Luka Doncic Makes an Insane Shot From Behind the Backboard - 76ers vs Mavericks | April 12, 2021

Objavljeno 12. apr. 2021
Philadelphia 76ers vs Dallas Mavericks - Full Game Highlights | April 12, 2021 | 2020-21 NBA Season
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  • He looks and acts like a kid when he did that. Just pure happiness.

  • He legit did the key and peele skit with his coaches

  • I wish I was this cool.

  • Luka doing soccer moves reminds me of Steve Nash

  • Are you kidding me??? This is what Luka is all about. Pure talent. Basketball genius.

  • and others.

  • Is it just me or is this the thousandth viral Luka soccer video

    • Magnets 🧲 this is bullshit

  • mark jackson continuing to be a douche

  • This is DEADASS the same exact shot i used to be doing in 2K freestyle mode. I run THE FURTHEST to the top left or right side of the screen and launch dat bit. Only like 10 players can actually hit those back to back

  • Luka is not playing Basketball...Luka is Basketball !!!

  • it's a totally Balkan thing ....... the kids gather on the playground .... and compete with each other to see who will hit the more amazing basket ....

  • To be honest.... I didnt see Luka’s ball going in the basket

  • I would love to see Luka vs Steph in horse that would be fire 🔥🔥

  • U can tell he had a happy childhood

  • Luka Shintaro

  • steph got some comp

  • love u luka..i love how u congratulate everyone

  • I’ve hit that shot before, but I can’t figure out my left foot from my right

  • This guys is not real ^^^

  • Magnets 🧲 this is bullshit

  • it's not soccer.

  • I would be impressed if I haven’t done this myself. It’s not that hard.

  • Chi

  • How can you be this good a shooter and not be badass at free throws? He surely must be thinking about other things when he is at the line.

  • Are you kidding me??? This is what Luka is all about. Pure talent. Basketball genius.

    • Shaq - "Dont get hype for this. We've seen it before."

  • That's INSANE.

  • the way he dapped up the black guys at the end but didnt do it to the white guy lmao.

  • 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

  • That ...was...insane 😳🙌🙌🙌

  • I've played and been a serious fan of basketball for over 50 years, and I've never seen anyone try that shot--let alone make it. There is no room for error at that angle. Truly a sick shot.

    • it's a totally Balkan thing ....... the kids gather on the playground .... and compete with each other to see who will hit the more amazing basket ....

  • Curry did it from the tunnel


  • _When reporters ask him about the shot_ Doncic: oh that's just my warmup nothing much really

  • Def thought he was kicking that ball in

  • He need to go play with lakers

  • Don’t care + overrated

  • This team literally needs one more star to their roster and they're going the distance for years to come. I feel like if they added Tatum (just an unrealistic scenario. chill out) that's guaranteed 3-peat lol.

  • Legend

  • What’s so fascinating about holding the ball via feet..we all grew up with Soccer...nothing special about it..the shot yes, but soccer wise..okay

  • Jeeezz

  • MVP

  • the cultural differences in handshakes lollllll

  • i N s A n E . . . W o w Z A

  • The shot is more impressive. Any decent soccer player can do this. The shot is next level.

  • “If I make this shot I get ur number”

  • That was def for the ref

  • That’s why he’s the Goat


  • Lebron is the greatest athlete in all of sports ever.

  • And then lost by 18

  • I'm surprised he didn't get a tech for that

  • Wait I'm confused, what about the guys pubic hair though?

  • There should be a horse competition for all star weekend

  • Best shot he made that day. He was running from Ben.

  • Magic!🤘

  • magnet in rim and ball. look it up

  • haters will say its real

  • 0:19-0:25 Reminds me of that skit on key and peele when Barack Obama was black people differently lol

  • Everyone wants to copy Steph...

  • Real ones have seen the video of Luka shooting from court side sitting down.

  • You wanna play horse? Luka:

  • its called muscle memory dipshits its the same shot no matter where he is a pro he better be able to make it blindfolded from there

  • LUKA,⭐👍👏


  • All Serbs are also good in football. Just look at Luka Modric.

  • This should be a NFT

  • Hes the only one who can make that aside from curry🔥

  • That was a sick shot

  • This is why there needs to be a HORSE game during the all star break instead of the Dunk Contest

    • and a 1vs1 tournament! edit: or maybe 2vs2

    • Instead of the skill contest I would say

    • That's a great idea

  • How is that shot even possible? From that angle and that distance, how many laws of physics had to be broken for that to go in?

  • Curry, where you at!?

  • if u actually play ball u know this really isn't that hard of a shot

  • Wonder where he got that from cough cough Curry

  • look at Steph curry's son man

  • luka magic

  • So...... Who's up for a game of HORSE?

  • Dallas Mavericks just need to put a better team around Luka cuz he can't do it by himself

  • Luca Magic

  • They got blown out thou

  • Luka can flat out hoop - dude is a world class athlete , period.

  • Americans getting excited over some kicky ups. Shot was far far more impressive.

  • He’s air balled free throws this year, but he can make that

  • Remind me of Kobe behind goal shot

  • Like i said he's better skilled than LeBron

  • luka: doing 5 keepups with a basketball nobody: americans: thats impressive right there and then off the shoulder wow

    • @VArsovski10 dribbling with a basket-ball is super easy

    • @VArsovski10 Its not hard at all i can tell you

    • Basketball is super heavy and gets a lot of momentum (arguably deadly momentum) fast.. I'd be super afraid to do a vertical 'header" with a basketball, and he even tossed it up in air high like it was a tennisball :D

    • I mean a basketball would be harder then a normal soccer ball right? And to people who have never really played soccer that seems hard

    • 😄😄😄😄😄

  • Europeans watching this, impressive footwork with a soccer ball? What? lol

  • that was a bad shot

  • When you’re impressed with the soccer skills knowing the player is European 🤦‍♂️

  • It’s not all that impressive when steph curry been doing it

  • There is another halfcourt shot better than this where he throws it in the air

  • Well, he is Luka Magic, so ..

  • I think luka took inspiration from steph curry

  • What he meant was the dribble into the shot was what made it more impressive. Lol these two always arguing its so annoying.

  • The NBA magnetic rim is cut on duhhhh you freaking idiots. This is why the point totals went up and bigs can all of a sudden "shoot" threes lol

  • Real unlike the LeBron video

  • That was *Luka Magic*

  • Future G.O.A.T

  • When you see him in a T-shirt is when you realize this dude is built like a tank.

    • @harry mcmillan 99.99 percent 😂

    • @harry mcmillan would like to see him do 1 on 1 with Zion

    • @armin38822 The guy is 6'8 220. He bullies most guards. He is a monster. He just seems normal by insane NBA standards. NBAplayers are deceiving. Steve Nash always looked so small and scrawny on tv next to all the other players then I met him at a charity event and he towered over everyone and was huge. NBA players are just a different level.

    • @harry mcmillan Luka is a skill player first. That's how he gets the job done. But I think we all under estimate his body. I've seen him burst by people in certain situations. And while he's not super fast, he's fast just enough considering his height and strength. People kinda bounce off him. He can sometimes LOOK un-atlethic. He can sometimes put on a few additional pounds and he always looks a bit chuby in the face.... But looks are very deceiving. He's a monster hiding behind a boyish look.

    • Yeah his lats were popping. No homo The thing is everyone calls him "unatheltic" but that's only for God NBA standards. This dude is still more athletic than 99% of the population.

  • And still lost. LMFAO!!!!!!!

  • luka is an official american superstar now. not because of the shot. but because afterwards he went and dapped up all the black folks with a complicated ass homie hand shake. and then gave a fist bump or a firm formal business hand shake to all the white people. thats what Dallas does to you.