  • 1.29.23...I wonder if the businessman is Daniel kinehan

  • James.. You need to get this lad called Darren gee on, he will be very good and be very humble

  • What a genuine bloke ..

    • @Anything Goes With James English just watched the rocky clips of him after seeing ur podcast ..can imagine his friends Nd family buzzing after seeing that

    • Tony is a good guy

  • I just hope Tony gets home safe to his wife and kids.

  • Great interview James. Tony Bellew what a top honest family man. Respect to you.

  • Stay out of jumbo chippy with pricey dont be another victim instead of being lollipop man

  • Get big John fury on James.....what a man. What an interview that would be :)

  • Met him at a man city match v Everton at Manchester got a great pic ...this guy is Brill ...his parting words to me were dont let Looserpool win in the final lol

  • Great interview! What about Ant Middleton as a guest?

  • For a blue Tony’s a top lad

  • What a career. You can’t not like Tony Bellew. Great interview bro 🤙🏻


  • it just shows the problems going on in Liverpool when most of the people telling stories on here are from Liverpool

  • That's mad the way he thinks he's gonna die before his time.. I thought that. Still do.. Lol

  • Great interview, everyone loves Tony, he comes across as being real. 👊🏿