The Terrifying Story of the Baby Fetus Monster EXPLAINED! All Hidden Lore - Resident Evil Story

Objavljeno 16. maj. 2021
Warnings for anyone that gets easily scared by thoughts of deformed fetus monsters...

The Terrifying Story of the Baby Fetus Monster EXPLAINED! All Hidden Lore - Resident Evil Story

00:00 Baby Introduction
4:44 Monster Revealed!
8:00 Ending Theory

Resident Evil 8 Village - All Character Scenes, Story moments and Ending Explained!

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  • Dude that was scariest moments in resident evil

  • Actually the only part of the game that scared the shit out of me

  • I used to have nightmares about deformed evil babies so PT was a REALLY bad time for me. Then there was this shit.

  • the one section I do not like playing through.

  • i literally turned off my game while hiding under the bed in the fuse room. i hate horror games

  • Da baby?

  • *dababy*

  • less gooooo

  • I felt that this part of village was very reminiscent of Silent Hill pt am i the only one? 😅

  • Dababy

  • 8:39 that was my favorite part :D

  • my gosh, I was tearing up and crying when I got to the baby part. it scared the hell and all its monsters out of me and gave me anxiety on a different level. I absolutely hated that part, especially the slow-ass elevator.

  • Getting Silent Hills vibes here

  • I think Rose will be next main character and she will have superpowers of some sort, that would be cool

  • Ethan really is I’m alive but I’m dead

  • The baby or da baby

  • its times like these I wish I had my trusty shot gun.

  • Oh this was based on Miley Cyrus 5th aborted fetus.

  • I dont care what many others say... RE8 has lot of scary moments... RE7 is in a house so more horror is possible. Even 8 is in village, it is scary and creepy..


  • I let the werewolf thing go, I let the vampire thing go, but As soon as I saw the baby….I realized capcom was fresh out of good ideas! Re8 is pure fucking cringe!

  • Definitely applying Silent Hill effects on this game

  • Silent Hill .

  • This is more a silent hill monster than RE, Thats why it caught everyone offguard. Re is more about cool looking dead monsters equipped with claws whips tentacles and stuff. Silent hill is more unpractical body forms.

  • 5:31 this part where the baby seemed like it was getting tired of crawling just 2 steps and panting starts to laugh seeing ethan and suddenly becomes all energetic will always make me laugh idk why 😭i̶t'̶s ̶l̶o̶w̶k̶e̶y ̶c̶u̶t̶̶e̶

  • Is it convertable?

  • I don't even know what the hell resident evil is, today i was searching "BABY SOUNDS" And i stumbled across this. And also, when DABABY moves and makes that disgusting stretch and gooey sound. It sounds disturbing

  • This kind of reminds of Batman Arkham Asylum's fear toxin scene

  • The disturbance of this part got me, i will never ever go back to that fucking doll house.

  • am I the only one who didn't have an issue with the elevator?

  • This is silly. The Mia recordings had nothing to do with the baby ripping out of her. It had to do with a secret she was keeping about Ethan (spoilers)

  • That baby is damn scary jesus christ

  • To think Capcom toned down the horror in Village because players said that RE7 was too scary is beyond me. This section of the game is more scary than RE7. I haven't been this scared since Amnesia the Dark Descent back in 2010. Just see how that section works, you get there, is empty and quiet, looks like a resort for tourist, you think is just puzzles and waiting for Donna to show and completely turns 180° and became pure psychological horror.

  • Everybody: creepy disgusting and messed up Me: less gooo

  • I'd rather fight 100 lycans on VOS difficulty with 10 bullets, rather than go through this tortuous house again!!!!

  • Do you hate it?

  • I hate the baby right

  • I HAD TO STOP PLAYING THE GAME at this part. Scared the living DAYLIGHTS out of me. No… terrified me.

  • to be honest this thing makes me wanna puke

  • where ethan head?lol....

  • Maybe its just me, but that big scary baby kinda makes my motherly instincts kick in. I wanna cherish it O.o

  • I didn't even know that this was the meaning of all of that. I thought it was all just random horror shit, not a lethal miscarriage

  • When Ethan panicks after seeing the baby, the captions say “applause”

  • Da baby

  • CoNvErTiBlE DaBaBy I PuLl Up LeSgOoO

  • propably the only scary thing in this game

  • You know you can bypass that entire first part where you get introduced to Baby (yes, that's really her name, and yes, she really is a she)... Instead of following the umbilical cord, turn right into the silver key room. Leave that room and keep going until you reach another room with a mother and indent of a child. After adding the indent, enter the room and you're free to roam without Baby chasing you, until you remove the fuse or walk through the hallway. If you remove the fuse, hide under the bed or inside of a locker (it doesn't matter) and wait until you hear her leave. Immediately run towards the elevator. No matter what you do, DON'T PANIC and run away from the elevator! Stay there and wait until it opens, then walk inside and press the up arrow. She'll run up to the elevator door and scream, but you're now safe. Hope this helps! :)

  • that baby is almost 6 ft tall, she’s gonna be i the nba

  • AWWWW Hell NAA

  • Let's goo

  • This is what the toys from toy story see when the babies are playing with them…..

  • Freaking Gigyas reference

  • The baby is the only thing stopping me from buying the game

  • This whole part feels like what P.T. could've been.

  • My name is Ethan...

  • I have never Screamed so loudly at a fuse box or an elevator before in my life. I mean Holy jesus that was terrifying as shit.

  • I'm not complaining because it works but, resident evil took heavy inspiration from what a modern horror video game should be like from silent hill pt. Silent hill has always been king when it comes to physcological horror. Especially the the first few games. As it changed developers it weakened but it did alright as a whole. Then SH pt. Demo blew our minds. And it was just a demo. RE decided to get back to its roots as a scary game franchise and you could tell they made the developers check out silent hill pt.

  • It's look like P.T the baby to me hahaha

  • I *literally* had my fingers bitten off like Ethan did by a d**n bobcat. This *should* be triggering, but the fetus monster still shook a scream out of Ethan when nothing else did. 🙂

  • So is this thing a complete hallucination, or a real creature that Ethan mearly sees as a giant fetus monster to due to being under Donnas power, with her using his fear of what Rose could turn into, as well as his guilt of losing her and failing as a parent. Thus its true form is unknown.

  • Just finished the game last week. That thing was scary as hell. I haven't been that scared in a Video Game since Jeff in Half Life: Alyx.

  • beneviento house was the scariest part of the game tbh

  • Dababy

  • Lesss gooo

  • My sister almost died from a miscarriage so stuff like this terrifies me

  • Ew

  • You sound like corpse husband's brother or something

  • I don't like this baby, it didn't turn me into a convertible

  • I thought that was rose I was like nooo!!

  • Lest go

  • 6:16 Holy shit... Capcom wants to hide Ethan's face so much, they straight up decapitated him!!!

  • Andy Hoops???

  • what the fuck and kinda

  • This is the one thing in the game that terrifies me.

  • I just called the Baby what it is: a big-lipped alligator moment. Think about it; it comes right out of nowhere, has little point to the plot, almost no lore about it in the story (except in the extra content shop, but that's postgame) and, once you're done, no one ever mentions it again. Thoughts?

    • That's probably because its either a complete hallucination and it swallowing Ethan is really him dieing of a fear induced heart attack, or a real creature that Ethan mearly sees as a giant fetus monster due to being under Donnas power, in which case what it really is remains a mystery. Either way its probably a manifestation of his fear of what Rose could turn into as well as his guilt of losing her and failing as a parent.

  • this is horiffic to me because my baby brother almost died when my mom was in rehab. thank God he's alive and well.

  • I’ve lost hope for the resident evil series to make any sort of chronological sense.

  • This is the most inspiration for birth control I have ever received from one game.

  • Dababy watching this video: “Lesss gooo”

  • Idk why i found "and then screaming yummy" in such a serious tone to be funny

  • The fear of not being able to save Rose, devouring him. So Silent Hill alike....

  • Reminds me of something from Society

  • Easliy the scariest part of the game and it did not mix well with my fear of dolls and mannequins moving

  • Lesgo

  • If you look closer during all it’s scenes it clips with almost everything, making it less scary also dababy.

  • don't smoke while pregnant

  • I think the bottom half isn't that of an elongated baby, but a woman with legs spread in child birth. The gaping mouth also extends like a stretched vagina/ birth canal. It's very possible that Ethan's journey from the well to the elevator could be taken symbolically for a journey within the reproductive system up to child birth (ie. I found it interesting that the procedural room has three doors, similar to the placements of the birth canal and fallopian tubes from the uterus. The mother's DNA is dispersed and combined with the father's DNA, like Mia's body parts and Ethan in the well. The fetus chases you through hallways, like the fetus travels through the birth canal- its hallway from the uterus to the outside world. The chase ends not in leaving the dollhouse, but an elevator because the fetus could not survive and symbolically ascends to the hypothetical heavens/afterlife. Etc. It may be a stretch but I think there may be something there.) The monster's design also reminds me of the most corrupted version of "No Face" during his chase scene in Spirited Away- where his lower body was breaking away as he chased the protagonist. No face is often considered symbolic of the corruption caused by modern living, and particularly greed (ie. luring characters in with gold, prized in a consumerist society, then literally consumes them and takes on their traits). My theory is that Mia used the mold to save her child. At some point had a vision of Evaline and have attempted to kill the baby to kill Eveline with the intention of bringing her back, as Ethan was with the mold, once Evaline was gone. Rather than killing Eveline, it pushed her out of conscious control of Rosemary. It may also be that Eveline's infection caused the fetus to miscarry (which may be alluded to by the quickening of the fetus prior to Mia's distress, but seemingly without consideration that it may be oncoming labor leading me to believe that it could have been too early in the pregnancy for such concern), and Mia attempt to revive it with the mold. It is also possible that Eveline essentially cloned herself from the fetus already inside of Mia's womb and killed its twin in the quickening, so the large fetus represents the miscarried human fetus. (This mirrors a myth in East Asian cultures that the second-born twin is a demon that mimicked the appearance of the original human fetus in order to be born in a physical form, which was once used as a justification of infanticide during famine.) Considering the fetus is described as about two minutes old, this leads me to think that the fetus was alive upon exiting the birth canal and remained so for two minutes but then expired in whatever way may be- a neonatal death. If one were to tie the similarity of No Face to my previously mentioned theories, one could argue that it was Mia's greedy desire for the nuclear family of the modern world that caused he to commit atrocities she otherwise would not have done. Thoughts to consider.

  • The baby lesss go

  • This makes me more scared of babies

  • So shiny and gooyee 😝

  • Less gooo

  • When you think about it, this game gives you more of a Silent Hill vibe.

  • Leeeets gooooo! You know it’s baby Ethan!!

  • *beep* *boop* *beep *ring* *ring* *ring* hey Kelly do you remember when you said you wanted kids... soz but I'm breaking up with you

  • *Dying Fetus starts playing in the background*

  • One of the most disturbing and unexpected enemy s I've ever faced in my whole time playing almost all of the resident evil games

  • Been having nightmares about that thing for weeks and I still have yet to play the game itself.

  • The expression on my face as well as the person I was watching play the game was just pure terror. I never felt more solidarity with someone.

  • The baby's design kind of reminds me of the Centaurs in the Fallout series