Eric Weinstein: Difficult Conversations, Freedom of Speech, and Physics | Lex Fridman Podcast #163

Objavljeno 22. feb. 2021
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0:00 - Introduction
1:29 - Aliens and physics
5:14 - Breaking the frame of conversation
6:59 - Time travel across multiple dimensions
13:10 - Is the government in possession of alien spacecraft?
19:33 - Freedom of speech
30:52 - Elon Musk
32:09 - Idealism of every era
35:29 - Non-locality of free speech in the Internet age
41:05 - Glenn Beck
43:00 - Joe Rogan
47:44 - Freedom and fear
49:16 - Jeffrey Epstein
52:56 - Aaron Swartz
58:32 - Jeffrey Epstein and Geometric Unity
1:18:07 - Cancel culture
1:20:09 - Alex Jones
1:29:03 - Curtis Yarvin
1:33:42 - Michael Malice
1:36:02 - Intellectual Dark Web
1:42:54 - Innovation
1:56:13 - Economics
2:03:31 - Cryptocurrency
2:09:39 - Geometric Unity paper
2:26:44 - David Goggins challenge
2:28:07 - Father and son
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  • Here are the timestamps. Please check out our sponsors to support this podcast. 0:00 - Introduction & sponsor mentions: - Indeed: to get $75 credit - Theragun: to get 30 day trial - Wine Access: to get 20% off first order - Blinkist: and use code LEX to get 25% off premium 1:29 - Aliens and physics 5:14 - Breaking the frame of conversation 6:59 - Time travel across multiple dimensions 13:10 - Is the government in possession of alien spacecraft? 19:33 - Freedom of speech 30:52 - Elon Musk 32:09 - Idealism of every era 35:29 - Non-locality of free speech in the Internet age 41:05 - Glenn Beck 43:00 - Joe Rogan 47:44 - Freedom and fear 49:16 - Jeffrey Epstein 52:56 - Aaron Swartz 58:32 - Jeffrey Epstein and Geometric Unity 1:18:07 - Cancel culture 1:20:09 - Alex Jones 1:29:03 - Curtis Yarvin 1:33:42 - Michael Malice 1:36:02 - Intellectual Dark Web 1:42:54 - Innovation 1:56:13 - Economics 2:03:31 - Cryptocurrency 2:09:39 - Geometric Unity paper 2:26:44 - David Goggins challenge 2:28:07 - Father and son

    • Can’t believe a month passing up and only 1 other sees what we saw? Not to mention the topic of discussion. AND THE ORB CLEANS/REMOVES THAT STAIN ON THE SHOULDER TOWARDS THE END.

    • @Immigrant George You tryin too much. Weinstein lives in NYC...he is a Liberal !

    • Here is one thing Mr Weinstein is not willing to address and have failed to spot... It is a topic you too are unable to answer about magnetism... It might make worldwide headlines, and you might find yourself on the right side of the history... Read this before it is deleted. Some unknown vigilantes are deleting most of my comments whenever they appear... John Wheeler once famously said - science journals refuse to published your work not because they don't understand it, but because they do. If they don't understand something, they publish it... I created some manuscrips about some topics and sent it to many science journals with some of my theories based on hard facts. One such idea was about True Pattern of Magnetic Field. It was rejected. And if I publish a link with a short version of it in SLflow channels, it keeps disappearing... The link to it is here:

    • Truly appreciated

    • One of my favorite interviews with Eric. Please have him back for number 5

  • -Lex, are you an adult? -What does adult look like? -😆

  • Our society is becoming more complex and has created a division between classes. Our constitution is not capable of governing what the tech industry has made capable. the ruling factors of free speech have changed indefinitely. Eric has been making great points toward understanding this complex issue. Please keep perusing, not all of us can put our thoughts and feelings into context that explains what we feel is happening. It seems Eric is dead on. We need more awareness!

  • @1:22:25 lmao

  • 35:29 Is screen-accessed internet 2-spatial dimensions (local/non-local) and 2-temporal dimensions (past and present)?

  • On the triune math/physics of elliptical, hyperbolic, parabolic 'space' sans temporal dimensions beyond 1, is this akin to PKDick's orthogonal thesis of 'time' expressed at Metz, elsewhere?

  • Similar to Bernard Shaw's "All professions are conspiracies against the laity." apropos Eric's commentary about Silicon Valley's idealism as fig leaf to cover their mega-grift.

  • I love listening to Eric Weinstein but it’s sketchy that he believes his brother, his wife and himself have all made groundbreaking revolutionary contributions in three separate fields while none of them have been embraced (or maybe got recognition in the case of Brett) by the respective professions 🤔 🤨

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  • What happened in 59:52?

  • How does Lex not understand what “inciting violence” means.

  • Thank you again Lex and Eric for the conversation. Stay happy and stay healthy.

  • What’s gage theory?

  • I’d love to see Weinstein go up against someone who knew anything about guns. Bro, they had letters of mark in the 1700’s as well a fully automatic volley guns and some of the founder even owned the guns that were the prerequisite to Gatling guns known as the pucle guns. What an ignorant take.


  • What did he mean by “some ability to break the law” with regards to other dimensions? Is he saying people are going to other dimensions?

  • I love Eric Weinstein

  • Wow, I thought Weinstein was smarter - referring to Musk as an adult, and offering examples of how he is, and he's exactly the opposite... it hurts to watch.

  • Anything we can imagine is possible, eventually.

  • So glad I found your SLflow channel.

  • banning trump from twitter was the best thing big tech could have done

  • What an outstanding interview. I would say though in regards to whether someone is always manipulating the other, the speaker has a motive and shares their motive with transparency, conveying that info is a manipulation of sorts but very different from a motive that is veiled by the speaker in order to achieve it by using someone else to do so. That kind of exchange is not a manipulation one needs to accept.

  • @58:33- woah. Wtf?

  • Two geniuses

  • great minds understand that signing a diversity oath or agreeing to leave campus for a day in solidarity are small, very low effort gestures that make the world a better place. they are "adults" in Eric's definition and have no interest in "raising the middle finger." regardless of their background they understand the larger historical context of discrimination, do their part to help a little, and go back to researching cancer or quarks or new battery tech or whatever. great minds would see no conflict or lack of freedom

  • I am 2 1/2 minutes in, and I don’t think I can do this

  • I like Eric. Equal parts brilliance, crazy and unsettling.

  • Us: watching ads so advertisers will pay for Lex and Eric's peer-to-peer therapy sessions

  • I'd put my bets on Epstein being CIA that blackmails powerful people. Pretty low tier for CIA. I remember an FBI and CIA shoot out because they didn't know that both violent drug gangs were fake. Imagine a shootout between 2 agencies because they didn't know of eath other's operations.

  • Right on. That just permanently drives me away from democrats. Their rhetoric just reminds me too much of ccp

  • According to a report in the London Telegraph, anyone wishing to drink in a pub garden in Britain from Monday (only the outside areas will open) will be forced to hand over their phone to venue staff who must check the individual is registered on the government’s tracking app.

  • Eric: I don't know how hitler was as an artist. Lex: *Stares in Russian* 'He's actually not bad.'

  • This discussion is fucking fantastic!

  • Complicated isn't intelligent, simple is intelligent. Intellectual is the moniker coveted by those who know equations of a theory. Our abilities today would seem like magic a hundred years ago. Why do we apply current understanding to aliens a million years more advanced? Our arrogance made aliens travel millions of light years at the speed of light just to see irrelevant earth impossible, because we can't and we wouldn't. So aliens come from a different dimension because that explains nothing and that's hard to argue. The theorizing of everything in the future and knowing everything in the past completely disables our progress. If civilization ended today what would be left in a thousand years? Stones.

  • Lex and eric should talk 4 times a year

  • "You've probably never seen an adult..." LMAO!

  • Can somebody point me to something he has accomplished as a business person, scientist or engineer? There is a lot of hot air. He acts like he is some John von Neumann - Claude Shannon - Richard Feynman - Alan Turing type character. But I guess he is not?

  • Eric's terrific. I love him as an entertainer above everything else. Who the fuck cares about gage theory or the Ricci tensor. That's all royal bullshit. Physicist really don't know anymore than the common folk that sales shoes at your local mall.

  • I just want to have just 1% of how Eric Weinstein's brain works.

  • Love to listen to smart people talk about subjects way over me small brain capabilities

  • what has eric weinstein done? did he create a new kind of potato peeler?

  • Love you Lex!

  • The difference in quality between this conversation and Eric’s latest one with Joe Rogan is chalk and cheese...something was up with that episode...

    • Absolutely, I came to the comment section to see if anyone else thought so.

  • Lex is but an innocent child with a good education. His innocence and naivete is challenging to endure with Eric in the mix.

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  • I liked “Magastan vs Wokestan”.

  • Am I the only one who thought it was going to be much more controversial after Lex prefaced the conversation with a warning and a apology😂

  • FINALLY!!! Thank you so very much ERIC WEINSTEIN for being the first person I have ever heard that's honest and open enough to propose a rational hypothesis that solves the very logical question that I arrived at and have been pondering for 17 years. At 1:51:40 he blows my mindhole! Ever since I was 19, in the army Infantry, and deployed to Iraq for my first of 3 tours, I recognized this recurring pattern consisting of a problem and a constant solution and yet was never talked about or addressed in any significant logical manner. This was very very odd and extremely disturbing to me considering the potential real world life and death consequences of not addressing this problem. The problem of not utilizing the diverse thought processes of different types of people to problem solve in combat. Thought processes that differ between the varying from genders, races, religion ideologies, etc. For 17 years I have been asking the same question, that is, "what solutions have we missed out on due to not utilizing a woman's different thought processes to solve problems in the world?" What would the world be like had we utilized EVERYONE equally based upon their intellect? What COULD the world be had we done it differently and not focused upon immutable characteristics from the get-go? Some of the hardest situations in direct combat in Iraq were actually solved by a few women we worked with from the special operations INTEL community such as PSYOP's, Intel, Co-Intel, Humint, etc. This is just one example of how a woman was experiencing the same environment as us Infantryman but arrived at a different solution that resulted in 0 friendly K.I.A.'s as well as maximum enemy damage. They saved our asses just by having brains that think differently. Thank GOD for the biological differences between the two genders. Otherwise we would have lost more men than we did. All that being said, in 2004 my unit 1st Brigade 25th Infantry Division (Light/AA-SBCT) deployed to Iraq. My Infantry Battalion, 1st Battalion 5th Infantry Regiment, set several historical milestones. My Brigade and Battalion was assigned a "Combat Role" to conduct direct Kinetic Warfare Operations on the front lines. We became the first combat unit in history to deploy with a female at the Battalion level and bring her with us to the front lines!! She went with my Battalion everywhere, from Fallujah to Mosul to Tal Afar and Rhawa. Talk about a badass! I bet nobody even knows her name, but people will...when the world is ready! Lol Keep up the great work Lex and Eric! Thanx for sharing your brains with the world!

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  • Why aren’t they talking about how Joe Rogan has already been silenced. So what if clips of his podcast still upload to SLflow. His presence on SLflow is gone, people don’t use Spotify for podcasts on a whole and never will. His reach is diminished greatly.

  • If humanity needs someone horrible in order to fill its innovation quota then is it a species worth preserving? That's more of a sign that we have derailed to the point of no return.

  • "Let's have an interesting alien conversation." [Me settling in]

  • This empowers me! Eric is brilliant. Thank you Lex.

  • more pls. Great conversation!

  • why do people have to be beyond einstein? why can't they be good in their own rite. why is it they have to be better. Everyone i hope is different... lol....

  • my favorite podcast.... please invite Jordan Peterson

  • I love that Eric comes out swinging. He hits on the same issue from different angles. That we as a species live in narratives, our own natural version of Augmented Reality. Because of the phenomenon of worldwide communication our local narratives are constantly challenged and undermined. The illusion is broken. We're pulled out of the immersion. It really is large games of larping and why faith and devotion are such valued traits.

  • LOVE the opening to this conversation. And Eric answers a question that’s really frustrated me for a while at 17:00. Brilliant minds to listen to.

  • Lex: I usually have eggs for breakfast Eric: Breakfast is just a transaction of energy following a conservation law. Eggs in particular should really be understood through Gauge Theory. Until academia can do that no progress can be made

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  • Eric needs to consider a combination of Elemental Alchemy, AGI and ASI, Nuclear Fusion, and Desalination leading to Post Scarcity. He is brilliant but don’t he has given this serious thought. At least in principle, there is a way one could achieve EFFECTIVE (as opposed to literal) post scarcity (I am assuming that desires are infinite to LITERAL post scarcity might not be possible).

  • Each time Eric talks I get smarter

  • Weinstein has great genius, but unfortunately like most scientists, destroys all interest in the actual discovery of anything considering how detestful he is of our enthusiasm over something scientists have little true understanding of. They look at alien life and the “metaphysical” as something we should be viewing from a scientific lens, when in reality it’s that very lens which has prevented us from discovering it. I’ve taken a natural substance grown on earth, and spoke to visually present entities that had separate minds from my own, like millions of other people who have as well. Most none of us are university educated scientists, yet we have the experience that would be necessary to study by said scientists. Viewing these things as “escapism” is ostracizing because it invalidates the experiences people like me have had, because he, like many others, only believe what their senses can immediately perceive, which will always limit their perception. If we look at what we’ve learned from the government, sketchy at best, but we know there exists advanced technology and ideology that supersedes our own, how silly would it be to summarily deny this as escapism. If alien entities were to communicate with us, it would not be with those who seek to study them, but rather those who would embrace them. These conversations are frustrating because there are few prominent scientists that seem to have active imagination to produce impetus toward unfounded discovery. It creates a divide between people, those who are interested in science but also the more supernatural ideas are often left to the wind because there isn’t anything tangible to market or propagate. It seems the ultimate escapism is the idea that we have to get off this planet, we are at the point of destroying this one simply to move to the next and colonize alien planets. We are playing with a fire so infernal it will eventually burn humanity out of existence

  • God I love Eric Weinstein.

  • @lex - just genuinely curious, is monster also a sponsor of your show?


  • These conversations between Eric and Lex are my favorite things to watch/listen to. Two of my favorite minds and I get to be a part of it. Thanks Lex!

  • Wow one of the best podcast ever

  • Eric is prob my favourite gay guy next to Freddy mercury! Love his way of thinking

  • Wow. That kid is smart.

  • Thank you Eric and Lex!

  • Thank you.

  • Just want to say thanks to both of you Lek and Eric. I have watched this, gone to asleep listening to the conversation. This is my favorite. Brutally honest. Best ever!!

  • eric making the common mistake of thinking the founders didn't consider automatic weapons or global communication. automatic weapons did exist when the constitution was written, and they would have known about them and about the inevitable advancement of technology. they weren't idiots. they were also aware of print media and the power of propaganda.

  • For all his brilliance, Eric's ability to point out flaws and not offer actionable solutions renders the vast majority of his opining useless. He almost reminds of Deepak Chopra's ability to blatantly mix terminology from all substantive fields together into some artful blend of shit-soup. If Eric cares about his long term reputation (and I suspect he does), he needs to start showing the fruits of supposed labor.

  • Those kinds of beings are called “skatees”

  • @1H45M51S : It is because social change is a dangerous force of nature. You need to run and hide from it in the same way you would run and hide from a tornado.

  • Harvard Hillel is INCREDIBLY fancy. You have to walk past it to get to Harvard Chabad, which is not very fancy.

  • 02138 is Harvard area; 02139 is MIT area, generally what was called The Institute in Fallout 4. Real people are from 02140, kehd.

  • Are people being shutdown because they are imperfect? or are they being shutdown because they are a political enemy of the people who are shutting them down (the "shutter-downers"), and those "shutter-downers" are using those imperfections as a justification for the shutting down? I'm noticing people keep taking these actions as at face value, when the perpetrators are likely being dis-ingenuous. I worry that this might reinforce the shutter-downers rather than undermine them.

  • I don't know how eric could be impressed by _jack dorsey_ let's say for sake of argument that most of the bad twitter descions were coerced and really he has less control. He seems like a boring white yuppie with no thoughts of his own. Don't know what he said in front of eric to leave a good impression. He doesn't have the guts to make twitter a decent platform, so I doubt he has much moral integrity.

  • Eric Weinstein elaborates intangibles so well that too many information, it does flies over people's head. He's a fraud = I can't comprehend the intangible points

  • great conversations Tim Dillon brought me here congrats on 1 mill man

  • Ear candy! Wow thanks genys!

  • I like you Eric, but for fuck sake, let Lex finish his centence before you interupt him 9 out of 10 times, jez!

  • Does anyone ever know what Eric is talking about?

  • Gossip.

  • Math is hard.

  • Am I the only one who followed the droplets of water on Eric's shoulder and watched them evaporate over 55~ minutes? O___O

  • I want Eric Weinstein to interview Howard Bloom author of "The God Problem".... Well One can wish.

  • 🧹 Terrain Theory v Germ Theory 💉💉💊🦠🧬🧪🧴

  • the war is on Freedom period, not just academic freedom. Specifically, the war is always upon Individual Rights of Man, ie the right to Life, Liberty & Property for all.

  • Unbelievably wonderful chemistry and conversation. Love everything you guys talk about. Thanks Lex

  • My brain broke before 12 minutes. I'm going to need to watch this a few times. Love it though.

  • Love Eric, and Lex too of course

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  • I am fascinated my Mr. Fridman's ability to embrace a vision of humanity as "good but not perfect" and to speak as frequently as he does about "Love," while also not seeming to profess any variety of faith or religion. Somehow, he is able to allow that ideal to exist without the trappings of any (antiquated?) metaphysics. It is highly inspiring. It makes me want to be on his team.

  • Lex, parlor was banned from amazon for not moderating their platform. People were saying really nasty things there, so I am not surprised that amazon didn't want a platform which the capitol riot was organised on. Anyway, I don't think that freedom of speech includes saying really nasty or hateful things, because those create more harm than knowledge, it's important to keep the USA united states of america, not divided states of america. I am talking about types of messages like: "The only [party member] is a dead one", or "hang mike".

  • Mr Weinstein was not here to F around on this day . Great Conversation guys !

  • The puffer fish analogy was great. I’m sure it’s his intention to always create layers of thought. Nothing generic.