World's Tallest Elephant Toothpaste Volcano (I FINALLY DID IT!!)

Objavljeno 4. sep. 2021
When life gives you lemons... build a 5 ton flask and blast them to space.
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Science Bob has a new page about making Elephant's Toothpaste on your own-

Shoutout to the one and only authentic Orbeez for providing the Orbeez.


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  • When life gives you lemons... build a 5 ton flask and blast them to space.

    • When life gives you lemons... build a 5 ton flask and blast them to space.

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    • Hi

    • Your devils toothpaste recipe is likly very similar to hydrogen peroxide based rocket fuel but with soap in it

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  • working with teens and young adults with Autism in a social skills environment.

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