Berm Park's New Trail is Clickbait

Objavljeno 8. sep. 2021
Clickbait is Berm Park's black diamond jump trail! Clickbait was funded entirely by members on Patreon, so they got to name it and decide what we would call the features. On another note, Berm Park will be opening in Spring of 2022 now instead of the original Fall 2021. I can't get into details about why, but it's nothing on our end. The contractor has been on time, we've been well funded, and there has been no foul play. Our partners in the Town of Canton and the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy are doing amazing work on this project during a worldwide pandemic. Thanks for your patience.

Support Berm Park! The free public bike park that YOU can ride! Join my Patreon and 100% of the proceeds go towards funding the construction, near term maintenance, and future projects.
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Video explaining Berm Park

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  • Seth what do I do I have a crappy toy shop mtb that's way to small and I can't afford a new bike

  • Seth what’s up with the posting schedule?

  • hey Seth I was wondering if you could clean your rotor with a baby wipe or will it contaminate the brake pads?

    • It will most definitely contaminate your pads. Use isopropyl alcohol or brake cleaner and spray into a towel not directly on the brake 👍

  • I thought it was click bait

  • Hi! What is a predicted cost +/- of this line?

  • what's upbox?

  • Hi Seth I got a question what ever happened the the down hill bike that u and Kevin named the galager 🍉

  • ive seen mountain bikers wear a lot of things but never have i seen them wearing construction worker vests. It looks so odd

  • I want to ride that so much

  • all im thinkin is whale tail

  • were the builders riding the bike trails.

  • Those montages make it look so easy! Tons of respect for everyone building and maintaining trails!

  • I would really like to see Seth try whitewater kayaking

  • in motocross terms we would call the "up box" a "table" or like a "step on, step off" (idk if yall would call it a table but also I would like to get into mountain biking)

  • Can i have same your used parts or a bike i really want one cuz its my big dream iwant to join my friends 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  • Have you made an videos on how to buy a mountain bike? My 13 yr is getting getting big into mountain biking and I would love to do that with him. - thanks

  • Clickbait trail with no wavy wooden S berms? The defining feature that gave bcpov and loam ranger their most viewed videos? lol

  • The title is not wrong, it is literal

  • i wish i could go there, too bad im in the uk

  • Seth can u please please please tell me when your selling your next flip bike. I want to buy it so bad I recently snaped my bike straight in half and my fam can not a afford a new one rn and I can’t either so please I would like to buy the next flip bike if u sell it for under 300

  • Can you stred the track

  • I still remember day one when it was just a single trail in his backyard

  • Are you ready for 2 mil people looking by :D

  • Yeah I’ll take the b-line

  • You named the primo drop on the marquee trail the (wait for it) the ‘Rick Roll’? Isn’t that the real click bait? So where are you building ‘The DRAMA DROP?? 😂

  • Hey Seth, can you do a conversion video from skewers to thru axle?

  • “They had us in the first half not gonna lie”

  • it wholed be awsome if u made a shark fin near the rick roll

  • where is this located? def wanna take a trip up there next summer

  • Your channel got me into biking. My very first time I went on the trails I did a black diamond and did drops already! Thanks for inspiring me.

  • I want to be a good Mountain biker, but my mom does not care she does not understand it I’m trying to get parts for my bike and she’s like you don’t need that, and she like you have a Mountain bike but it’s from Walmart.

  • Who else here thinks In years to come that berm park will rival Whistler in terms of popularity?

  • Love to see what your doing Seth, keep up the great work!

  • Respect for Workers nice Job !

  • אחלה דרוד שבעולם

  • This is my dream trail park, but i can't go there because im here in the Philippines so far right there.

  • Have you tried the gap in Dublin

  • Do you ride left or right foot first

  • A flight deck would be cool aswell

  • Can’t wait!!! Hope there is some van, camper, RV areas to camp at this park. That would put it over the TOP!!!

  • BABY OIL!!! We want to know what happened to the brakes you showed us at the end of the video of baby oil vs shimano mineral oil. Great things are coming to Berm Park, just jealous.

  • Hi plss give me same bike my bike

  • man i love it, but it is a bit far away for me. Me Feet will get wet xD

  • What happen to the gravel bike

  • Hey Seth, got an idea if it's not already thought about. Live webcam(s). With so many people teleworking and those of us on the other side of the country, it would be neat to see live action there at the park. It would allow those going to ride to check it out in advance or see weather/conditions/people. For those of us just wanting to see, it's something we could see just hanging at the house. I put on live webcams on my personal computer of the Santa Monica Pier, Catalina Island, Lake Tahoe, outdoor cams, even Antarctica, when I'm in virtual meetings to have a view like a window in the house. You're welcome. :)

  • You need a Peaking Berm, in Berm Peak.. like a GIANT Berm. like think big Berm. and then make it 3 times the size!

  • Would like to do the green trail on a gravel bike.

  • Awesome looking trail. Hope i get to do an east coast trip sometime.

  • Dude, quality over quantity, take your time to do your best guys, it looks awesome

  • Nice to see a trail build with the every rider in mind, which I guess has always been the ethos of Seth's Bike Hacks. Big props to Seth and the crew for keeping all of us in mind.

  • This winter, I’d really like to see you review “Descenders” on the Xbox. I know it’s a little different than what you normally review, but kinda the same! Love the vids, keep em coming!

  • Thanks for pushing the opening to Spring because I can't even jump over a dog poop so more time for me to

    • i need a bike which is less than £250 can you help me? (or build me one I am a m size or L)

  • so cool!

  • Please make episode about mtb seats !!!

  • I just got clickbaited by clickbait. Marvelous.

  • Dror in Hebrew is the name of the bird Sparrow. The meaning of this name is freedom. Good for you, Dror

  • It went berm creek-berm peak-berm park and I’m happy to say I watched every single trail vid

  • Whats upbox?

  • lookin good!

  • When are the Oscar feature coming?

  • Hey Seth I just stared mtb do you have any tips for jumping for me

  • Waiting on new videos on Berm Peak and Express😫. I wish you had more than 1 a week. They're seriously obe of the best, if not the best, channels to watch if you're an MTBer.

  • *Awesome!*

  • Hey so I know that this might sound like a person who doesn't like your content when I really do I love watching the videos and I've wanted to buy some of the bikes that you've shown but I don't have the money at 14 but do you think you could review a lower priced diamond back hard tail like the overdrive 29 1 is a bike I'm looking into any thoughts

  • so clickbait is clickbait because clickbait (the word) is misleading and because clickbait is actually amazing (the trail), its clickbait. I've confused you

  • Could anyone help me? I have a trek x-caliber 8 and i dont know why but sometimes the front chainrings hold the chain too long and the chain goes between the frame and the front drivetrain and it leaves huge marks and deep scratches on the frame? Why?

  • i need a bike which is less than £250 can you help me? (or build me one I am a m size or L)

  • godd vid bro

  • hi

  • Hello compassionate people...Has anyone seen what happened at the annual dolphin massacre at Faroe islands? People should do something about it...

  • You'll never open..

  • Nice project you have, its amazing a community is working together to create a bike park for trail riders.

  • “They had us in the first half not gonna lie”

  • What an absolutely tragic missed opportunity to call the up box updog

  • Love to see this

  • I’m moving to Asheville in 3 months. I can’t wait to ride here.

  • Hallo my name is dorrian and I love MTB and all my friend have cross country bikes and my family is going through hard times and I really want a MTB so if anyone has any suggestions pls😞😞😞

  • When are we gonna get another review from first world reviews??? Love an update on that espresso machine 😂

  • The title just broke my brain

  • Upbox reminds me of fade to black at Whistler. Except, maybe I’d try the upbox. Brilliant for an in between. Fade to black requires so much walking around, watching a friend bail. And there’s no b-line at fade to black. You do the feature, or you walk.

  • Will there be a more little kid friendly section? Looks epic

  • Seth why did you make me wait TWO MONTHS for a new trail building video 😭 please give us more

  • This park has to be on the top ten list of all things that have ever resulted from youtube channels!!!

  • Thank you Seth and Patreons!

  • Can I ride my ebike there?

  • Just watched the 2020 shop tour again and realized you could put the cabinet next to the break room on rollers and put a door behind it, or just use the cabinet as the door.

  • I can’t believe this all started with a few little jumps in Seth’s old house

    • Couldn't build this in California thats for sure

  • This place definitely needs a drama drop

  • I want a new flip bike episode

  • I’m impatient but glad that you’re waiting a few more months for this to settle down in the valley. Glad that the new parking lot and the bridge survived the flood.. Excited to ride!

  • Hey seth my buddy has a trash bike its like one from walmart he has been trying to find a new one but there isnt one he can find for cheap do you have and spare bikes your willing to give or fix up you could make a fix n ride video i live in wv and me and eli would be glad to come up and ride the trail with you

  • really hope ill be able to take a trip up there and ride berm park when it opens

  • Berm park needs a drama drop

  • Park is looking awesome!!

  • Looks like them trailbuilders are woodworkers and shredders! yeeehawww!

  • Definitely missed the voice over videos feels like the old Seth brings back memories or berm creek

  • Where

  • an up box is called a on off

  • such a cool trail but you should at least have some drops without a roll!

  • We r coming