Darren Till talks recent knee injury, sends best wishes to Mike Perry | Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show

Objavljeno 18. nov. 2020
Darren Till makes his return to Ariel Helwani’s MMA Show to discuss the (1:47) knee injury that caused him to withdraw from fighting Jack Hermansson on Dec. 5. Till also explains why he’s rooting for Leon Edwards (6:50) to beat Khamzat Chimaev in December as well as why (11:54) he isn’t cornering Mike Perry this weekend at UFC 255. Till also speaks about the middleweight division, looking back at his bout vs. Robert Whittaker and champion Israel Adesanya looking to move up to light heavyweight.
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  • fight your way up . to the top

  • 6:12

  • My eyes are actually starting to hurt a bit from his teeth

  • Cooler dt

  • Darren till is like Spongebob with his giant teeth & tounge flopping about! Have a little decency m8.

  • Top 5 funniest ufc personality

  • 1:37 he smells his toe nail clippers the mad man 🤣

  • goddamm im liking darren more and more.

  • A tan British man with perfect teeth? A rare breed

  • Not a hope wud Darren beat izzy

  • Great guy but will never be a champion

  • Ariel's nose 👃 keeps getting larger and larger

  • Tills a shyt cont

  • I think DARREN N MIKE r actually buddys!👬

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  • Darren till came wit the realness

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  • Darren Till what are you so afraid of?

  • To always have that look on your face, you must be afraid of something and we don't know what it is but you always look afraid and we're not crazy so there must be something.

    • I think you're just a paranoid lunatic

  • Darren Till's teeth are exceptionally white.

  • Dude looks like The Jersey Devil crossed with an Elk.

  • Darren till might just be the goat guest

  • Darren " i have warmth in my home" Till

  • Darren Till and Bobby Firmino have the same dentist.

  • 20:52 facts people get to comfortable in ignorance

  • Top of the league? Hahaha

  • Can't watch Till interviews all I see is him eating boogers

  • 6:19 , thank me later

  • I just became Darren's fan!

  • All love for till, class act

  • Ariel getting the scoop on raw dog he is sitting there turling his chin hair like a mad scientist.🤪

  • can't not have an opinion friend, as much as you want to try

  • I love Darren Till. He's gonna be the champ somehow.

  • Till needs to be sponsored by a teeth company

  • Let's be honest... No-one cares about his recent knee injury. Were here to see what he says about Mike.

  • Ill miss fight Darren but at least we still have Droid Darren

  • Max won that fight.

  • Darren tills voice is so weirdly relaxing, This help me sleep at night

  • Till should stop hiding it and let the world know that he's Bisexual. It's 2020, you don't need to hide it or be ashamed

  • 1:35 did he just smell his nail clippers

  • I love u Darren & I dun give a fok❤️

  • Till is coked up here

  • What started as a little "inside" joke became a recurring meme and is now a company, Darren Till is a genius 😂

  • Perry vs Till, winner gets to rawdog Latory

  • Did Ariel actually say Go Ed when him and till spoke over each other..... Scouse

  • Till is such a chill badass

  • Darren is a gangster💯

  • This guy has gone from a boy to a man haven’t watched a interview since he fought cowboy it’s like listening to a different man

  • Is this a enemies turned friends story? 👀

  • bless Till.

  • Darren "shut the fook up" Till

  • Very good, till, speaking from the heart

  • Till tends to be on point with his predictions and analysis... sense of humour and intelligence go by the hand

  • Darren is wise beyond his years I always forget he’s only 27

  • Darren has a great personality, and is a fun interview. With that said, am I the only one who thought his fight with Robert Whitaker was a resounding loss. He keeps talking about the fight like it was razor thin... um, no. Not the fight I watched. I watched Robert win every round, by a lot. Rounds 3,4,5 weren't even close. Darren does this thing (in many fights) where he plays with his cup to distract fighters, but Robert didn't take the bait.

  • Capitan America!

  • Darren grill

  • Victim of one of Whittakers key weapons.

  • His baby napping?

  • Such a nice guy , must be the nicest guy in the sport . Good luck and cant wait to see your next fight mate

  • Ariel Helwani still covers MMA?

  • Till: "Jon Jones beats Izzy" Ariel slowly dies inside.

  • Darren Never be champ Till

  • Till your a legend!

  • Please don't kill your kids Darren.

  • Darren will do exactly what Ortega did with building on his bjj. Diversify his skills beyond the right hand and become a weapon of destruction.

  • Oh dear.....I liked Darren before I watched this. Good luck to you. A minion...

  • They should rematch Woodley

  • 3:22 🤣🤣

  • Take a drink every time Darren says "ehhhhh"

  • Love this man

  • Knee injuries. tears, fractures, anything related to tendons n bones muscles. >LITERALLY BREAK DOWN EACH DAY. AT NIGHT THEY BUILD BACK UP. < over training jesus christ fighters u will feel better fight better live longrr fighter longer. Jesus 8 hours every single night or else the shit you practised all week was just wasted and only hurt your chances of winning.

  • Lol when Derren says But, i always think hes coughing,

  • No one: Darren Till: "errrrriuhl"

  • Darren till talks like an absolute moron,good fight, but absolutely melon

  • No beat leon no respect from big daddy Till . So ratlip can understand with his broken minded ingleesh if you can even call it english.

  • Till ain’t beating Izzy

  • Mentioned Yoel and Till got real quiet 😂

  • Great the way Till was attempting look out for his country men in Leon. Respect!

  • I’d love to see Darren get his hands on the belt. The media that would follow would be legendary! He’d probably gift the belt to Mike Perry just because......

  • 1:36 did Darren just smell a nail cutter?

  • Did he smell his toenail clippers at 1:37

  • Love when this clown gets knocked out stiff... He belongs in the B league...

  • Darren till speaking facts 💯if you got a house food clothes shut up”

  • Why darren look like he popped a molly lol

  • Wait. Is Chris Evans from Liverpool?

  • OK so don't do anything about the lockdown just take it 🤔 both sides are idiots? He might be okay to to do that but is others might need to do something at sometime.

  • And Americans think the English have bad teeth. 😳

  • He should donate 1% of RawDog income to Latory Gonzalez (Mike Perry's girlfriend)

  • Eriel :=)

  • I agree. Life is fkd

  • I want a D Till shirt Shut the fook up

  • He wants to get on the McGregor card

  • Till high af

  • Is this a collgate advertisment

  • Till speaks like hes in his late 30s and hes only 27

  • Wheres the part he picks his nose & eats a booger? ... oh tht was another vid

  • Top of the league